Letting Go of Rain

I was inspired by SporkGoddess's, Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.I decided to try to do a fic by Chibodee's point of view for a change. I usually do my fics in my Oc's point of view I don't know how good I'll do. This would take place after all is said and done. Everything starts to die down now I'm not going to steal anything I'm just borrowing that idea. I'm not going to copy her beautifully structured work. I'll accept flames but only if you truly find fault with this.

As usual no G-gundam I'm just an experimenting writer.

Chapter one

Thinking Back

It seemed like only yesterday we were fighting the dark gundam, and as usual Domon both becomes a hero and gets an amazing woman. Typical fairy tail ending, but here I am left with the memory of Rain's kindness and beauty. Sure I've dated many girls but none could compare to Rain, sweet beautiful Rain. Lately I haven't been eyeing any girl and there have been pretty women giving me the eye, but I just walk away. Don't get me wrong I am happy for Domon, hell I'd even punch him in the head to get him to see the light. I had a feeling Frenchie feels the same way but he has someone to love and protect.I sigh and walk on listening to my girls argue over god knows what. Ok half listening but I'm trying not to dwell too much on thoughts of Rain.

Cath asks, "Chibodee are you ok?"

"Oh yeah I'm fine just don't feel like flirtin' today." 'Of course I'm lieing through my teeth but I really don't want to talk too much about it.'

Shirley looks in his eyes and says, "Come on Chibodee you haven't been really like yourself these days, and you've used that same excuse last week. Please let us in we want to help really."

"Please Shirl don't beg. Right now I'm not too sure how to word it. I know you love me girls but this is something I haven't really faced before. I just can't talk about it right now ok." I say hoping they won't be too hurt.

Janet knows how Shirley would go the extra mile to find out what is on my mind. Luckily she says, "We understand but just know we'll always be here to talk right Shirley?"

Shirley sighs and takes Janet's hint to stop pushing me so hard. "Yeah we'll be here always Chib."

"Thanks girls,so are you going to drag me through the women's section in a store?"I ask in a playful tone. 'Not that it would kill me in fact I usual look at the really hot night gowns they sometimes have for sell.'

All four of them giggle there was the Chibodee they know and love. Still something was bothering their dear Chibodee that much was certain. I know they care but sometimes it isn't easy voicing something like this especially when you tend to stumble and talk in circles.

Shirley smiles and says, "Sorry went on the shopping spree this morning; all the good sells are gone. I hear Domon and Rain are in town maybe we should pay them a visit."

I wince mentally hearing the name Rain brings that twinge of pain I still feel. Still it's been about a month since the gundam fights, maybe I should see them. 'I don't know if I should see Rain especially since I lost her to Domon. AHH DON'T DO THAT SHE'S HAPPY DAMNIT THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS!'

Shirley asks, "Chibodee?"

"Well if you girls want to talk to Rain that's fine . . . but I don't want to see them."


Shirley asks, "Unless there's something you're, not wanting to tell us?"

'Great I just fueled her curiosity I guess I could survive seeing that lug head again, with the woman I know I can never have.I know I could survive aggravating the all mighty king of hearts.' "Ok you win we'll go visit them tomorrow don't really feel like rushing things ya know."

My girls smile and look so excited to talk to Rain again, and here I am both looking forward to seeing her and dreading it at the same time. 'Again facing something painful oh well at least it'll keep Shirley from digging for an answer.' I let the girls walk ahead of me while I'm trying to prepare myself for my encounter with Rain, and someone runs into me. I just lose a little balance while the person fell on the ground with a box hitting the ground.


A female voice says, "Sorry sir bye." She picks up the box and bolts ahead. All I saw was that she had honey brown hair. 'Strange girl I wonder where she is going in a hurry? Oh well I have more on my mind right now to wonder about some strange girl.'

With that encounter placed out of my mind I walk on with my head clouded with memories. Suddenly, one of my girls screams some sicko wants to take Cath for a ride.


He smirks and ask, "Oh what are you going to do about it punk?"

I crack my fist and hit him square in the jaw. Blood was gushing from his mouth to his lip and I ask, "Care to mess with her again?"

He stammers, "O-O-hh C-C-Chibodee C-Crocket Got to go bye."

'What a whimp geez oh well at least I know I'm needed anyway.'

Cath hugs me and say, "Thank you Chib."

"Oh you know I'd protect you girls. So will you cook or do I have to?"

All four of them say "Your turn Chib."

I groan playfully and smile at their response. "Ok no complaining its Italian night."

All the girls smile and say "WE LOVE ITALIAN NIGHT WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?"

I laugh and we head home. 'Maybe life won't be so bad after I face Rain. I can't help but think back about those times. Oh well Italian food is my comfort food anyway.'

Ok this is my first attempt in doing a story in Chibodee's Point of View. Well here is my first story only on Chibodee's point of view no switching pov's. If you want more tell me, if it is trash then go ahead and say it.