A/N: To make a long story short, I'm ending this story because it's going nowhere. So here's the epilogue/summary of what happens after the story ends.

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Buffy continued to excel at her teachings, and the students all practically became Slayers with great knowledge of self-defense and demons by the end of the school year. Spike checked up on his work and eventually started to actually teach. He added in a few odd stories about things that happened when he was alive or undead, which often made the students laugh, so he was still a favorite teacher.

Dawn and Draco started dating. Buffy didn't completely approve, but Dawn didn't really care. Willow, Xander, and Andrew left a few days later (much to Hermione's dismay) but they revisited several times, and became familiar faces around the Hogwarts grounds.

All in all, it was a wonderfully successful year, but other than that, nothing extremely exciting happened. So you didn't miss out.


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