Ch. 2- Kyla

Whoever let out that dog really needs to be punished. The stupid animal made the pigs fly into that snobby daughter of Lord Wehan. She was strutting in, nose as high as you please, hands full of ribbons, and all of us had a head-on collision. I got muddy, which is only really a bad thing because mud includes water. My shirt and trews were brown already. That snob Sizory was of course indignant that her pretty blue dress was filthy. Ha. I still can't believe what she said to me.

"The ribbons! Oh! Look what you've done! Don't ever get near me again!" As if it was my fault the dumb dog got out. However, I knew the only way to appease her and get her to leave was to be extremely servile:

"Of course, milady. So sorry, milady," I said humbly. For good measure, I picked up the damn ribbons.

"Apology accepted," the 'lady' replied to my statement. Perfect. She'd taken the bait, and would leave me alone. Not that I really hate her, but anyone so treated can be expected to react indignantly, right? I'm only human, after all.

I finally got the pigs rounded up, even Stripe, who's a troublemaker and heads for the garden every time we go anywhere. We moved off to the pen near the inn, where the pigs spend most of their time. They'd been inside the grounds in the first place because the cook wanted a couple for the dinner they were having tonight. Celebration, I guess. I hope Sizory ruins another dress- this time with pork gravy. The cook wanted to pick out the roasts-to-be himself, not trusting the judgment of the owner. If it were me, I wouldn't trust the owner's judgment either.

After feeding the pigs, I trudged into the inn for my own food. It's my only wage- supposedly I get lodging, too, but really I just sleep with the pigs. It is more than I'd get as an orphan anywhere else, though, as the innkeeper is constantly reminding me. After a measly dinner of old bread and warm cheese, I headed back to the pigpen for the night. That was when things got interesting.

I heard a commotion going by, and paused to look. A flash of white shot by, and it took a moment for the meaning to sink in. Companions! Well, they couldn't have business with me, so I trudged on to the pigpen. As I approached, I was startled to see white among the brown pigs. What was a Companion doing here? I moved towards him, planning to shoo him off. Instead, he nudged me, and I ended up looking into those sapphire eyes.

:Hello, Kyla,: he spoke into my head. :I am Faroc, and I Choose you.: I was falling through a sea of sapphire, and all troubles about Sizory and the cold bed I had to look forward to vanished. Someone needed me, and I needed him right back. I was enveloped in warmth, and it felt good.

I got a mental picture of the two of us on the road.

"You want to leave?" I asked. Faroc nodded, which completely destroyed any lingering impressions of him as a horse. "Let's go!"