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Warning: For some reason or another there is lime in this chapter, almost lemon.

Chapter 32

The Cycle of Misunderstanding

In the Chinese restaurant living quarters Ranma Saotome was finally feeling a very pleased with himself. Everything with Shampoo had been settled, he was free! Well, technically he was free from one unwanted fiancée. Ranma was beaming with a big smile as he walked out of Shampoo's room and saw Akane. She wasn't smiling back as if she was a little bored. Ranma grinned at his Akane who only blankly stared back at him.

"Sorry, ya had to wait." He said.

"You're sorry…" Akane said quietly not looking at him in the eye, and then she looked up and gave him a tight lipped smile. "Guess it can't be helped."

Ranma felt a shiver run up his spine, that smile was not her natural one. It seemed forced and made his danger senses go into over drive.

"Now, come with me Miss Tendo, your possible cure is in my tea room." Cologne said.

Akane gave one look at Ranma and glanced over to Shampoo who had tears in her eyes. Akane only wondered what had happened in that room and she was imagining the worst. She was fighting her natural instincts to hit Ranma for cheating on her. She needed to control her jealousy and try to break her cycle of misunderstanding. Though the obviously emotional Shampoo wasn't helping her dark thoughts of what might have gone on.

"Shampoo can't stop crying… it's finally over…" The Amazon sobbed. "I have spent a year in Japan chasing this impossible guy and now I have nothing but I'm free."

"Ah cheer up Shampoo, you still got Mousse, he loves you." Ranma laughed making a light joke.

"Ranma IDIOT!" Shampoo yelled and went back to her room. She slammed the door and a puzzled Ranma looked to see if the others could explain to him but they were already walking downstairs.

"Why do I need to second guess what everyone's thinking?" Ranma huffed.

Akane didn't answer him and bit back her snarky remark about him just being dense rather than an unsuccessful mind reader.

"Now Saotome, you need to stay outside." Cologne said her stick hitting him squarely in the chest. "You can be useful and start putting all the restaurant dishes on the main table."

"Fine." Ranma sighed, he had enough of all this talking and was happy to be doing something he could dash around with.

Akane didn't look at Ranma as he put on an apron and started his work. She was fighting all her instincts to ask him. She couldn't though, not with Cologne here and as far as she knew this Amazon custom was top secret. She needed to ask him somewhere in private, for now though she walked into the small tea room and shut the door behind herself. She knew what ever real answers Cologne had would be finally revealed. She couldn't lie to her now there would be no need for it.

It was thirty minutes later and a very bored Ranma sat up as the door opened and a flushed Akane stepped out.

"Are you cured?" Ranma asked.

Akane shook her head. "I need to do something at home, by myself."

"Can't I join you?" Ranma asked.

Akane's face flushed red and she laughed nervously. "I've got to do this alone."

Ranma shrugged, he wondered if this was some sacred Amazon law like the stupid release kiss.

"I might be back with questions if this doesn't work so well." Akane said. "I'll try and do what you said."

"Very well child, I think you have potential as a martial artist though you will never be as powerful as Shampoo or Ranma." Cologne said. "You can send your friends over later and I shall see what I can do. Understand this cure of mine is settled more from one's concentration rather than the need for the medicine to work. There is no guarantee of success."

"Thank you very much for your help Elder." Akane said bowing deeply. She was glad of their talk in the tea room. It had calmed her down quite a bit and she felt like she could trust the old woman more now. She did feel that this time she had been told the truth and though not completely good news she could feel a faint hope that the cure for her hypnosis was close.

"Now, there is how you address an old woman like me." Cologne smiled. "Tell those friends of yours to stop by soon and we'll see if we can fix them as well."

"I'm sure their appreciate it." Akane said. "I'll take them here when I see them."

"Ah, no need for such ceremony Akane, let's just go." Ranma had been here too long in a restaurant with no food cooking. He needed to get home and get his lunch.

"Miss Tendo has more knowledge to the correct way of speaking to her seniors." Cologne sighed. "You should learn a thing or two from your future wife."

"Who says we're getting married?" Ranma spluttered and grabbed Akane's arm and lead her out the door. "We don't need this from some old bag."

"Bye-bye young ones." Cologne chuckled. In a way she was slightly glad she wouldn't have Ranma as a son-in-law. His stubbornness made him an excellent fighter but he would have been a difficult husband.

As the pair left the Nekohanten, Akane shrugged her arm free. "I can walk by myself."

"What got into you?"

Akane glared back, she had to say it. "I overheard the Amazon ceremony."

"Oh." Ranma looked back at her blankly.

'Has he no sense of shame?' Akane just looked at his idiot stare and just felt her anger building. She wanted to ask calmly in a more adult manner but her jealousy was overflowing. "I just wanted to have some time to think and calm down."

"Huh?" Ranma was very confused now. "I don't get what you mean." He wasn't sure why Akane would be angry about the release. If anything he thought she would be happy about there being one less complication in their already too complicated relationship.

"Forget it!" Akane snapped. "I'll tell you in the dojo when I'm sure we're 100% alone!"

"Okay, but after lunch!" Ranma said. If he was going to get beaten up for something he had to have a full stomach to defend himself.

Akane only nodded and ran towards her home. In her bag she held the medicine that she hoped would cure her. In her head though her thoughts were racing with strange ideas about Ranma and that ceremony she overheard.


It took some time before Akane could finally feel that she had cleared the dojo of any spies. She had swept through the place looking for hidden cameras and carefully switching off any she found. She did intend to break them but she knew her sister would charge. It seemed the longer the Saotome's stayed with them the worse her older sister got. Akane checked the storage cupboard and was glad to see no one hiding there. It was fine; she could talk to Ranma and ask him about the ritual.

She tightened the belt on her karate gi and sat down in a Japanese style and tried to focus. She had 30 minutes of a lecture from Cologne about what meditative state she needed to be in to take the medicine. The old woman had also advised it would help her talk to Ranma. She wasn't so sure herself, she was just overcome with her jealousy at the moment and she didn't think she could control it. She was broken out of her thoughts by the boy himself, as Ranma slid open the door checking behind him to see if he was being watched.

"Is now a good time?" He asked. His body language seemed to be defensive as he was expecting some objects to come flying at him. His danger senses were almost in overdrive.

"Check the bushes outside, see if you were followed." Akane advised.

Ranma did as he was told and came back quickly. "The old man is drinking thanks to your sis in the lounge and your devil sister is at school."

"So, do you think we could maybe… have a talk?"

Ranma sat down rubbing the back of his head. He was sure he was getting ready for a big fall, whatever was annoying Akane was going to come out now. Maybe now, they would be officially over and his short romance with her would come to an end.

"I'm sorry, I know about the ceremony as I was listening at the door." Akane sighed. "I overheard what you and Shampoo were doing."

"Oh, is that all?" Ranma said kind of relieved, 'Well that's no big deal, jeez this girl.'

For Akane something inside her finally snapped, there was a loud cracking sound like glass shattering inside her head as her final will power to control her temper was gone. "Is… that ALL?"

Ranma fell backwards as he saw the aura erupting from Akane. He'd flipped her switch and he knew pain was going to be coming! "It… was… just a small kiss!"

"A kiss, I know, on the part that sticks out!" Akane raged.

"So what's the big deal?!" Ranma shouted back.

"It's a big deal because I should be the only one kissing you there!"

"What really?" Ranma snapped. "Then why don't you disinfect me with your own kiss!"

"I think I will!" Akane snarled and charged forward.

Ranma stood in a defensive stance ready as if they were going to have a kiss. What he wasn't expecting was what happened as Akane got near him. She grabbed him by the hips and whipped his pants and boxers right off. She then lunged at him and planted a kiss right on his CENSORED.

"THERE!" Akane said defiantly. "I did it too!"

"…" Ranma couldn't speak he flopped down on his butt.

"Did she do it better?" Akane asked. "I can do it better if I have to practise!"

She sat down and crawled closer to him.

"It's okay, it's fine!" Ranma squeaked. He didn't mean to sound so girly and tried to get his voice deeper. "I mean, that's not where Shampoo kissed me idiot!"


"She kissed me on the nose idiot!" Ranma said pointing at the centre of his face. "I don't think I would accept if I had to have her kiss… um… there." The rebound of what was happening was hitting Ranma now and he tried to keep his hands between his legs as he felt his groin tighten at his dirty thoughts.

Akane's face was pure red and she had her hands over her face. "Oh god… what did I do?"

"You almost gave me a heart attack is what you did." Ranma sighed. "Can I put my pants on now?"

"Yeah, of course." Akane had turned her back on him as her embarrassment now reached overload levels.

Ranma did and had to sit down immediately. He inwardly cursed and wished that some random cold water would come to relieve him of his male anguish.

"I'll buy you a huge sundae to apologise!" Akane quickly said. "I just assumed the worst… AGAIN… I just hate this."

"So you hate being with me." Ranma sulked.

His sulk was quickly broken as Akane came up to him and hugged him. His face was squashed against her chest as she touched his head. "I don't want you to think that." She said. "I want to just break this stupid cycle of assuming the worse and then we fight or I get kidnapped or we end up in a fight with someone else. I just want us to be a normal couple."

"So I should get cured then." Ranma mumbled he was feeling really comfortable in the embrace. Even if he never thought of Akane's chest as huge it was still big enough to be some really comfy pillows.

"No, that's not what I meant." Akane said as she leaned her head close to his. "I just meant I want us to be able to go out and play and go on dates without our stupid fights."

"Um… okay, well then we should speak what we're thinking more then?"

"I guess, what are you thinking?"

"That your chest is so soft it's making me really hard." Ranma spluttered as he tried to pull away but Akane had him in her gorilla hold.

"Wait… really?" Akane let go and saw as Ranma clasped at his groin and gasp for air. "I do that to you?"

"You're…." He barely whispered the end of his sentence. "…the only one that does this to me."

Akane heard the faint mumble and pieced together what he said. She could understand from his body language he had said something embarrassing again.

"Um, thanks, I think." She stood watching him in awkward silence; she knew she should say something nice too. Though she didn't really want to touch him if she made him worse. Akane didn't really understand how a male body really worked but she knew it had to do with perverted things she'd rather punch it away. Although something was changing inside her now, she was feeling curious for the first time and sat down near him.

"You look like you're in pain." She said softly.

"I'm not really." Ranma said averting his eyes.

"Hey, look at me!" Akane grabbed his face and made him make eye contact.

"Don't do that!" Ranma said fighting loose.

"Why not?!"

"Because I'll do this!" Ranma said sharply and leaned forward and firmly kissed Akane on the lips. His arms held her down as he forcibly kissed her. He wanted to show her how crazy she was making him feel and as he tried to break away he felt Akane kiss back. She grabbed his arms and they started doing a strange wrestle kissing contest. Each one trying to get on top of the other, seeing how deeply they can both kiss. Akane's leg got between his groin making the tight warmth he was feeling become even hotter.

'She thinks she can get me to say stop!' Ranma thought and locked her legs in place while his hand started to explore her body. The karate gi was so easy to loosen and her bra was exposed.

Akane gasped but she didn't want to give in. 'He thinks I'll just be placid and take this? I'm not going to let you win.'

The pair continued the heavy deep kissing each trying a different hold to get the top advantage; it was only when Ranma finally got an idea and stuck his tongue into Akane's mouth that he finally got her to stop struggling. She felt herself falling back and let his kiss deepen. Part of her was freaking out that he was using a tongue but her body was just accepting it. She let him in and she opened her mouth more. This was the type of kiss a month ago she would have been repulsed at the idea. Now she wanted more, she wanted Ranma.

It was only when Ranma ran out of breath that he let go with a pant. He looked at Akane her cheeks were flushed and he wanted to lean back and kiss her some more.

"Ranma you're such a pervert." Akane whispered.

"Yeah, maybe just a bit." Ranma laughed quietly and was going to move into a kiss when a spatula went flying past his head.

"Sorry sugar, reflex reaction."

"Hey, there's such a thing as privacy!" Ranma snapped and pushed Akane back as she hid her revealed top.

"I will never forgive you Saotome!" Ryoga raged as he charged at Ranma. He took the boy by surprise with his sudden burst of strength and speed and Ranma was soon flying out of the dojo and into the pond.

"I said we're sorry." Ukyo sighed. "We honestly didn't see anything." It was true they had just opened the door to the dojo calling out for the pair and only saw them just part lips and were in deep conversation Akane with her gi spread open. It had been so natural to throw a spatula and for Ryoga to charge. It was only now she was hiding her discomfort at interrupting them. If it had been one month ago she would have kept going with the fight. She was amazed at her own skill at only throwing one when before it would have been at least five.

Ryoga glanced at the angry glare he got from Akane and hung his head. She didn't even speak to him and went forward to talk to Ukyo while checking on the almost drowned Ranma.

"Welcome back, we were just finished talking anyway." Akane said.

'Looked like more than talking to me hun.' Ukyo thought but kept it in. She watched as Akane walked over the now female Ranma. Ukyo had to keep reminding herself that she wasn't supposed to be involved with Ranma anymore but it was going to be hard work. She really wanted to be the one going to him to help.

"Need a hand?" Akane said to the red head.

Ranma shook his head and stood up. He was sort of glad he had been changed to a girl as now there were no obvious signs at how turned on he had been at Akane. He didn't think he would have been able to stop himself and he was sure Akane would have let him. Though he couldn't help but whisper cheekily to Akane as he passed.

"I won the kissing contest."

He was rewarded by being pushed back into to the pond to disturb the fish some more.

"I'm going to get Kasumi to bring us snacks and drinks." Akane said fiercely.

She disappeared into the house and Ukyo shook her head at Ranma. "You really don't know how to talk to woman."

"He sure knows how to kiss them." Ryoga spat and tried to curb his bile. He knew he had no right anymore to be angry. It was as Ukyo said a reflex reaction.

Ranma laughed, "You guys sure make a good pair. You sure you're not a couple?"

"For the last time, NO!" The pair said in unison.

"Ah, spoil sports." Ranma sighed.

Despite being drenched twice Ranma couldn't help but keep thinking about his long kissing session with Akane and he fell back into a daydream as he had the rants of his angry friends echo around him. Though unknown to Ranma the rest of his lovely day was not going to continue so smoothly but they were somehow closer to breaking their cycle of bad luck.


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