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Author's Note: This is my first Ranma 1/2 fic and I've only read the manga. So it won't match up to whatever the anime was like. I originally deleted this from ffnet because it was in jeopardy of being deleted along with my account. I have censored all bad words but this story is still considered R rated because of the nature of events that will take place.

Slight lemon type situation, not for the innocent. i.e. adult, not for kids or immature people or anyone that doesn't like sex in stories. This is not going to be lemon because it is censored! If you want the full version you're going to have to go to Mediaminer!

Chapter 1

Unwelcomed Attention

It had been another disaster date for Ranma and Akane. They had gone to a sushi bar, by their father's arrangement. They where almost reaching an understanding. As they both ate their food. Ranma was going to say 'This is kinda nice.' to Akane, but Shampoo had busted into the restaurant.

The usual commotion had occurred. Ranma got glomped, Akane got mad, and Ranma got hurt.

So Ranma was now walking home with a doggie bag of sushi and a big lump on his head. He was trying not to feel too dejected. He had enjoyed the small moment he and Akane had shared.

He had said something nice, he couldn't remember and she had smiled. Everything was lost when he saw that. Ranma looked up to where he was. He hadn't been paying attention, just walking slowly. He was in an alleyway. There was a clatter from behind him. Ranma suddenly became alert to the situation he was in. He was in an alley with a bag full of raw fish.


"CAT!" He squealed.

He turned to run back, but froze. Four cats were blocking his path. There was no escape and yellow eyes were everywhere.

"C...C....AT!" He yelled, his fear taking over. His brain completely shut down and the Neko-ken over took him.

"Rrrrowwrrr." He hissed at the cats.

A dozen alley cats had surrounded him, invited by the smell of food. He clutched the bag of sushi in his mouth. This was his fish, not theirs'. He quickly attacked the cats. Ki claws lashing at his enemies as he bounced and snarled like a feral beast. As the defeated moggies ran away scared. He held his head up and strutted, like only a cat can when he wins.

He became aware of the prize in his mouth. Perhaps his mate would like some fish. He had a faint feeling that he had upset her somehow. With a new agenda he set off for home.

Akane sat on her futon trying to ignore her feelings. Ranma was a jerk, a pervert, a freak and the only man she'd ever love. She wiped her tears; she was not going to cry over him. She had actually thought for five seconds in the restaurant that it was going to end well.

Then the Chinese slut had bounded in and started groping him. Ranma didn't even make any moves to shrug her off.

Stupid jerk, insensitive blockhead. Akane fumed. Hitting him hadn't relieved any of her pain. It had just reasserted to Shampoo that she was a violent pervert. She could be kind and gentle when she wanted to be; just not when she was confronted with her fiancée letting some other purple haired bimbo take advantage of him.

In HER presence no less. Akane stood up and picked up her barbell. It was thrown throw the wall.

"I HATE HIM!" She screamed.

She could hear Nabiki at the door with her abacus. "That'll cost you." She heard her say as the clicking from the beads as she calculated up the damage costs.

Akane opened the door. "GO AWAY!" She yelled. "Tell me tomorrow!"

Nabiki nodded but smiled cruelly. It was a done deal Akane was paying for the hole in the wall. She had just made a verbal contract to it.

"We'll discuss the details tomorrow." She agreed.

"Just tell everyone to leave me alone." Akane shouted, not realising who she was asking.

"As I said sis, I'll discuss the details tomorrow." Nabiki went back to her room. She was happy with the new financial deal.

Akane growled, recognising what she had just down. It looked like this week she would be without any money. She slammed the door. As she turned to see someone had entered through the hole.

"Meowrrr?" It was Ranma in his Neko-Ken. He dumped what he had been holding in his mouth by her feet. Akane looked at the brown bag on the floor. It had the sushi restaurant stamp on it.

"Here, Kitty, Kitty." Akane said softly, trying to calm Ranma. He ignored her and sat up on her bed watching his prize.

"You want to give me the sushi?" Akane asked as she followed Ranma's eyes. Akane picked it up and opened it. In a strange and strictly non-perverted way Akane liked Ranma in his cat form. He was always more attentive to her and less affectionate to the 'others'.

A sly smile swept across Akane's face. For tonight only Ranma would give her his full attention and he wouldn't take any crap from invading people. She picked a sushi roll and offered it to Ranma. He let her place it in his mouth. Just like a real girlfriend should do to her boyfriend. She sighed as she popped another piece into his hungry mouth.

Why can't he be like this all the time? She thought.

Ranma nudged against her purring. Akane giggled, he was sweet like this. It was then that Akane noticed the bulge in his pants.

"Oh my!" She gasped in a very Kasumi fashion. "Ranma just please calm down." She couldn't hit Ranma when he was taken by the Neko-ken. There was a possibility he would attack her then.

Ranma nudged against his mate again. He could smell she was in heat. It was very arousing to his adolescent body. If he kept on nudging her she would show she was ready for him. He made a small chirp noise, to tell her so.

"RANMA!" She shrieked keeping away from him. Ranma perked up it sounded like she knew she was in heat. She had been yowling for him earlier, it had lead him to her. He kept up his chirping and stared directly at her.

Akane stared back, unsure what was going on. Perhaps it would be better to return Ranma to normal. This unwanted attention was not what she had in mind. There was no way she was going to pat him in that condition. Her eyes focused on her lemonade.

A quick change of sex would snap him out of it. She moved slowly to her desk, backing up. Ranma kept his focus on her. He was watching eagerly for the next sign. Akane threw the glass of lemonade at her fiancée.

"Rorwrr?" Ranma chirped as he shook the wetness from him/her. People were throwing water, a sure sign that there was going to be some cat action.

"Oh no it didn't work!" Akane wailed. Ranma cocked his head, she was yowling for him again, but he was right here.


'Ranma doesn't realise he's changed sex.' Akane thought as she saw Ranma still staring at her like an expectant tom.

"Nice Kitty." Akane said nervously, motioning toward the redhead. "Good Ranma."

"Akane!" Kasumi said knocking at her door. "What's all the yelling about?"

"Don't come in Kasumi!" Akane shouted. "Ranma's in Neko-ken again, he isn't calming down!"

"What do you mean?" Kasumi asked through the door. "Just pat the poor boy and he'll be fine."

"Prowrrrrr." Ranma mewed dangerously. Someone was interrupting his mating.

"Oh my!" Kasumi gasped. "Stay calm Akane, don't get angry!"

"I know that!" Akane hissed. "Look just go back downstairs I can handle him."

She heard the patting of her sisters' feet.

"Here Ranma, nice kitty." Akane said quietly.

"SWEETO!" A small perverted man yelled. Akane watched in horror as Happosai attached himself to Ranma-Chan's breasts.

Ranma's eyes narrowed. This was an invasion of his space. She quickly swiped a ki claw at the old man who ducked.

"Oh ho ho!" He chuckled. "Wanna play with your ol' grandpa."

Ranma crouched into an attack position. He let out a warning meow. The old pervert just cackled, glad for the small spar with his student. In the following fight, Akane was shoved to the side and knocked against the wall.

Ranma was too quick for him and Happosai was flung out to the outer region of Tokyo.

Akane moaned and tried to get herself up. She was on her knees her head on her bed.

"Meowrr?" Ranma was concerned but then she saw what 'his mate' was doing. By defeating the rival 'he' had shown he was serious! 'He' began to mew more attentively. This was the sign 'he' was waiting for!

Her backside was in the air, inviting 'him'. 'He' took 'his' cue and mounted Akane.

She shrieked as she felt Ranma coming up against her. She screamed some more as she felt Ranma biting the back of her neck. "Get off me!!" She yelled.

"Rorrrr.." Ranma yowled in agreement. This was good. 'He' dry h-mped Akane, not realising 'he' was missing some essential mating equipment. It still felt good. Ranma's pubis bone was hitting an important part of Akane's anatomy. The subsequent friction between them was hitting the right spots.

Akane had stopped yelling it wasn't affecting him/her. Ranma had completely gone into his Neko-Ken. She didn't understand why changing his sex hadn't affected him. Then she began thinking about it while ignoring the embarrassing situation. Ranma was acting like she was in heat. She thought some more.

'Well my period isn't due till next week that means.... I must be ovulating!' Akane groaned as she realised what was happening. For some reason her being in 'heat' had made Ranma stay in the Neko-Ken. Ranma bit her harder and Akane screamed some more.

"That really hurts you idiot!" She shouted.

"Rorrrrrr.." Ranma was working away faster. Akane was somehow glad she had splashed Ranma. She didn't want to loose her virginity to Ranma as a cat. Akane tried to suppress a groan. The movement Ranma was making was very stimulating.

'No, I am not a pervert!' She reminded herself and then groaned some more. It was really nice, whatever was happening down in her panties. Ranma mewed some more; he too was feeling the overwhelming pleasure of the moment.

"Oh, Ranma!" Akane gasped, unsure what was happening.

"RORRRR!!!" Ranma yowled loudly. She felt the intense enjoyment for a sheer minute. A warm feeling was washing over her. Akane was also feeling a small org-sm from the experience. She bit her lip trying not to squeal.

Ranma got off her back and curled up beside her content. She was purring happily as Akane opened her eyes. Ranma was now asleep on her bed with a very blushing look about her.

Akane blanched as she realised what had happened. She had been taken advantage of. She tried to push Ranma off her bed. She mewed a small protest and dug deeper into the bed.

Akane sighed, 'At least my family didn't see.' She then noticed her door was slightly opened. 'I shut my door?' There was only one conclusion, her sister Nabiki.

Akane began to move to chase her sister but she was pinned down. Ranma had pushed her weight down onto Akane and was snuggling.

'If I wake him.. .er I mean her then she might take advantage of me again?' Akane stayed awake for a few hours. Sweating and trying not to think perverted thoughts about the girl that was close to her. Eventually she drifted into a deep sleep. Unaware of the chaos that was awaiting for her in the morning.

Author's Note: Yay, my first Ranma fic that I've reposted! I had this idea and it wouldn't leave me so I had to write this up. First a few points towards the making of this fic. I got the entire cat mating info from the Nature channel. I view Akane as a girl that will love Ranma in whatever form she/he is in. But her main problem is she's obsessed with not being a pervert. So you see her trying to hide her love. (Especially to female Ranma.) Neko-Ranma also didn't realise he had changed to a she so he was thinking like a male. That's why I had '' marks over he. To emphasise the fact he was really a she and acting like one.

Tell me what you think about the censored parts because I really do want to post this on ffnet! Will post more when I have censored all the naughty bits!