Nothing Love 20

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Standing outside Tomb of the Unknown King, Rinoa felt nervous. What she was going to do now? Especially she had to face her one time good friend. Seeing her tense, Squall gave her hand a slight squeeze and Rinoa smiled up at him.

Recalling the events in the morning, she remembers the embarrassment both of them felt when they woke up, entangled in each other limbs. Dressing up quietly, they walked towards the dinning hall where they ate breakfast before Seifer came in and announced that they were ready.

"Be careful. I will join you in after half hour. All the best" Seifer said.

Walking hand in hand, Squall and Rinoa began to go in the complex maze. After a while, they finally reach their goal.

"Preston," Rinoa said, letting go Squall's hand when she finally saw him, his back towards her. Turning around, Preston smiled when he saw Rinoa but frowned immediately when he saw Squall. Bracing herself, she said

"Can you give the antidote to my son? And give him back…to me?"

"Of course, anything for you Rinoa." Preston smiled. Both of them watched cautiously when Preston walked into a room and came out, dragging a still half asleep Storm with him.

"Look, who is here to see you" Storm open his eyes and widen it when he saw his parents. He wanted to break free and more than anything, run into his parents arm but Preston was restraining him.

"Storm!" both of them cried out and looks at Preston, who smirked turn to Squall

"But on one condition. Rinoa had to leave with me. I know she was unhappy with you. I don't want to follow my father's plan in the first place but if this is how I could get Rinoa away from you…" he turn to Rinoa and said

"Rinoa, let's start anew. I don't care about the throne or whatsoever. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. We will be happy, I promise"

"No Preston," Rinoa started,

"My life is with my family now. Please, let my son go and we can speak a few good words in front of the judges," Rinoa pleaded.

"No Rinoa. You will not be happy. I still remember the tear stain on your face before you got married. And I can't imagine the agony you must had felt when you convince this child. Don't worry about how the public will feel. I am sure that guy over there can handle it on his own,"

"Don't you understand Preston? I know how you felt against me and I know…all this is for my own good. But, over the years, I came to accept and love Squall. Please, for the sake of old times, I beg of you"

When the adults were taking, Storm was confused. What they said did not match what he had known since he was very young. Did they lie to him about his parents? Did his mother really suffer when having him? He just doesn't understand what they were saying and feeling afraid, he began to cry.

"Shut up you brat!" Preston shouted angrily. Now his plan had failed, he knew now that his only way out was through this crying child now but yet, when he saw Rinoa's face, he knew that he could not do anything to harm the child. Bending down, he forces a pill down Storm as he cried, choking but still swallow it. Before he knew it, Storm fainted.

Gasping out loud, Rinoa rushed to her son with Squall followed her closely and she held her child close to her. Squall grabbed Preston by his collar and demanded,

"What did you do to him?" Preston gave a weak smirk and said; "Don't worry, he will be up soon" and Squall let him go and went to his wife and son.

Without any warning, Preston rushed towards Squall back and stabbed him behind his back with a dagger he hid.

Overwhelm by the sudden pain, Squall collapsed with a screaming Rinoa besides him and widen her eyes in horror when he seems to be closing in on her. Before she could react, a gunshot was heard and Preston was down on his knees and soldiers were dragging him away.

"If I can't have Rinoa, so do you! See you in hell!" Preston screams to Squall, who was struggling to stay conscious.

Seifer was shocked when he saw the scene when he rushed in. Following his instinct, he followed them in only ten minutes. Still, Seifer can't help but feel remorse, for he had come a bit late in saving Squall from the stab. Gaining compose, he said

"Quickly get them out of here. Squall needs immediately treatment."

Rinoa waited anxiously outside the room where the doctors were rushing to save Squall. Storm was taken in for treatment as well, suffering from mild dehydration and malnutrition. Storm would be fine after a while but not the same can be said about Squall.

The main doctor came out from the room, and told Rinoa

"He should be all right. Good thing that the dagger did not went all the way through the other side and damage any of his main artery. He should be awake soon." Rinoa nodded her thanks and went in to see Squall.

Her heart was breaking when she saw in his condition. Slowly, she went up to him and wraps her hand around his and soon, his eyes were open and he looks at her,

"Hi. Sorry to keep you worry."

Rinoa shook her head cried. He strokes her hair softly and closed his eyes. Everything was over now. He had gotten his son back and most importantly a family.

After a week or so, Squall recovered. While recovering, Storm took the time to catch up with his cousin and take time off sight seeing; He seems to forget when happen at the confrontation and seems happy. Rinoa never leave Squall's side, taking care of him when he recovered. Now, all of them had to get back to Esthar. Laguna and Ellone were sick with worry and can't wait to see all of them back.

As for Preston, Langton and all who was involved, a trial awaits them within a month's time.

"Thank you for all your help" Squall said as he shook Seifer's hand before they leave.

"Anything for my sister" He said and wave them goodbye. Quistis smiled at them and wave goodbye with them with her children.

"You know," Quistis said when they departed, "I have a feeling we will be going for a celebration and have a new niece or nephew soon"

Seifer looked at him, slight disgust and walk away. Well, if anything, this mayhem at least let his sister found her happiness with the man she married.

When they got back, Ellone cried when she saw Storm was safe and went to hug him and Storm was more than glad to return his gesture. Laguna smiled for the first time in the months that followed. Seeing his son and family safe, he can't help but thanks the Hyne above.

"I leave you and Rinoa alone now. I have to show Storm what I bough for him!" Laguna said when he noticed that both of them seem to be absorbed with one another. Laguna whisked Ellone and Storm off, leaving them alone.

"So, what now" Rinoa said who was looking at Squall. Without any hesitation, Squall bend down on his knees and asked

"Will you, Rinoa, marry me?"

Startle, Rinoa began to laugh and said "But Squall, we were married"

Squall shook his head and explained

"Yes, we were married. But as prince and princess who do it for their country. Now, I ask you to marry me as a woman, who love this man"

Bringing her hand to her mouth, Rinoa nodded in response as Squall stood up and hugged her.

"And now, I should pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride" the priest smiled. Squall looked into Rinoa's eyes and kissed her deeply. The small crowd cheered, with only their family and close friends that attended their renew vow ceremony at Winhill and Storm was cheering and clapping at his parents. When news broke that both of them were having their renewal, Laguna was bursting with joy and announced it would be the party of the century. However, both of them requested that it should be private and Laguna complied.

It had been three months since that end of mayhem. Langton was sentenced to death for treason and Preston was sentenced to life imprisonment while the rest involved was sentence between ten to twenty years behind bars. Thinking back, Rinoa felt pity towards Preston. After all, he did it because of her and she can't help but to blame herself partly for what happen to Preston. At the same time, she was thankful, if not for all this; she and Squall would never be in this way now and properly still stuck with a loveless marriage. Yet, she knew she had to put the past behind now, and focus on what was now present to her.

Smiling to herself, she caught everyone attention when she clears her throat.

"I have something to announce," looking at Squall for support, she continued

"I am two and half month pregnant"

Everyone cheer and Seifer, who was with Quistis, lean towards her and asked

"Is just you or women have these incredible sixth sense? Maybe you can tell me when our son is going to get married" Looking at her husband, Quistis smiled and answered "Secret". Seifer just look away.

"Everyone lets party!" Selphie announced with Irvine besides her and everyone gathered into dance. Zell seems to be engrossed with his hotdog and everyone seems contented. As Squall and Rinoa dance to the slow beat of the music, Squall whispered to her, "Thank you for everything"

A year later

Storm looked over the crib where his baby sister, Rainbow was sleeping. Rainbow, after the storm, his parents explained when he asked why his little sister was named as such. But deep down, he knew that it was just more than continue the tradition of naming the family of the same element. Rainbow was born after the storm they had been through and now, rainbow had come to shine onto their lives.

Princess Rainbow was just born about five months ago and the whole country was in celebration for the arrival of the new princess. Now everything had died down, Storm knew that this was the special someone he would protect till a better man, his father had once said, came and offered his protection. But still, that does not mean he should loosen his effort, as demonstrate by his uncle Seifer who seems to tell his father every now and then that he should watch his back if his mother was unhappy with him.

He turn around when he saw his parents came in and went to give them a loose hug and told them he would be back. Rinoa smiled at her son while Squall watches as his son runs off.

So many things had happen and for now, it had been peaceful. As she lean towards Squall and watches their daughter sleeping, Rinoa cannot help but wonder,

There is no love on their marriage almost decade ago and now, there was something call love in this marriage. Looking up, Squall smiled down at her and gave her a kiss when their son barged in and present his gift to his sister. Squall carry his son up and together, they watch Storm present a baby chocobo to his sister, who was awake now, brown eyes smiling at the new toy she had.

The future may be uncertain but for the Leonhart family, the future had just began and they would face it togther, as a family.

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