Colonial Thunder
Sequel to 7 Points
By Chaoseternus
CYA statement: I do not own anything from BSG2003, Stargate SG-1 or anyother series/movie/book contained within

"Minutes ago this ship received word of a massive cylon attack against the colonies. Why, How, doesn't really matter anymore. As of this moment, we are at war" Commander Adama

"The war is over, we lost"

Commander Adama, President Roslin

"They called the exercise off after the passive pods detected multiple thermonuclear detonations coming from at least twelve separate sources deep from the tail end of the spiral arm. The records are being dumped into our main computers for analysis as a crash priority now, but Captain Python' Monroe says it looked like someone was 'Coventrating' twelve worlds."

Commander Sarah Williams to Admiral Thompson

"Twelve worlds were systematically carpet bombed with nukes into oblivion. These worlds were inhabited."

Commander Sarah Williams to Admiral Thompson

"Yes,Sir…What in the name of Kobol?"

Adama spun around sharply, "Report!"

"New contact! Unidentified contact engaging the Cylons, trying for an

ID…" Lieutenant Gaeta trailed off, frantically trawling through his displays before giving up, shaking his head, "Contact matches no known technology base."

"What world do you hail from?" Adama asked, the words causing ears around the room to prick up furthur.

"Earth, also known as Terra"

"On behalf of the survivors of the twelve colonies of Kobol, I request Asylum for all the refugees, the surviving military officers and myself"

Chapter 1: Planetfall

Galactica arrived at Alpha Centauri to find a scene of total chaos, as ships moved and weaved around the fleet at incredible, breath taking speeds, more ships pouring into the system all the time, rapidly overwhelming the sensors as they attempted to catalogue and record each contact.

Above the fleet stood a warfleet, Adama had no compunction about calling it that, these vessels had the lean hungry look common to all smaller warships, their lines harsh and deadly.

And they had their weapons hot, their attitude above the fleet appearing aggressive and yet defensive, they had ships to protect and they would, and they would have no worries about killing anything, even one of their own that got in their way.

As Adama watched, the order swiftly became clear as smaller, ugly craft flashed out of hyper, dropping what could only be cargo pods into orbit over the distant green ball that would be their new home, before turning, flashing into hyper again.

Around the fleet, smaller craft, reminiscent of old jet craft darted about, chivvying, keeping the fleet in formation, and occasionally swiftly docking, before darting off again.

A third type of small craft was ferrying supplies up from the surface of the occupied world, the glint of sunlight reflecting off some massive construct visible even at this distance.


The voice of the Tau'ri Wing-Commander, a rank unfamiliar to him but to all appearances meaning a Commander of Fighters, distracted him from his thoughts.

"Yes Wing-Commander?"

Liana smiled, "My name is Ross, feel free to use it. Those tugs jumping in and out of hyper with supplies are Shunters, 1-5 series craft. The Paladins, 1-6 series craft are mother Henning your fleet for you and the Airheads, 1-4 series are the atmospheric capable tugs.

From their movements, I suspect they are waiting for you to lead the fleet the final steps to your new home"

Adam smiled, they had come so far and now under the watchful eyes of their saviours, the last step was to be theirs as well.

That was only right and fair.

"Helm, move us to the head of the fleet, Colonel Tigh, I want full nav lights and salutes, we're leading them home" Adama barked to the bridge, then reached down, grabbing the ship wide speaker "All hands, this is the Commander, we are now at Alpha Centauri and the world promised to us by the 13 th World of Man is now in sight, in honour of our fallen, all hands will face aft and salute for the journey unless engaged in critical operations, that is all"

"Commander? Blastboat and Invincible just arrived" Gaeta looked up amused and a bit confused, "they say if they had a broom, they would tie it up it their mastheads but they lost the 'damn' thing"

Ross smirked, amused, "somebody has been doing some 'unofficial' hunting. Brooms are what the old submarine service tie to their mastheads if they manage a clean sweep, if they have killed everything they have shot at"

Ross frowned, "I wouldn't bet on it being unofficial actually, they were probably sent to do some covert checking out at the twelve worlds"

Adama frowned as the words sunk in, then he smiled, too enthused by having a world to call home again to stay unhappy for long, "I would probably do the same thing"

"We're in position Commander" Tigh spoke, walking up to his friend, "And the Tau'ri vessels are all at standing too, the small ones that were amongst our boys have gone"

"Launch the Vipers, have them form a ceremonial guard over the fleet then take us out Colonel"

"Aye sir"

As one, the fleet surged forward, the vessel moving almost as one on this last step as they headed for their new world. Around them darted the swift deadly vipers, triumphant, undefeated, behind them in the tail guard position stood Hell's Runner, her lights blinking in salute, her weapons hot and ready.

And to their sides stood and honour guard of MTB's and Lancers, reminders even in this small final step to freedom that they were no longer alone.

Gracefully, Galactica entered orbit over Alpha Secundus with nary a twitch, a sigh nor a mutter of relief, the valiant, battered yet undefeated lady as strong and sure as the day she left the yards.

Perhaps already, she was considering the battles to come, perhaps already she was thinking of the refit she had been promised, of the even more deadly warrior she was to become in time.

Perhaps, she just knew her time wasn't over yet, that she still had her duty. Either way, her arrival was as a warrior and a lady.