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Years of Darkness

Chapter 0ne: Hard Times Ahead

The briefing room in Iacon City was full. The assembled Autobots were talking quietly as they waited for their leader to arrive. None of them liked what they had to tell him.

The door hissed open.

Silence filled the room as all eyes turned toward the door. Ultra Rodimus, te current Prime, entered. He circled the table and settled into his chair, leaning his elbows on the table, fixing his emerald gaze on Magnus.

"What is going on?" he asked.

Magnus fidgeted. "We have some bad news."

"Tell me."

"Everyone knows that you use a lot more energon than any other single Autobot," Sideswipe spoke up, and Ultra Rodimus's stare shifted to him. "In one day you consume enough energon to fuel four others for a week. And we don't have enough to spare."

"What are you saying?"

"We are dangerously low on energon," Kup cut in. "We don't have enough to fuel ourselves and you. Keeping you on-line means putting half the army in stasis lock. We can't afford that. The only thing we can think of is putting you into stasis lock until we have enough energon to bring you out of it, and hope to Primus that the Decepticons don't figure out that you aren't functional."

Ultra Rodimus tensed. He didn't like the thought of being trapped in stasis while his people were in danger, but he also didn't like the thought of sacrificing his people to keep himself alive. He didn't have a choice and knew it.

"Alternatives?" he asked.

"None," Kup told him gravely.

"How long will I be kept in stasis?"

"As long as it takes."

The young Prime considered that. "But if Galvatron does figure out that I'm off-line..."

"We're in trouble."

"So if he figures it out, you let me out for the duration of a battle, just long enough to make an appearance and put the fear of Primus in them, then go back into stasis once the fight's over. That should keep them at bay for a while."

"Your energy weapons are too draining," Blaster pointed out.

"Who said anything about me using my energy weapons? My favored weapon is my battleaxe. It can cleave a Decepticon in half with one blow. I won't need to use my heavy weaponry. I can tear a Decepticon in half with my bare hands if I have to."

Kup nodded. "That's true enough."

Ultra Rodimus looked at Perceptor. "And how is your project coming?"

"I have made extensive schematics of your weapons systems and am now looking for ways to reduce the energy drain without sacrificing efficiency," the scientist reported. "So far I have come up with ways to cut the power usage of you heavy launchers by three-quarters without sacrificing the range or punch of the missiles themselves. Your heavy laser cannons are proving more difficult."

"Continue. First Aid?"

The medic looked up from the datapad he was working on. "Medic Alert and I are working on designing an energy converter for you, but finding a source of convertible energy is proving difficult."

Before anyone else could say anything, Spike Witwicky, sitting on the table next to Ultra Rodimus's right arm, spoke up. "Is it just me, or is it hot in here?"

"It's just you," Jazz answered.

Ultra Rodimus leaned back in his chair. Spike looked puzzled.

"Now I feel cooler. Strange."

"Prime just moved away from you," Springer put in.

Spike looked up at Ultra Rodimus. He thought for a moment, then looked at First Aid. "How high is Ultra Rodimus's body temperature compared to yours?"

First Aid looked confused. "His is three or more times higher than mine."

"Which is why heat-seeking missiles find him so attractive," Kup muttered.

"So his systems create a lot of heat."

"Far more than any other Autobot's do."

"And where is it going?"

"It's radiated out through vents in the seams of his armor. Why?"

"We humans have machines that can turn heat into energy. Heat is a constant, soit provides a reusable source of highly concentrated energy. Could you design a converter to turn waste heat from his systems into usable power?"

First Aid perked up. "Yes, I can!"

"If you do that, he'll be able to produce his own power. It will cut back on how much energon he needs. Since he's putting out so much heat, you might have to drain off excess power, or he'll risk overload."

First Aid plunged back into work mode, typing away at his pad.

Ultra Rodimus looked around the table. "If I'm going into stasis, I'll have to delegate my work. Magnus, you divide up my paperwork load. I'm leaving you in charge until First Aid finished building that converter and figures out how to install it. F.A., ready the stasis pod. I have some things to take care of first, then I'll be down."

"Will do, Prime."

Ultra Rodimus rose from his chair. "Dismissed."


"The Autobots have defeated us at every turn!" Galvatron raged, spitting angrily, pacing his throne room. Scourge and Cyclonus stayed wisely out of his way.

"We do not have the ability to defeat them," Scourge pointed out, and went flying as the short-tempered Decepticon leader shot him. Cyclonus flinched, but stayed silent.

"We will find a way!" Galvatron screeched furiously.

"What do you propose we should do, my lord?" Cyclonus asked.

The insane leader turned on him. "Send for all gestalt teams! Bring them to me!"

"Yes, my lord." Cyclonus bowed and walked out. Scourge scuttled out after him.

"I will destroy you, Ultra Rodimus!" Galvatron screamed to the distant Cybertron. "I will see your blood flow like a river, pouring from your broken remains! I will tear you apart!"

To be continued...

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