Breaking In A 16 year old Sakura smiled to herself as she snuggled up deeper in her bed. Extra blankets kept her comfortably warm and a body pillow kept her company. Sighing happily she closed her eyes and prepared to sleep for the night. Tomorrow was Saturday. She had planned to go to the park with Syaoran. Of course, he didn't know about it yet. He would find out he was taking her tomorrow. Her smile took an evil turn as she planned on making him carry her bags if they went shopping for winter cloths. It was supposed to snow tonight. She always did love the snow.

Breaking in

Sakura's eyes snapped open. There were noises coming from downstairs. No one should be home. Touya had gone with their father on one of his trips. Sakura sat up in her bed and listened closely. Someone was defiantly in her house. ' Okay..calm down. think about this... He can't hurt you.... Just use a Clow card and....that's it!'

Sakura looked over at her drawer and it opened to her command. The book of cards hovered over to her and she took it in her hands. Kero would be of no help. He didn't wake up until morning. Ever.

She fingered the Windy card and turned it over in her hand. "Oh key which holds the power of darkness, show thy true form before me.... I ,Sakura, Order you under contract! RELEASE!" Light flooded the room and the magical circle came under her feet. "Windy, fly through my house and turn on all the lights."

Wind gently raised Sakura's hair and blew from under her door. Soon lights flooded on and Sakura closed her eyes from the sudden brightness. Just as she suspected the noise paused and then sounds like it was running.

When the main body of Windy returned Sakura thanked it and sat down on her bed, nervous. "I can't use magic on a person... I could really hurt them...." She pulled her knees to her chest. "Hoooeeee........" She hugged herself like that for a full minuet before looking across her room and seeing the pink cell phone Tomoyo had given her. Syaoran had one to, only green. Tomoyo chose the color of purple. "Should I call him?" She asked herself aloud. "He might be mad if I disturb him this late..... Maybe Tomoyo-chan?.....No, she's at another friend's house...." She eyed the phone once more.


Syaoran awoke to the sound of his cell ringing. The first ring had mearly woken him up, the second made him scramble into his living room, tripping a few times, to answer it. "Syaoran Des."


"Sakura!? Are you okay? Is it a Clow card? Are you crying!? Where are you!?" He scrambled to get into some cloths while he waited on her reply. Tripping once more he pulled on some sweat pants and scrambled into a shirt.

"Sy-Syaoran.... someone broke into my house..." She sniffed. Seemed like she's finally breaking down. She sniffed again and started to cry. "I was " sniff. "so scared...."

"All right, calm down...Is he still there?" Syaoran opened his balcony window and jumped from it. He landed with a thump and started to run, still talking.

"N-no.... I used the windy card to turn on all the lights....he ran..."

Syaoran frowned at the steam coming from his breath. It was to cold to be running at two in the morning like this. "Sakura, I'm on my way now. Should I sneak in your window?"

"Please... I'm to scared to leave my room... What if he came back?.." She sniffed again. "I can't use magic on someone else! I feel so powerless...."

Syaoran quickened his pace. "I'll be there in a minuet."


"Take it easy..." He jumped a fence and cut across somebody's yard. "I can see your house. Its okay. Open your window."

Sakura nodded even though he couldn't see her and opened her window just like he asked. A few moments later he leapt through and Sakura hugged him tightly. "Syaoran...."

The chestnut brown haired boy clicked off his phone and tossed it on her bed. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back, whispering into hr ear. "Its okay... I'm here now. I won't let anything happen to you... I promise....shhhhhh.... Its okay..."

Sakura took her face from his chest and looked up into his eyes. "Thanks for coming.... I'm sorry for calling you so late...."

"It's early now." He joked, wiping her tears. "And on top of that, I don't care what time it is. If your ever in trouble give me a call. And if anything gets to rough just fly away and come get me. That's what I'm here for..."

She took his hand and placed her forehead against his chest. "Thanks.... I know I must look pathetic right now..."

' You never look pathetic, Sakura....' Syaoran thought quickly on what he should do. "You want me to make sure he's gone?"


"Just sit right here." He said, leading her to her bed. If I see anyone I'll knock him out! Aren't I a nice guy?"

Sakura giggled lightly. "Be careful."

"Always am." Syaoran smiled lightly to her before walking to her door and opening it. The hall lights were on and he proceeded to check every room before getting to the front door. It was slightly open. The guy must of panicked and forgot to close it on his way out. Syaoran closed it silently with a frown on his face. With a twist of a nob a deadbolt lock slid into place and the door was secure. After checking the house one last time he went back to Sakura's room.

"Anything?" She ask, looking up at him like a scared kitten.

Syaoran thought a while before answering her. " Your T.V. was unplugged and looked like it was moved a little bit, if you have a VCR its gone now."

Sakura looked down at her feet. "We didn't have a VCR in the livingroom, it's built into the T.V."

"Ah... Well nothing was missing since I last came here then."

She nodded and brought her knees up to her chest and hugged them. "What if he came in here....? What if he tried to kill me?.....What if he...if he..." Tears came to her eyes again and she let her head rest on her knees, crying.

"Hey, hey...." Syaoran sat beside her and placed his arm around her shoulders. "Its okay... its okay...."

"Oh, Syaoran..." She broke her form and hugged him again, pushing him back and basically laying on him while crying on his chest.

Not knowing what to do he ran his fingers through her hair and whispered to her softly. Soon her sobs turned to sniffles and hiccups and then soft breathing. "Sakura.....?" She whispered softly. "Sakura....." No answer. Syaoran sighed to himself and pulled his legs onto the bed and laid there with Sakura half laying on top of him. His shirt was wet from her tears and the cold from the once open window circled him. After a few minuets he pulled Sakura's covers over them and tossed and extra pillow at her light switch, turning it off.

' Well I never thought I'd be in this situation.' He thought to himself as he still ran his hands through her hair. ' Here I am.... laying in Sakura's bed with her on top of me....but she cried herself to sleep.....' He let out a long sigh. ' Oh well, at least she's okay...' He looked down at her sleeping face. Her face was slightly red around her eyes and her cheeks were flushed from crying. 'If anyone hurts her.....I will personally kill them slowly.'


Sakura woke up slowly from her sleep. Slowly she remembered what happened last night, and why she was laying on something that wasn't her body pillow....more like someone.


Sakura jumped slightly and turned to the speaker. "Sy-Syaoran! ...." She took a breath. "You scared me."

"Sakura...Can't breath..."

Sakura looked down and realized she was sitting on his stomach. Blushing slightly she slid off and looked at him. "How long you been awake?"

"Since you called last night.."

Sakura looked down. "Oh...."

Syaoran sat up and smiled at her reassuringly. "Its okay."


"No problem..."

Both looked away from each other after making eye contact. Both sat on her bed, not knowing exactly what to do or say. Finally Syaoran's stomach decided to speak for him and growled.

"Hungry?" She smiled at him.

Syaoran put one hand behind his head. "I could eat." His face had a grin on it.

"I'll cook you something, come on." She took his hand and pulled him out of bed. A small blush painted her face as she lead him downstairs and parted at the door. "Can you bring in the paper, Syaoran, please?"

Syaoran nodded and walked outside. When he came back in he was smiling and read the headline out loud. "Thief captured after running blindly out in front of a police man. After confessing, he was place din jail last night at 3:00 A.M."

Sakura looked at Syaoran and smiled after it sunk in. "I guess I don't have to worry anymore then, ne?"

Syaoran smirked. "I would of kicked his butt anyway."

"Oh sure."


Like it? Hate it? Let me know! No, this isn't finished yet. I should have 2 more parts to it. Check back in a day for the update. It will have more mushy S&S and a faint touch of seriousness. Here is a teaser:

Syaoran fell into the snow from a blow to hte back of his head. When he got up he heard a laughing Sakura from behind a tree. A few seconds later another snowball was thrown, hitting him in the chest. ' Oh that's it' He thought, makeing a snowball.
'Let's see how you like this down your shirt... '