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Chapter 13- The Power of Three

Completely insane. That's the only way to describe the previous goings on at St. Mungo's. Sure, everyone was elated; but also very confused. The man known as Sirius Black was supposed to be dead. But, no. Everyone Harry seemed to think was dead, wasn't. He was starting to like this little idea. The Marauders were back. All of them. Pettigrew didn't count. Snape didn't look to pleased. He and James had gotten along, but only because they worked together; they had too. But now, James' bad habit was back. And that bad habit was thinking that Sirius Black was always right, and one of the most brilliant men alive. He would have to warn the Slytherins that the most feared group of Slytherin haters EVER, were back in business.

The little group sat patiently in Remus' room, waiting for Sirius to explain what the hell happened; minus Snape who went back to Hogwarts to inform Dumbledore of the day's prior events. But the happy couple was far to busy cooing over their newborns. They were huddled on the small bed, with their arms wrapped around their children. Sirius had been brought to tears on several occasions. Once when Harry curled up on Draco's lap and extended his tail, wrapping it around both of them. His reason for the tears being that his Godson had found his mate and he had missed it. The second time was when baby number two reached out and grabbed his finger. And the third time being when Remus started to cry because his family was back together. No one really wanted to break the silence, but honestly, how could they wait any longer?

"So Sirius, why aren't you dead? To put it bluntly," James asked, taking the baby out of his best friend's arms.

"I was about to ask you the same thing."

"You first."

"Honestly, I'm not sure. I remember being where ever I was. I heard a cry, then another. I knew it was the twins. And I wanted to be there so bad. I could smell them, and everything in me wanted to get to them. Then after a bit, everything was quiet. But I could still smell them. I followed the scent to a wall and I pushed myself up against it to try to get closer, but it was solid. Then I heard Remus yelling "those are my children". I just knew something was wrong and I tried to blast a hole through the damn thing but I couldn't. The fucking thing wouldn't budge."

"Then how did you get out?"

"Geeze Hermione, always with the talking," Sirius teased, while swatting at her. " But anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so I just lost control of myself. The magic just took over. I was clawing at the wall, but still nothing. I felt hands on my back, so I turned around. There were loads of Grimalkii standing around me. They were all in the same state. I ever saw a few birds Remi, it was amazing. They all started chanting this him. THE him." Sirius looked from James to Remus. Both of which nodded their heads. " Then they started to push me through the wall. It seriously melted and started to give way. One of them told me to save my children, then another told me that it was my job to help protect Harry, and that I didn't belong their anyway. And that's about it. I ended up in the lobby and just followed the scent."

"That's amazing… that can't happen a lot. I mean, otherwise all of the Grimalkii that died during the war would have come back," Hermione said, starting to pace.

"Maybe it's because he never really died…" Every one looked to Harry, who was still curled in Draco's lap. "He was never killed, just pushed through the veil. They said you didn't belong there. Maybe they said that because you weren't even dead," Harry finished with a shrug.

"I have the smartest son in the world," James said nodding his head. "Yes indeed I do." The baby he was holding started to fuse, so he handed him back to Sirius. "Well, I'm sure that when we get to Hogwarts, ol' Dumbledore will have an answer. He always does."

"To right you are, James."

"I do believe, lads, that there is very important business to attend to," Molly said, pitting her hands on her hips.

"Yes, quite," Agreed Narcissa. "I do believe it is an adequate time to name these two strapping young men."

Sirius settled back into the pillows against the headboard. He turned to Remus and rested their foreheads together. They were beautiful. Remus' golden hair glowed against Sirius' midnight locks. They lightly kissed, and began to giggle when baby number 2 (in Remus' arms) began to coo. His little arms reached out of the blanket and tugged on Sirius hair. He bent down and kissed the little tike on the cheek. Baby number one felt left out and began to fuss. Harry wondered why those two hadn't had children sooner. They seemed to be made for the job. The way Sirius rocked his son, or the way Remus caressed their little cheeks. Born to do it.


Sirius chuckled. "So impatient aren't we? Well, Remi? Any ideas?"

"Do you have any?"

"I do. But I want you to name them. You did give birth to them after all."

"I know. But. I'm no good at this. James…? Help please. He's giving me that 'you have no choice' look"

"Well, I don't know. Harry, any suggestions?"

"Not a one. Dray? Help?"

"Well, lets see here…" Draco rubbed his chin. " Well, no. I like that name to much to give it up. I'm keeping that for myself, thank you very much…"

"Keeping what to yourself?" Sirius asked, wondering why the Malfoy boy was talking to himself.

"The name. I'm not going to say it. So don't ask. You'll hear it and love it and I just wont be having that."

"Oh, come on. Spill it. Why would you need it anyway?" Ron asked nudging past Hermione.

"For our own son of course," Draco said, with a look on his face that clearly said 'duh.'

"Oh, wait are you…" But Ron was cut off by Draco giving a suggestion. Only Hermione seemed to notice, and raised an eyebrow at Draco's obviously purposeful change of topic.

"How about Blair?"

"Oh I like that," Sirius said lifting the baby a bit higher. "Do you like that." The baby made a gurgling noise in response.

"I don't think he does," Remus said moving the blanket out of the baby's face.

"You don't like it, do you?" Sirius asked.

"Honestly? No. Reminds be to much to Blaise. And that boy is hell on earth." Draco chuckled.

"Good old Blaise." Harry got up and walked over to the bed. He reached out for the baby in Remus arms, and cuddled him close to his chest. He rocked the baby and ran his fingers down his cheeks. If anyone had looked over to Draco (which Hermione had) they would have seen him with a soft smile on his face, and a hand on his stomach.

"What would your name be, little one?" Harry positioned the baby so he could see his face better. " Ah, you're Sirius' double. Well, let's think. How about Roman?" Harry looked over his shoulder to Remus.


"Yeah, Kinda after you, ya know. I dunno. I was just thinking. Just an idea…" Harry was a bit embarrassed. They didn't like that name. That much was obvious.

"Roman Henry…" Harry Heard Remus say aloud. "It's perfect."


"Kinda after you, ya know?" Remus mocked, with a small smile on his face. Narcissa walked to Sirius and asked for the baby. He handed him over with a warning of 'watch the head.'

"I know, Sirius dear. I do recall having a baby just like this once," She mock glared, then averted her eyes to the bundle in her arms. " My, it has been ages since I held a baby. I remember when you nearly dropped Draco after he was born."

"That was entirely an accident. Zabini kept on saying 'choke' so, naturally, I almost did." Narcissa snorted and looked back down and the baby boy.

"You are a handsome one aren't you. The golden hair is quite striking. So you need a name as equally striking." If there was one thing about Narcissa Malfoy, it would be that she was excellent with words. "Ephraim… yes, Ephraim."

"Where did you come up with that?" Sirius asked.

"It was what I wanted to name Draco. But Lucius wouldn't have it. But now that he is grown, I'm glad I didn't. He's no Ephraim. But this lad, I do believe is."

"I was almost Ephraim? That's just not right." Harry nodded his agreement.

"Ephraim James…"

"Really?" James seemed shocked.

"Yes Really. I had already planned on that anyway," Remus said with a wave of his hand.

"So, Siri, looks like you're the only one not getting acknowledged, sorry man, tough luck," James said, walking up to Narcissa to look at the baby.

"Not so, James. Their last name will be Black."

"Remus… no I think it should be Lupin."

"But you're the last Black, love."

"And you're the last Lupin…"

"But the world needs more Blacks. Trust me, I want it this way," Remus said, kissing Sirius lightly.

"How can I say no to that face?" Sirius chuckled. "But I still have a question. Why is Jamie not…" Sirius was cut off when he looked over to James and saw him kiss Narcissa. "Alright, make that two questions."

A week later, and all were back at Hogwarts. Remus was going about the school helping James with class work and lesson plans. Sirius was tormenting Snape whenever possible and Harry and Draco were trying to keep their hands off each other; to much avail. On this particular day, the three Marauders were in Remus and Sirius' chambers having lunch and chatting about old times past. Sirius had been filled in on all the things he missed while he was 'away'. James never being dead, Harry's first heat and his relationship with Draco, and James and Narcissa's budding relationship. James was feeding Roman, when he suddenly let out a heavy sigh.

"What's up James?" Sirius asked before putting the bottle in Ephraim's mouth.

"I just hate the fact that I missed out on all this with Harry. After… that… I just hate my self for it. Everything he's been through is my fault."

"No James, it's not," Remus said firmly.

"If I had fought a little harder maybe…"

"No, none of this is your fault. It had to happen, and you know it."

"It's just… the way those muggles treated him; tares me up inside," James finished pulling the bottle from the babies mouth.

"Power of three lads, power of three…" Sirius had a smug look on his face. "Don't tell me you've forgotten?"

"How could I. But what does that had to do with this?….Ohhhhh. That's good."

"Sirius, James, no… we can't," Remus said, trying to reason with the two prank deprived men.

"I think it's time we pay the Dursley's a bit of a visit."


"No, what about the twins?"

"Harry and Draco said they'd baby-sit at any time…"

"And besides we need the practice. Make the skills sharp again."


"You're fighting a loosing battle my love. And you know you want to. Admit it. You can feel the pull. The three of us together again, it triggers something, right there," Sirius said pointing to Remus' chest, under which his heart was located. Remus sighed and scooted closer to the other two.

"Alright, what do you have in mind?"

The Dursley's and their neighbors were preparing for their annual winter 'snow ball' block party. The children were out playing, and the adults were socializing; some of which were making business deals. Petunia was walking out the front door with a plate of cup cakes in her hands, when she noticed a group of people crowding around her house. Vernon ran, or waddled, up to her looking furious. She turned around to see what everyone was looking at, and nearly died right there. Her beloved house was bright pink. How could this have happened, the boy was back at school, and never going to come back. Then she heard it.

"Hello Petunia, my darling sister-in-law. How lovely to see you again."

Petunia and her husband spun around to see three attractive men, looking very pleased with themselves. The Brother-in law, the convict, and the werewolf. Oh god.

"J-James, what?"

"I just thought I would come back and thank you for taking such good care of my son."

"You're supposed to be.." Vernon began, face turning purple.

"Dead? Yes I know." The crowd gasped at the word 'dead', but continued to listen on.

"And like I was saying, Sirius, Remus and I just wanted to make out appreciation known. Your house is such a lovely shade of pink, by the way. Isn't it the same color you wore to my wedding?"

"It's a hideous color," Sirius said loud enough for people to hear.

"Quite." Was Remus reaction. A small group of people sniggered.

"Shall we continue this in the house?"

"Yes, indeed," Petunia said, gritting her teeth.

The three men followed the two enraged muggles into the house. Vernon slammed the door shut and rounded on the three men.

"How DEAR you come in to my neighborhood and do this to MY house," Vernon spat.

"Pretty in pink, I always say," Sirius said under his breath to Remus.

"And after all we did for YOUR son!"


At that, the three men pounced. Each one of them had a certain task they were to complete, at a certain amount of time. They needed to get out of their as soon as possible. James went after Vernon, with his wand drawn. The man raised his fists to defend himself. Remus dodged into the kitchen, taking Petunia with him. And Sirius chased Dudley up the stairs and into his room, cackling like a madman. James hogtied Vernon with a simple spell. Smirking, he stood over the balloon like man, then kneeled down.

"How dear you use your freaky nature against me!"

"Really could say that about you, and what you did to my son. So just to let you know. You're going to get a taste of your own medicine." James levitated to man, with much effort, and threw him under the stairs; still tied. He slammed the door shut, and locked it.

"So here's the deal," James said through the door. " You are going to be in here for a week. You have to get yourself out of the ties, and you will have to use that cleaning bucket for whatever you do. Food will appear three times a day, and they will be in the same portions that you would feed Harry. Don't try to knock the door down, because it wont work. You will be let out in a week. Ta." And with that James slid the trap closed and went into the kitchen to see how Remus was doing.

Remus was already done with his task, and was leaning up against the wall; his arms cross ever his chest. James joined him, and laughed at the struggling woman on the floor. She was on her hands and knees, scrubbing a floor that would never clean. In fact, the whole kitchen was in that state.

"Dear Petunia," Remus started. "We appreciate what you did a few months ago, so this won't be as severe as your husbands punishment. No matter what you do, this kitchen will not become clean. You will remain here for one week, and you will clean for 6 hours, then you will get one hour to break. Then you will clean for another six. After you have finished, you will be able to sleep on the couch in the living room. You will not be allowed to see your husband or your son. Food will be given to you before you start, during the one hour break, and after you finish for the day. It one week it will end. Enjoy." And with that they left to join Sirius up stairs.

They walked to Dudley's room to find Sirius on the outside of the door talking in. They sided him and took a peak in. It was marvelous. The room was an authentic pig's sty. Mud everywhere, a trough in the corner, fences around the borders. Genius, pure genius.

"You still got it, Padfoot."

"Why thank you Prongs. Now listen here you great swine. Say hello to your new home." Remus and James hadn't even noticed Dudley in the corner nearest the window. "You will wallow here for a week. And you aren't allowed to leave. Don't even try. Do your business in a hole somewhere, I don't care. Food will appear in the trough three times a day. They will be the same portions that your lovely father fed to Harry. I hope this is a lesson to you. You never know who you are fucking with. You wont see your mum or dad for the next week, and you will not be allowed to shower. This will all be gone in a week, but for now, have fun."

The three men looked at each other and nodded. With a 'pop' they were gone.

Harry was lounging on the couch with a baby lying on his chest, just feeling content. Draco was walking around with the other baby, trying to get him to sleep. Harry loved the way Draco looked with a baby. His expression always softened. He just looked beautiful. Draco looked up to see Harry looking at him, and smiled slightly.


"Oh nothing. You're just beautiful." Draco chuckled.

"Aren't I always?"

"Yes, of course, but with a baby, it's magnified ten fold." Draco stopped and looked into Harry's eyes, and smiled again; then nodded.

"You look wonderful to, with that one. Roman loves you most, I can tell. So where do you think your dad and them went?" Draco asked, changing the subject.

" To get back at the Dursley's for making my life hell. They think I don't know, but I do."

"Well good, I'm glad someone is. If it wasn't them, then it was going to be me," Draco said, sitting on the floor by Harry's head.

"Aw, how sweet." Harry got up and placed Roman in the little crib by the end of the couch. He reached over for Ephraim and put him next to his brother.

It had been a long day. He had to catch up on homework he had missed, Ron made him practice quidditch, and Hermione made him study something he didn't even know he was supposed to be studying. And to top it off, he couldn't stop thinking about Draco. Something was off. The blonde was usually all over him, and trying to get them alone. Now he seemed to be somewhere else. Harry was afraid that Draco was having second thoughts. That all of this was just to much. He tried to push those feelings aside, but they were just to much. He walked up to Draco and pulled him to his feet.

"So," Harry began, pushing them closer together. "Do you want to go and make that baby now?" Draco pushed away and stepped back. Harry's heart sank. 'Yup, he's leaving.'

"Do you know what you're saying?" Draco whispered.

"Yes, I do. But if you don't, then that's okay. I just thought that you looked so wonderful with Ephraim. I could only imagine how beautiful you would be if that baby in your arms was ours. But I understand. We're not exactly safe all of the time, and a baby would be so hard on us. And… and…" the look on Draco's face was calculating. "And you're leaving aren't you?" That snapped Draco out of his thought.

"What? Why would you think that?"

"Because your off somewhere else, and you don't want me touching you anymore, and I don't know… you just don't seem the same."

"Harry.. I … I've just been worried."

"About what?" Why hadn't he said something sooner?

"About everything. Remember when I said I wanted a baby in the hospital? And you said that you wanted to make one? Well, I got scared. I started over thinking. You saying well lets go make one could mean in three years. I didn't know. And I got so worried that you would be mad at me, because you wanted to make one… and I .. I just.. I'm…. and I thought that maybe you said it because of the moment.. And.."

"Draco why would I be mad?"

"Because we didn't need to make one…."

"What do you mean?" Harry's eyes were getting rounder and rounder by the second. Draco let out a heavy sigh and placed Harry's hand on his stomach.

"Because it's already made."

Harry stared at his mate's stomach and started to sputter. Then out of nowhere he picked Draco up and spun him around.

"I can't believe it!" Harry kissed him on the lips. "You are absolutely insane! How could I be mad?! This is wonderful news. How long?"

"Three weeks."

"Oh my god…how do you know."

"I was feeling weird pains in my back to I sent to Pomfrey and she confirmed it."

"It's real?" Draco nodded. " I love you so much," Harry finished by sweeping his lover off his feet and kissing him with all he had.

"Harry love, when are we going to tell everyone?"

"I don't know, but let's make it good, yeah?"