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Summary: King Squall and Queen Rinoa of Esthar had been married for 8 years. But, there's no love between them. Till the day their son, Prince Storm, kidnapped by an unknown forces. With only a letter stating that both must go in order to save their son, Squall and Rinoa journey through the countries to save their only son and also, meanwhile, love that had been absent for 8 years in their marriage.

Chapter 1: A political marriage

8 years earlier...

Princess Rinoa of Galbadia looked at herself one last time in front of the mirror. She was wearing her wedding dress, which cover her shoulder to her legs. It was white and made with silk. It was one of the most expensive wedding dress in the world and many women would yearn to wear one.

Today was her wedding day. Her marriage to Crown Prince Squall Leonhart of Esthar. It was a joyous day to the people of both countries. Never had been a match so great that can forged a union between the two countries. Everyone, except for Rinoa, was glad about this marriage.

Weird wasn't it, for a bride who was not happy on her wedding day. Rinoa knew all along, since she was young, that she had to marry some prince far away. That was a job for the princess, she thought. And the funny thing was, many girls would do anything to get herself in her shoes.

Now 18 and ready to get married, her father had arranged this marriage few months ago with King Laguna and both had been waiting for this day to come. Just then, a knock was heard.

"Come in" Rinoa said

"So, are you ready?"asked Quistis.

"Oh, is you sis, ya, I think I am..." Rinoa replied back to her sister-in-law of 2 years with a heavy sigh.

Crown Princess Quistis Trepe Almasy of Galbadia smiled to her sister-in-law sadly. She knew how she exactly she felt. Two years ago, she was also arranged to marry Crown Prince Seifer Almasy of Galbadia, as the princess of Balamb, to forged a union between the two. But now, it was different, she and Seifer had found love between them 1 year ago during their honeymoon. Now, they were almost inseparable.

"Rinoa, I know how upset about not being able to marry your true love, but, you must know, you have to do it for the sake of our country." Quistis said.

"I know sis, but, I don't think I will be able to find love between me and Squall."Rinoa said

"You never know Rinoa. Who knows, maybe, you could be like me and your brother" replied Quistis. Just then, Seifer came.

Seifer Almasy, crown prince of Galbadia and husband to Quistis Trepe Almasy. He was the elder brother of Rinoa. They shared the same father but different mother. Seifer's mother, Jamie Almasy, was the first queen of Galbadia, but died while giving birth to Seifer. Two years later, his father brought home a new queen named Julia Heartilly and a year later gave birth to Rinoa.

Both shared the same fate, Rinoa's mother died 5 years later in a car accident and their father, was too devastated to take a new queen as he felt that whoever became a his queen would die. In the memory of their mothers, their father, King Philip Caraway made them to take their mother's maiden name.

"Cheer up Rinoa. Got to show that puberty boy that you are no ordinary princess. If he dare to harm you in any way, tell me and I will give him a 'X' on his forehead." Seifer said to his sister. Over the past year, he became protective of Rinoa and would do anything to protect her. Now, he had to watch her marry to another man and pray that his archrival would not be nasty to her.

Squall and Seifer had been rival ever since the day they attended Balamb Garden. They competed with each other with everything to scores to skill and ended up having scars on their forehead. Now, their rivalry was still there despite leaving school for 5 years and all Seifer hope was that Squall would not take some kind of sick revenge on his beloved sister.

"The time have come, may Princess Rinoa get ready to go to the hall."the servant said, while bowing to Rinoa, her brother and her sister-in-law.

Rinoa hug both Seifer and Quistis one last time, with tears in her eyes before she leaves her room and to the great hall, where the marriage between her and Squall would take place. Seifer and Quistis watched her leaving the room, in which later they joined her to the hall, both hoping that they had a happy marriage as theirs.

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