Is age really nothing but a number?

Can age define true love?

He was determined to defy the myths of age. He loved her, and nothing would stop him.

Trotting along weakly, nipping at his breakfast, he flexed. It was nearing Harry Potter's 7th year, and with the boy's departure, those close to Potter would depart. And one of those close to the boy was close to him, as well.

He began pacing, awkwardly... his age was clearly starting to show. Blast! She was much too young for him... and she would soon be leaving the school. Dare he make his move before she left forever? True, he would be able to see her at Grimmauld Place... but he was old, and weak. He would not be able to see her nearly as often as he'd likeā€¦

It was impossible, surely. She was too young... it would not go over well with anyone they associated with. A relationship would be almost forbidden. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. He did indeed looked haggard, having served so many that had come his way-- especially those insufferable Weasleys. Not like they gave a hoot. The youngest boy in the family had been one of his many connections to his unrequited love... but he would soon be leaving... and so would she.

Suddenly, entering the Owlery, he saw the one he so desired. So white and pure. She stopped and looked at him. And, as if it was meant to be, she practically flew to him.

He sat, stunned. She had come to him. In a rush of passion, she told of her feelings for him. His love-- returned!

The two cuddled next to each other, finally together. Nothing could stop them. Nothing. Not windows, not pudding. Nothing. Feeling he could no longer keep what he had wanted to say to her for so long inside, he turned to her, and quietly proclaimed his love for her...

"Hoot." Errol said, wrapping his wings around her.

"Squawk." Hedwig answered in reply. Errol was so happy, he began to fly around, promptly flying into a window, and landing in a severe comma.

Hedwig never left his side.

The End!

Note: Dear God. An Errol/Hedwig fic. What are the odds? Yes, well, pointless one-shot as usual. Weird ships are the berry's. Reviews are very welcome!

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