Three Again

Chapter 14: The Spell

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Tsunade yawned and she pushed aside giant scroll number 274. Damn, that jutsu had to be in one of these things... Orochimaru can't just pull new jutsu's out of his butt every few days. She yawned again and opened giant scroll number 275.


"..and this is my sister Temari and her boyfriend, Shikamaru," Kankurou finished, introducing everyone to Kyu.

"Hi," Kyu greeted holding her hand out so Temari could shake it. She noticed some thing little hiding behind Temari's legs. A little redheaded thing. "Hi there," she said kneeling down.

Gaara peeked out shyly. "...hi.."

Kankurou bent down and picked him up. "And this is Gaara."

"We've met," Kyu said smiling. "Haven't we?"

Gaara smiled at her and looked away.

"Knock, knock," Tsunade called stepping in. "Hello, Kyu."

"Hello, Hokage-sama," Kyu replied.

"Kankurou, can I borrow Gaara for a bit?" Tsunade asked.

"Uh...sure..why?" Kankurou said slowly.

"Cause I'm looking for the spell to reverse the kidifying jutsu and I'd like some company," Tsuande explained. "And if I find one I'd like to try it out first."

"You're going to use my brother as a lab rat?" Temari asked suspiciously.

Tsunade gave her a look. "You know I wouldn't hurt any of them," she said in a firm voice.

"You want to Gaara?" Kankurou asked the sand nin in his arms.

"Can we get pizza?" Gaara asked.



"Gaara, you're a sucker for pizza," Kankurou said putting him down.

Gaara gave him and Kyu that 'I know I am and aren't I cute?' look then waved goodbye and followed the Hokage out. They went to her office and ordered pizza and Tsunade went back to looking through the scrolls. Gaara didn't really understand why Tsunade wanted him to keep her company, but when the pizza arrived he forgot all about it.

(This next scene is written by H-R's little (genius) sister, sand-nin-gurl. She hasn't been getting credit lately so she wanted to let everyone know)

"So, Kyu," Temari said, smiling at the black-haired girl. Kankurou, seeing the look, instantly panicked, but didn't say anything, since he knew Temari would have her way whether he liked it or not. "You're a ninja?"

Kyu nodded, smiling. "Yep." The four of them (Shikamaru, Temari, Kyu and Kankurou) were sitting in the sand nin's living room eating ice cream that Shikamaru's mom had given Shikamaru, with a order to "get rid of it".

"So, you have a team?" Temari gave Kankurou look that said, quite clearly, "I'm about to torture you."

He gulped.

"Yeah, Inuzuka Chuimaru and Aburame Yashi," Kyu explained. "We've been friends since we were in the academy."

"So, they know you pretty well?"

"I guess so." Kyu shrugged.

"Do you guys talk a lot about stuff?" Temari asked.

"Yeah… We have team-talks sometimes." Kyu shrugged, totally innocent as to what Temari was getting at.

"Then I guess you guys talk about sex and stuff?"

(BARF!) Kankurou wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, glaring at Temari, who smiled sweetly.

"Yeah." Kyu smiled.

"Then I guess Kankurou doesn't really come up at all, does he?"

Kankurou's face turned beet red in a matter of seconds.

"Oh, no, no!" Kyu cried, finally noticing the look on Kankurou's face. She patted his shoulder reassuringly. "You come up plenty of times."

"Like when?" Temari asked, voicing both hers and Kankurou's questions. She looked at Kyu keenly. "You talk to your guy friend about my brother?"

Kyu smiled innocently, looking down at her ice cream for a few minutes, then up at Temari.

Insert long silence.

"…Yeah." She blushed slightly.

"You talk about your attractions to my brother?" Temari raised an eyebrow as Kankurou blushed five shades of purple in a matter of seconds.

Insert long silence.

"…Yeah." Kyu smiled shyly, looking down at her ice cream.

"What do you talk about?" Temari asked keenly. By now, even Shikamaru was paying attention, looking expectantly at Kyu for the answer. "You talk about how hot you think he is?"

Insert very long silence.


"You think my brother's hot!" Temari starred at her in disbelief.

Insert very long silence.

"…Yeah." (dreamily)

"You could be a little quicker with the answers," Kankurou said mumbled.

The kids crowded on top of Kankurou's bed watching Cheaper by the dozen. They were amazed and quite astonished that someone actually took the time to make a movie about themselves. Lots of kids and only very few adults. Kiba suddenly sat up and sniffed the air.

"What's wrong Kiba?" Hinata asked looking up.

"I smell…."

Sniff sniff.



"Ice cream!"

"So, what kind of missions have you been—" Kankurou started but stopped when the sound of nine pairs of little feet came storming down the stairs. "Huh..?"

Temari gasped and grabbed the ice cream cartons and holding them high over her head. The nine kids ran is crying for ice cream, jumping up trying to reach the cartons. Temari cried for help but Shikamaru wasn't stupid and had vivid memories of the last time he tried to tell the kids what to do ("he's a fly! We are spiders!"). Kyu just stared wide eyed. They were like puppies! Temari gave Kankurou a 'please help me, dear brother of mine!' look.

"Knock it off, guys," Kankurou said sternly.

The kids all stopped, but continued to point and beg for ice cream.

"You already had a treat," Temari reminded them.

"Not ice cream!" Shino pointed out.

Temari: groan!


"Did you find it?" Gaara asked turning from the rubix cube Tsunade had given him to play with.

"I think I did!" she cried standing up and moving over to him. She showed him the writing on the scroll. "See?"

Gaara looked at the scroll, but as you know he's three and can't read any better then Sasuke, who thinks he can read. Gaara at least knows he can't, but he didn't say anything. He just smiled and nodded.

"You wanna try it?" she asked him.

Gaara tossed the cube over his shoulder and stood up. "Yeah!" (he has no clue what's going on)

Tsunade prepared the reversal spell then stood in front of him. "You ready?"

"Yes!" he said standing straight.

"Don't move," she reminded him.

"I wont!" he assured her.

"Ok," she smiled at him then began making lots of different hand signs.

(Spell spell)

Tsunade covered her eyes as a huge poof of smoke and bright light surrounded her. Holding her breath she moved forward, squinting to see Gaara. Her hand touched something soft and she investigated further.

"Get your hands out of my face!"

Tsunade smiled at the twelve year old sand nin in front of her, glaring like there was no tomorrow. "Oh, Gaara! Your back!" she said, hugging him.

"What the hell! Get off me woman!"

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