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The Heirs of Hogwarts

Chapter One - The Prophecy

Hermione Granger, a sixth year in Gryffindor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was slightly obsessed with studying and reading books, you could say. Granted, being that way had made her top of the entire sixth year class, but still, most students admitted she sometimes went overboard, devoting most of her time to pouring over books and stuffing her already overflowing brain with even more, seemingly useless, knowledge.

That was why, at that moment, Hermione was sitting inside the library of the school on a beautiful fall day at the beginning of the year. Every other student (and even some teachers) had gone outside to enjoy the weather, especially since it was a Saturday and there was no classes to attend. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, Hermione's two best friends, had begged and pleaded with her for over an hour to 'get her nose out of those musty, old books and enjoy some actual fresh air,' as Ron had so nicely put it. Hermione had stubbornly refused though, claiming her essay in History of Magic was too important to just let sit, she must complete it by today, even though it wasn't due for another week.

So, that is where our story starts, with Miss Granger, sitting in the middle of hundreds of shelves of old and crumbling books in the stuffy and musty smelling library. She was seated at a round table in the farthest and darkest corner, towering stacks of books surrounding her and hiding her from view. A sheet of parchment - half filled, her ink bottle, and her quill lay on the table in front of her, utterly forgotten as Hermione, once again, immersed herself completely into the text of the thick book in her lap.

Hermione found her History of Magic essay to be most intriguing, unlike most things that took place in that class. The topic for this essay happened to be 'The History Surrounding the Four Founders of Hogwarts.' Hogwarts' history had always fascinated Hermione so she was more than willing to look up even more on the distinguished school.

Hermione twirled a lock of her curly brown hair around her finger while flipping over a page of the book. Over the years, she had turned out to become quite an attractive sixteen year old girl. Her brown locks, which used to be bushy and uncontrollable, had tamed out and turned into soft curls that reached the middle of her back. Her shape had filled out more to show many curves that most girls envied and guys drooled over but they always seemed to be hidden beneath her robes. She had grown a couple inches as well, making her stand at a height of about five foot five. The only thing that hadn't changed on her was her cinnamon brown eyes, which still glowed brightly as ever. Surprisingly, Hermione still didn't have a boyfriend, though many guys had asked her out, including Ron, but she turned them all down, saying she didn't have time for such nonsense. Fortunately, her and Ron were still friends and he had gotten over his crush a year ago and was happily dating Lavender Brown for a few months now.

See, the truth behind Hermione's actions of turning every boy down wasn't because she was too into her books and studying. No, it was simply that she was waiting for the guy she had liked for about a year now to walk up to her one day and admit he liked her as much as she liked him and ask her out. No such luck though, because the guy Hermione liked, was none other then her other best friend, Harry Potter. What every other guy at Hogwarts was seeing in Hermione, Harry seemed to be turning a blind eye to and treated her the same way he always did. She was nothing more than his book-wormish, overly-smart, best friend.

Hermione didn't know what it was but the moment she spotted Harry at Platform 9 and 3/4 at the beginning of fifth year she had stopped dead in her tracks, shocked at how much he had changed over the summer, and liking it. He had grown taller, almost 6 feet, and he had filled out a lot, no longer skinny and scrawny but toned and muscular. This past summer had done nothing but improve him and Hermione found herself stealing glances at Harry whenever she could and blushing furiously whenever he caught her. He was still the same Harry though, sweet, shy, and loving best friend, with his unruly jet black hair and his bright emerald green eyes that made her melt every time.

Hermione shook her head of the unnecessary thoughts swirling through her head, took a deep breath, and forced herself to concentrate. She was just about to shut the book, thinking she had got enough information on the Founders out of it when a certain piece of text caught her eye at the bottom of the page, "Please turn to page 786 to read the famous prophecy by Merlin, concerning the Four Founders."

"Hmm...." Hermione muttered under her breath, "I never knew a prophecy was made about them. Might as well read it, may be interesting."

Hermione quickly flipped to the back pages of the book and found page 786. Sure enough, at the top of the page, in bold, stated the words:

Prophecy by Merlin about the Four Founders of Hogwarts

Merlin, one of the greatest wizards to ever be known, made a prophecy concerning the Four Founders of Hogwarts. He proclaimed that during a time when great evil would be circulating throughout the entire world, the heirs of the Four Founders would come, possessing special abilities that no other wizarding kind could possess. Their goal would be to join forces and defeat the evil, forever ridding any other kind to come again. The four heirs would be recognized by three specific degrees:

1.) They are Elementals - meaning they can control the four main elements of the world; Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.
2.) They are Animagi - not ordinary Animagi, they are able to transform into highly powerful magical creatures.
3.) They have Special Powers - they posses special, extra- ordinary powers that are not normally seen in regular witches and wizards, i.e. Telepathy, Seeing.

Others powers would go along with the heirs but these are the main three that distinguish them from every other witch and wizard alive. The heir of Gryffindor would be stronger than the other three though, owing to the fact that Godric Gryffindor himself was extremely powerful. This heir could do more than the others and will be known as more of the leader of the four.

Although many still believe in this prophecy and wait for the day when the heirs of Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin will come and save them from evil, the prophecy has long been thought entirely unbelievable. It is now merely a legend that witches and wizards continue to pass down from age to age.

Hermione's eyes widened. "Wow," she stated, "that's some prophecy. I wonder if it's true, and if it is, who could those four heirs be?"

Although she was just about to put the book away, Hermione had a strange feeling that she should copy the prophecy down. Taking out another sheet of parchment, she neatly wrote it down, along with the title of the book she found it in, which was 'A Complete Guide to the Greatest Witches and Wizards of the Ages.'

Hermione shut the book and glanced around the table, sighing when she saw how many unopened book were before her. She was tired of sitting there though and the essay was basically finished. Glancing at the window high above her, Hermione noticed that the sun was still shining brightly outside.

"Might as well enjoy a bit of the weather," she thought as she began packing all her books and other items into her bag. She quickly shoved the remaining books onto the shelves they belonged on before picking her bag up and striding out of the library, hoping she could join everyone else in whatever they were doing.

The prophecy of Merlin was shoved to the back of her brain and forgotten for a short while.

Meanwhile, a wise old wizard, with long flowing silver hair and a sweeping beard, sat at the desk in his office at Hogwarts, staring calmly at the shocked face of Professor Minerva McGonagall, waiting for his large amount of information to settle in her head for a couple of minutes. Finally, after comprehending everything that had been said to her, she raised a hand to her mouth and gasped.

"Oh my....Albus...are you certain? How do you....."

Albus Dumbledore bowed his head slightly before looking back up. "I have known for quite some time now, Minerva. They have been marked since they were born, though no signs specifically show yet, it is quite obvious. And they do bear striking resemblance's to the four, don't you think so?" A slight twinkle could be seen in the Professor's light blue eyes.

Professor McGonagall slowly nodded, still seemingly speechless. "But....how will they know Albus? You must tell them of the danger that lies before them!"

"No," Dumbledore countered firmly, "they need to realize it on their own. It would do me no good to tell them anything about their destiny and future. The best way is for them is to learn it on their own. Though it will be difficult......"

"Surely...... you don't mean...." Professor McGonagall didn't feel like saying it just yet.

"Yes Minerva, I'm sorry to say that all four of them must face a great tragedy before their true powers can be shown. Anger, pain, and sadness must be met first."

Dumbledore looked upset as he said this and seemingly so. The Four Heirs of the Four Founders had been found but great prices and sacrifices were about to be made now that the prophecy of Merlin was coming true.