Colonial Thunder
Sequel to 7 Points

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By Chaoseternus Chapter 41: Back into the Fight

One Month After the Viper VIII Prototype Flew

Adama smiled, the true happy smile of a man who belonged as the bays below him filled up one by one until every nook and cranny contained a Viper VIII or their support equipment. Roslin had really hurried these for him and the next squadron would be quite a time getting ready but it was one of the few things he and Roslin consistently agreed on.

The Colonials needed their teeth back, and for now, Galactica and a lone squadron of Blastboat type MTB's were those teeth. Now those same techs that had hurried day and night to get his two squadrons in the air, plus a third for the defence of Freedom herself would, for the most part, be going onto other tasks.

Adama's nose twitched, the rebuilding of Freedom's sewerage system for one, they hadn't designed it with the sheer volume of people who arrived with the Second fleet in mind (AN see Red Line) Adama had one real worry, whilst his people were all experienced pilots and warriors they weren't very familiar with the peculiarities of their new fighters yet, but that was always the case when you reequipped during a war, you never really got time for the all the cobwebs to be shook out before you were sent to the frontline.

“"Commander?”" Gaeta's voice distracted him from his thoughts, and he glanced around, still acknowledging the proud salutes of the arriving pilots as they climbed out of their fighters.

“"Stargate Command just sent their latest Intel, theirs one thing you might find of interest”" Gaeta handed Adama the small flash memory chip of the dispatches, but also a printout of the one message he felt Adama needed to see their and then. Adama didn't comment, he knew Gaeta well enough to know that if Gaeta felt only one message required his immediate attention, then that was most likely so.

“"Summary?"” he asked, as he took the print-outs.

“"Free Jaffa Intelligence reports a Maktenos taskforce heading towards Edonia, Persephone has been diverted but it's probably not enough. The Intel looks solid sir”"

Grunting, Adama reached over for the nearest and notably still wired phone.

“"Adama to Command, make best speed for Edonia Nebula and take us to General Quarters fifteen minutes before arrival”" Adama paused, “"no Tigh, I am expecting a war”"

Galactica arrived in the middle of a pitched battle and Adama could have sworn he felt a shift in Galactica's soul as the ship itself prepared itself for battle once more.

Then it was gone, and Adama was barking orders as Vipers poured out of the Grand Old Lady's launch bays, and her four Guass rifles began to train on the encroaching Goa'uld warships.

“Commander” Adama glanced up as Gaeta spoke, “"MTB's Virgon and Libra are away”"

Adama glanced at the tactical display, as Tigh commented, “"Interrogator is looking awfully lonely over there”"

Catching Gaeta's eye, Adama nodded, “"order the MTB's to break her out, and fast”"

“"We've got four Ha'taks inbound to our position"” Tigh added.

“"Concentrate Guass fire on one at a time; hold back the nukes, too many friendly fighters out there”"

"“Aye Commander”"

Adama didn't stop smiling as the battle unfolded, strange smile though it was, as he barked orders and received reports. This was where he belonged, where the old lady belonged.

They were home at last.

“"Enemy is disengaging”"

Adama's smile widened, and they still knew how to fight. Galactica was back in the fight.