Disclaimer: I do not own anything Ranger related. This story is Time Force with references and later inclusions of Wild Force. I created the OC Ink and Alice who are based on mythical stories and legends as well as past and future Ranger characters. I hope this story makes sense. I felt I had to write it. Please review!!

This chapter contains a key scene from a TF episode titled 'The Quantum Quest' (which I realise isn't entirely accurate, I have yet to see that episode and can't find it on video grrrr!) and sparks off the rest of the story which takes place just after 'Quantum Secrets', my version of the rest of the Time Force Series (well for Eric anyway).


"Quantum Power!"

As Eric yelled the words into the Morpher, the Quantum Powers flowed into his body and the Morpher glowed a bright vibrant gold. After countless millennia, the Quantum Powers were finally released into a willing vessel. A huge crushing explosion bloomed from Eric, destroying the warehouse and showering debris onto the already injured figure of Wes prone on the floor. The other Rangers waited helplessly for the smoke to clear so that they could help dig out their leader and face whatever Eric had been transformed into. Wes ducked out of the way of the dangerous heavy support beams which crashed towards him and frantically hunted for a glimpse of Eric. Then he spotted him. Crouched behind some debris and then finally stretching to his feet, a shrouded red figure stood before them. His body crackled with intense energy. The light in the room flashed a sudden violent blood red.

"Eric? Is that you?" gasped Wes, unable to make out if the figure before him was his former friend or not

"Yes it is" confirmed Circuit from beside him, matching up the DNA

The suit Eric wore was almost the same as Wes' only the arrow designs appeared more ragged and whereas the details on the uniform's chest were white with Wes, they were black with Eric. The fires around him tempered down and he stood silent. Wes turned to Circuit

"Circuit what can you tell me?" he asked, almost desperately

Circuit shook his head sadly

"Unfortunately....I don't have any information on this Ranger"


As soon as the Quantum Powers surged through Eric's body, something happened deep underground. A scream split the muggy air of a forgotten cavern and shook its roughly formed walls. On a wide rock shelf, a slim figure sat bolt upright. As though in response, a silvery ball of light bounced out of a small crevice and splashed onto the floor. Out of the light a small muscular girl with blonde hair that hit her waist and a silver staff in her hand formed. At once she was solid, human, as though she had not just been formed from thin air and vague silvery magic. She jumped to her feet, a worried expression on her round face and dashed to the rock shelf. The figure stared ahead in scared pained amazement, a look of wonder of her face. There was an almost ethereal glow to her which made her luminous.

"Sister! What is it? Tell me!" the blonde girl urged, one arm protectively around the other's shoulders already

The woman's pale eyes were wide and her lips quivered in unspoken words. Suddenly her face creased in anguish and her hands clutched at her head. Unknown pain blasted through her seemingly frail body and choked her of her very breath

"What is it Ink? Another attack? We are too well protected I thought........" the girl rambled

The woman lifted a shaking hand, the other clutching at her necklace. She seemed to be listening to something in the silence. Finally she turned her pale pointed face to the blonde girl who was waiting in breathless worried silence.

"No Alice" she said in a soothing voice "we are safe but the Quantum Powers have been activated"

"Activated? Then why the pain? Don't deny it Ink, I saw it in your eyes and felt it tremor through my bloodlines" Alice said, her voice strengthening

"Because it is the one who has taken the powers......a great disturbance.......the future is so unknown for him" Ink murmured

"You know his path?"

"Yes I do but I don't know what he'll choose, if he is un-cooperative and stubborn as is the personality which his life has carved out then things will happen, the pain........he is draining me - his personality has already merged with the Powers and if we do not intervene, not only will he and I be in increasingly grave danger and the Rangers' whole mission will be jeopardised"" Ink abruptly swung her legs off the shelf "we must go to Silver Hills and warn the other Rangers, they must know it all"

"You are already weak sister" warned Alice, helping the older woman down to the cavern floor "but if you believe that Silver Hills is where we must go then I will be there with you, can your powers sustain a teleport of that strength?"

"After several thousand years healing sleep, I should hope so" Ink teased gently "these Rangers need to know all I can tell them but if it will ease your mind, we will make our way to Silver Hills on foot"

"I can teleport us there" offered Alice, holding her silver staff forward

"I will not allow it" cut in Ink "your powers were not meant for that and may not even be able to get us entirely there, it could break us both apart"

Alice gave a single sharp nod and bowed slightly from the waist down respectfully. Ink nodded back, a smile finally taking shape on her face.

"Everything can be left here except my cloak, we can seal it all shut" she decided "we leave immediately"