From the Author:

I know this isn't a real chapter, but I have to add it anyway. I'm sorry to say that Years of Darkness really is finished. I ran out of ideas, so I had to end it. There will be more fics, I'm happy to say. My overactive imagination is already submitting ideas for at least three new ones. And Rose, Transformation and YoD are not the only fics I have. I actually have 21 stories up on The first few are kinda stupid, but they get better as they go. I have two Star Wars crossovers, two Andromeda crossovers, one Yu-Gi-Oh crossover, etc. One of the others, A New Life, explains the nature of the relationship between Ultra Rodimus and Sandstorm. Just click on my pen name to get the entire list.

Since I'm starting college this year, there will be lag times between new posts and updates. I apologize for this, but it can't be helped. I will try to get new material out as soon as I can.

By the way, I like chatting with other Transformers fans, so if you want to chat, send me your e-mail addresses and I'll get right to you. Or you could get mine and e-mail me first. I look forward to hearing from some of my reviewers.

Before I forget, has anyone read Foxey's story Interviews with the Transformers? I gave her my permission to interview Ultra Rodimus, so after she finishes writing the Unicron interview, she'll be writing Ultra Rodimus's (I mean the character, not me). Stay tuned for that.

Ultra Rodimus