Ironies and Predictabilities of Love

by Thunder's Shadow

Disclaimer: Of course I own Harry Potter and have more money than the Queen. Wait.. Hold up a second. ::Argues indistinguishably with someone:: Well, scratch that.. I was just informed that I am only 14 years old, with less money to my name than my dog.

Author's Note: This is a short little ficlet.. I'm just going along with my muse, who tends to pop up with an idea right before I fall asleep. Anyway, I don't even have a title for it yet, I'll think of one when I finish typing, and if I'm lucky this'll turn out to be more than 600 words. :)

It is slightly ironic, and yet predictable- I fall in love with a girl, and keep it to myself because I'm a coward. My best friend falls in love with said girl, and tells her. She and him are now in love with each other..

I want to tell them, tell her, but I won't.

I just.. I can't do that to them- he's my best friend!

I should've known that Life (and Love) would just keep on screwing with me.

I guess it all started when we met her, on the train our first year of Hogwarts.

They didn't get along even then, always arguing over the smallest things.

Halfway through Hogwarts, they knew how the other felt, but were just too proud to back down first. But then they got together, which was a relief to most, let me tell you.

I guess what they say is true. Opposites attract.

I mean- she's a muggleborn, he's a pureblood. She's a studious person, he's a joker.

They can't be any different.

And I had to go and fall in love with her.

I wouldn't be good for her, I know that.

I'm not exactly normal.. A wizard in his last year of school, with a family who hates him, and couldn't be more different from him. I've got major issues, and I just couldn't bring her into that.

Not that I would anyway.. I mean, he's my best friend! I could never do that to him!

They love, no- they're made for each other.

I'm just going to love her in silence for the rest of my life.

I'd rather her be happy, and let's face it- she is. Hey, maybe they'll name me Godfather to their kids.

I jumped, feeling someone tap me on my back. I turned around and saw her..

Beautiful green eyes, brilliant red hair..

"Hey, Sirius. Do you know where James is?"