Note: I do not own the Teen Titans. DC does. If I did, I would probably bring back Terra. That's what this fanfic is all about.

"Raven, what's the problem?" Beast Boy asked. Raven had called the team into the living room.
"What I am about to say may disturb and shock all of you." Raven said.
"What is there to say, Raven?" Starfire inquired.
"I can feel her mind." Raven replied.
"Wait a minute," Robin started, "whose mind?"
"Terra's." Raven answered. "Cyborg, stay here. Fill up the pool with these chemicals, and superheat it to four hundred degrees." Raven ordered. She handed Cyborg a piece of paper.
"Raven, where are you getting this stuff?" Robin asked.
"Terra." Raven responded. "Everyone else, come with me. We have to do a little cave searching."

It wasn't long before the titans came across Terra's statue. She had been turned to stone months before, and to Raven, it had seemed that she had just begun to wake up now. Robin used a laser to break the piece of stone that Terra was perched on, and everyone helped in carfully carrying her to the mouth of the cave. They slowly began the trek back to Titan's Tower.

At the foot of the tower, Cyborg was waiting for them with a pool full of the chemicals that Raven had described to him. Beast Boy was the one who carefully placed Terra in the pool on her side. He was delighted when Terra once more became flesh and bone, for the most part. Cyborg carefully lifted the unconcious Terra out of the pool. Raven took the neural transmitters off of Terra's head, and began to strip away her armor. She paused, and gave the neural transmitters to Robin.
"Destroy these." Raven said. "We don't need Slade knowing that Terra is alive again. And, if you guys don't want Terra pissed at you when she wakes up, I'd go inside. Starfire and I have this covered."
"But she'll have no clothes!" Beast Boy exclaimed.
"Good point, Beast Boy." Starfire responded. "Go inside, and get her a few towels and a robe, will you?"
Mumbling, all of the males went back inside the tower.

Later on, Raven and Starfire dragged Terra's lifeless body up to the living room.
"Is she alive?" Beast Boy asked, his voice breaking.
"Barely." Cyborg replied. "Her heart needs time to pump blood back into her body. She's been standing in the same pose for months, and she's probably going to have to use the washroom pretty badly when she wakes up."
"She can have my bed, then. I'll sleep on the couch." Beast Boy said quickly.
"Well, we're probably going to need someone to watch her, to raise an alert if anything happens." Robin said.
"I'll watch her, then, you can depend on it." Beast Boy replied.

That night, everyone was asleep, except Beast Boy. He was watching Terra sleep, and he thought about all that they had been through together. He heard a muffled noise, that sounded like the wind, but then he heard it more clearly. A raspy voice said "Beast Boy....." and Beast Boy got up with a start.
"Who's there? Who said that?" Beast Boy exclaimed. "Terra?" Beast Boy leaned down near her face. "Terra, I'm here. What do you need?"
"Could you...... open my eyes?" Terra replied back in a soft, raspy voice. Beast Boy smiled. He picked up his flashlight and opened Terra's eyelids with his fingers. He shined the light in Terra's eyes, and saw her pupils constrict.
"Thanks..." Terra softly said as she drifted back to sleep.

Beast Boy had fallen asleep in his chair. Terra was sleeping in his bed. Everyone else was up doing things. Around noon, Robin came into the room to wake Beast Boy up.
"How is she?" Robin asked.
"Last night, she spoke to me." Beast Boy responded.
"What did she say?" Robin inquired.
"She asked me to open her eyes. I don't know why, though." Beast Boy replied.
Just then, Terra yawned and rolled her head to one side of her body, so it rested on her shoulder. Beast Boy went over to her, and nudged her on her free shoulder.
"Terra? Terra, wake up. It's morning." An incomprehensible mumble replied. Then, more clearly,
"Beast Boy?"
A pained look came across Terra's face. Her eyes shot open, and she blinked a few times.
"Am I.... alive?" she asked.
"As alive as I am." Beast Boy responded.
Terra smiled, and then began to cry.
"What's wrong?" Beast Boy asked.
"It's just that.... after everything I've done, you're still here for me. Beast Boy, I'm sorry about everything." Terra replied, her voice going in and out.
"It's..... alright." Beast Boy responded, tears welling up in his own eyes.
"Beast Boy?"
"Yeah, Terra?"
"I have to go to the washroom."

A few hours later, Cyborg came out of Beast Boy's room with news. Everyone gathered around him in the living room to see what he had to say.
"Well, first off," he said, "it's about Terra."
"She's going to die, isn't she?" Beast Boy asked, trying to hold back tears.
"Unfortunately....." Cyborg responded, "nah, I'm just foolin' with ya. I did some tests. Her heart's pumping blood again, to everywhere but her legs. It shouldn't be long before it gets there, either. Umm... her vocal chords were pretty messed up, but that's alright now. She should be fine by tomorrow."
"Woo hoo! Yes! High five!" Beast Boy celebrated. He stopped when it was clear that no one else shared his level of enthusiasm.
"She betrayed us, remember?" Raven said.
"Though I am happy that Terra is alive and well, I do not believe we should trust her." Starfire responded.
"For now, at least." Robin elaborated.
"I guess you guys just don't understand." Beast Boy replied somberly. He ran back to his room.

Beast Boy opened the door of his room. Terra wasn't in the bed. The window was wide open, and wind whipped around the room. Then he noticed Terra was being held by someone in the corner of the room. Beast Boy fumbled with his communicator before opening it.
"Guys, Slade's in my room!", he shouted, "And he has Terra!"