A/N: Well, I got a few requests for an epilog, and thought, I had an idea for one, and I decided to wait, to see if all my lovely reviewers wanted one or not. Well, I have my answer and you all have your epilog! Woot!

Kate walked up the steps of the two story mother daughter house that once belonged to the American branch of the Holy Order, but had since been given to the Van Helsing's. It was a quaint home, with friendly brown shutters and beds of flowers to both sides of the cobbled walk-way leading up to the door and around back. And in one corner, Kate could see from her viewpoint on the front stoop, towered an Oak tree with many bushy branches filled with green leaves, sure to leave great mounds of golden leaves in the fall. She raised her hand to the door and grasped the silver knocker; and much to her surprise, the door was opened swiftly and she was jerked in, over the thresh hold and, her feet tangled in the welcome rug along with her own chains, she fell headlong into none other than Valken Valerious.

He stumbled back more than just a few paces, and uttered a surprised oof. Kate hurriedly pushed herself up and grinned, embarrassedly putting one hand behind her head. She now stood eye level with her companion, having grown quite a bit over the last year.

"Nice of you to drop in." Valken said, smiling.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Real funny, wolfie." Kate rolled her eyes, but couldn't help smiling, at the playfully stern look given by Valken.

He shook his head as the phone rang, he looked startled for a moment but then remembers what it was and turned to a table in the hall and picked up a phone, few not even a minuet he hung up.

"Anna and Gabriel will be here in a few minuets." He said.

"What! But where are Carl and the rest?"

"Don't worry girl, we're here." Libby's voice came from around a corner and she stuck her head out and smiled.

After waiting around in suspense for around 10 minuets the door opened and Gabriel entered, holding it open for his wife, who was gently cradling a small bundle of blankets. Gabriel had on the world's biggest smile, along with Anna who looked at those gathered in the hall.

In the blankets was a beauty baby girl, with stunning eyes of emerald green like her fathers' but with an amber-ish ring around the pupils, from her mother. A tuft of very light brown hair was sticking out slightly from under the blankets. Her skin, what could be seen was that of a hue of a newborn, and this was the face of the Valerious- Van Helsing family line.

"Her name is Aislyn Ani Van Helsing." The both said at the same time, they looked at each other, in mild surprise, but, yet, as if they knew it'd happen exactly that way. There was something else shared in Anna and Gabriel's eyes, besides the never-ending love they felt, it was pride. For they had both achieved something that was never a certainty for both. A family.

A/N: I do hope you liked it! Aislyn is Celtic for dream and Ani is Slavic for beautiful. .