Letting Go of Rain

This is my gift to the one who helped me who was the first to actually understand me? I have only one wish for you dear woman of purity that you fly with your dream past the hell of a life you've known.

No G-gundam for me just the Oc characters and plot.

Chapter 13

Fixing Broken Wings, and Hope for a Better Future

Days past as Rebecca heals but her spirit hasn't perked up that much. I have a sneaking feeling she feels guilty for acting like a meek little girl. I've been sneaking around a little with the help of Kelso we both are determined to aid her in getting the education she needs to be a professional. Even though she won't really work for Kelso anymore he wants her happy like any father would want for his little girl. Hell what surprises me is my girls are even pitching in which is a mystery within itself maybe they just want to get rid of her.

I meet up with Kelso in his shop and ask, "How are we doin' Kelso?"

Kelso sighs saying, "So close but we're short by a thousand."

I punch at the wall saying "DAMN IT WE ARE SO CLOSE TO ACHEVEING THE GOAL!"

We all sigh and rack our brains there's no way we're going to give up. I sent Rebecca home and told her to rest up, she was going to work today but I didn't allow it. I can't take too much more for my money. Kelso can only give so much and so can my girls but it isn't enough. Suddenly there was a knock on Kelso's door and he goes to answer it. To our surprise there were a lot of people out there, and all walk in. 'What the hell is going on here? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!?'

They all had bunches of money in their hands, even a mother and little girl. Kelso is just as dumbfounded as I am. The young mother says, "We all read your ad she's helped us through our problems, and her dreams matter to us too."

The dollars being to stack up but we still was 214 dollars short, none of these people are paid highly. Then a guy who is dressed like some snooty professor walks in. I never really liked teachers back in my day so I just walk off. He strolls to Kelso and asks "Tell me about your worker that you claim isn't reaching her full potential." Kelso shows him all the money he's gain and her ability to tap into people's wants as well as needs.

The professor looks interested and asks, "Have anything on her high school education?"

Kelso has a worried look in his eyes but I walk over with the manuscripts I found attached to her file. The professor says "Hmm most interesting so this is the one you said is like your daughter. I knew Makoto her mother it's such a shame she died like she did. I can get Rebecca into college with all that's backing her. Just tell her to be at this store at 9:00 A.M" With those words said there was a roar of joy in Kelso's store. Her dream will be in flight again, and she can become a professional just like she was meant to be. I walk home with my eyes to the sky and say, "Neo-America the land of opportunity if someone is willing to help a neighbor."


She says, "Yes Chibodee?"

I say, "You're going to college."

I see in her eyes she has a spark of joy but yet she thinks I'm pulling her leg. She asks "Really any prove?"

I show her the information the Professor left. She jumps happily and hugs me saying "OH THANK YOU THANK YOU!" However just as soon as her happiness was there it was gone again. She suddenly sat down and hugged on a pillow in fear.

"Rebecca? What's wrong? You were so happy now you're not."

She looks down saying "I'm scared I reacted the same way when I finally left Neo-Japan and came here to go to school, but I wasn't really welcomed."

I hug her saying, "No matter what you'll always have me. I'll be here don't you worry if you need someone to talk to here's my number I'll always be here for you."

She smiles and says, "Thank you Chibodee but you didn't have to . . ."

I put my finger over her lips and say, "I know what's it like to live a rough life, I managed to make my dream come true so why not the same thing happen to you."

She has tears of joy in her eyes but my finger stays on her pouty pink lips. This is a weird sensation I've only looked at her for the past weeks not really touching her. Well with the exception of my love touch I gave her a while back. 'Her lips are soft and damp. . . AHH DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID LIKE LAST TIME SHE'LL KICK YOUR ASS WORSE!'

I quickly remove my finger and she just smiles at me. She gets ready to go to bed for in the morning. "There's still some hope here in Neo-America maybe I wasn't wrong to come here after all." Rebecca says as she gets dressed for bed. Those words play in my head and I smile my lazy smile. 'What is this feeling am I falling for her? NAW I just care about her I want her to have an actual career. Still if I only care why do I hear my heart beating in my ears?' She lays her head down and snuggles to the pillow, and I lay beside her. My thoughts have been swirling about her and about how I feel. I just put in the back of my mind. The next morning Rebecca and I gets ready to go to Kelso's. When we finally got there the Professor kept his word and told her to get her things. She would stay in a dorm uptown not too far from where I live. I was relieved to know that so she wouldn't be completely out of contact from me.

She hugs the professor and says, "Thank you I don't have too much with me so I'll be back in an hour."

He nods and waits as all this is going so fast I feel a twinge of pain. I'm glad she's going to college but I've grown fond on her. I'm not sure when this happened but I think I fell in love with her. As she packs all her belongings, I ask "You do know I'm not far away if you need anything?"

She nods and says, "I know Chibodee it's going to be scary and exciting at the same time."

'Such a brave young woman but then again she spent two years alone here in New York City that is amazing in itself.' I smile and help her go back to the Professor. She puts her stuff in the back and I help her with the weird shape stuff. Our faces were so close to each other my lips were just cm away from her lips. However the closeness was short lived as we got out.

"Rebecca I. . . I'm going to miss you nagging on me."

She laughs saying "Oh please college isn't forever you know there's brakes. I probably still work at Kelso's to help him with the customers. I hate to say it but I'm going to miss your lazy smile and your natural ability to get under my skin."

I go to say something else but the professor tells her to get in the bus. She kisses my cheek saying "Bye and thank you for everything." She gets in the buss and I wave bye to her. As the buss fades down the road my heart stings a little but my hopes still fly in the sky, and I smile to myself despite the pain.

May you fly gracefully angel of Purity and remember if you get too high or lose your way. I'll be here to catch you when you fall.

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