Breaking In2 Before hand: Lots of mush a the begining but gets kinda serious at the end. This part also includes my usal P.O.V. battle. This part is Rated 'R' for content and violence. You have been forwarned.


Syaoran looked out the window from the livingroom. Snow covered the ground, at least a foot deep. He used to not like the snow, it was always to cold for his likings. But now things were different. He had come to appreciate it. He had his first snowball fight when he was twelve, and has enjoyed the snow ever since....even if he still thought it was unnatural to get that cold.

"Hey, Sakura...?"


"Lets go outside?"


Breaking In
By: Satashi
Part 2

Syaoran fell into the snow from a blow to the back of his head. When he got up he heard a laughing Sakura from behind a tree. A few seconds later another snowball was thrown, hitting him in the chest. ' Oh that's it' He thought, making a snowball. 'Let's see how you like this down your shirt... '

Syaoran leapt into the tree that Sakura was hiding behind and landed with a hard thump. With a little added effort he caused most of the snow to rain down upon his unsuspecting victim. When the snow was still again and Sakura picked herself up Syaoran jumped beside her and racked the snow into her Shirt, getting s shriek from her.

"Syaoran!" Her face flushed deep red. "That was mean!'

"Hey....All's fair in love and war."

Sakura pounced him playfully and rubbed snow in his face. "So where's this war at, huh?"

Syaoran grinned and rolled over on top of her. "No war, just my undying love to you." He muffled snow in her face, getting a cross between a laugh and a giggle.

When she got her chance, Sakura pushed up and fell on top of him, covering him in snow from both sides with long sweeps of her arms. "And since when did you love me?"

Syaoran rolled once again and pinned her down. "Since...... I don't know, when I was twelve?"

Sakura smiled brightly up at him. "And your just now telling me?"

"I forgot what I was doing at the time...."

"Oh." She lifted her head and brushed his lips lightly. "Now that we got that settled...." Quickly she jerked her hand back and pushed snow in his face, laughing and getting away from him.

"Oh now your really going to get it!" Syaoran laughed as he got up and chased her.


"I'm freezing...." Syaoran complained as he walked back into her house and kicked his shoes off.

"Your freezing?" Sakura answered him mocking anger. "Your the one who put snow down my shirt!"

Syaoran grinned and pulled her close to him. "Want help getting it out? He asked, mocking a dramatic tone that he heard in a soap opera Sakura had made him watch with her.

"Oh, bad boy." She thumped his chest and pulled out of his embrace. "You'll get some attention after we change." She hopped up the stairs, followed by a smirking Syaoran.

"I have cloths here?"

"Yep." Sakura opened her closet door and rummaged through them. "This shirt is yours....these pants....this shirt..this one...this and this one... these two....another pair of pants.."

"So is this why your cloths are in my closet?"

Sakura shrugged and tossed him some cloths. "When we go after Clow cards you either change into your costume here or me over at your house."

"Hey." Syaoran said, taking slight offence. "You dress in costumes, I Wear a ceremonial outfit."

"Hai, hai." Sakura breathed, pushing him out of her room. "Get changed in the bathroom, I'll meet you down stairs."

Syaoran looked hurt. "I thought I was going to get attention..." He turned to leave but Sakura hit him on his butt, causing a blush to appear on his face.

" I said after."

~*Later that night*~

Sakura laid against Syaoran's chest as the y lay on the couch watching T.V. Each drank from a warm cup of hot chocolate and chatted endlessly about nothing in particular.

"I still can't believe they caught that criminal right after leaving here!"

"Yeah, stroke of luck for us... How did he get in anyway?"

Sakura looked down at her cup. "Maybe I forgot to lock the doors?"

"No, I could get in with a credit card if I wanted to."

Sakura tilted her head back and looked up at him. "Really?"

Syaoran kissed her forehead playfully. "If the deadlock wasn't in."

"Ahhhh...." She moved her head so it was resting against his collar bone. "You know.... I was wondering when we would get together.."

"After worrying about being rejected for so long it just kinda slipped out... like it was natural."


"Oiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!" Both jerked their heads to the staircase. "What're you doing here, brat!?" Kero flew over to them and stared into his face. "I go to Tomoyo's for a few hours and you show up!

Syaoran glared at him "I've been here all day, thank you very much!"

"Oh really?"

"Yeah really!"

"And just what Are you doing here now?"

Syaoran placed his cup down, then wrapped his arms around Sakura's waist. "I'm hugging Sakura as she lays on me, what does it look like?" His voice was cool, as if he was telling him the weather.


"Kero-chan, wait!" Sakura scolded. "I don't mind."

Kero's face went into shock. "Na-niiiii!?"

Sakura smiled and titled her head to kiss him on the neck. "He told me he loves me!" She announced happily.

Kero looked ready to faint. "Sakura....and the brat..... a couple..." He sighed. "How could I miss this!?" Suddenly it clicked. "Now that you mention it, Sakura did have a dream a few days ago... sounded like she was moaning..."

Sakura's face turned dark red and Syaoran looked at Kero , interested "Oh really?"

Kero nodded, not making the connection just yet. "She was squirming all over the bed, Woke me up to. I thought a Clow card had her..."

"Kero-chan!" She could feel her ears burn.

"She let out this gasp and mumbled something... like.. Sy..shao...Syaoran--......" Kero's eyes went wide. "Syaoran!?!?!"

Sakura slammed her drink down and leapt up at him. "How could you!?"

"How could I!? How could You!?" Kero slipped from her grasp and flew up, dodging a jumping Sakura. Syaoran was still laughing, now turning red from lack of air. He laughed all the time as Sakura toppled over most stuff in the livingroom, kitchen, dinning room, and back to where Syaoran was.

Taking a deep breath Syaoran steadied himself and stood up, breathing in heavily to calm his nerves. "Sa-" He took once last deep breath to steady himself. "Sakura....."

Sakura stopped chasing Kero and stood in front of him, looking down. Syaoran could easily tell she was red. "I...." She began.

"Are the cutest thing I know." Syaoran finished for her.

Looking up slowly Sakura saw the smile on his face and the silent laughter in his eyes. "Hooooeee......"

Syaoran chuckled and hugged her. " Don't ever change, All right?" He hugged her lightly.

"Hoe....?" She looked up at him. "Aren't you mad or something?"

"No...why should I be?" He chuckled. "So....was I any good?"

"Syaoran!" She pushed him away playfully and turned around. "You just want details!"

"No, that's not true!" He said, grinning.

' All right then, your turn to be embarrassed....' Sakura turned back and faced him. "I'll give you one hint. It had strawberries and whip cream..." She closed her eyes, holding back a laugh.


"Syaoran? Syaoran?" She opened her eyes to see him laying on the floor with a trickle of blood from his nose. "Geeze, your so shy..." She pulled him up and onto the couch. "Can't even take a simple joke..."


"Ughnnn..." Syaoran sat up and looked around.

"Your up."

"Huh?" Syaoran blinked and looked into the face of Sakura. "Uh, yeah....what happened?"

"Oh, nothing. You hungry?"

"Uh, I guess."

"Well, good, 'cause I made dinner while you were...napping."

"All right." He stood and walked over to the table and sat to the left of a happy Kero, who was eating a piece of cake. A rather large one at that.

Kero made eye contact with him when Syaoran sat. " I'm giving you a chance..." He said quietly so Sakura wouldn't hear. " Treat her right, okay?"

Syaoran nodded. Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all.


"You sure this is okay?" Syaoran asked as he stared at the bed.

"I trust you, Syaoran." Sakura replied. "I know you would never do anything to me, besides I don't want you to sleep on the couch, that 'd be rude."

"..... If you say so." Slowly he walked over and laid in her bed next to her. The lights were already off and the room was dark, but he could feel her arms wrap around him.



"Don't take this the wrong way, but I feel safe with you like this..."

Syaoran smiled gently to her, although she could barely make out the features on his face. "I love you so much ,Sakura..."

" And I love you, to....." She kissed him softly and pulled him so he was facing her on his side. They continued to kiss like that, each softly touching each other's faces and sides and backs. Sakura let out a tiny moan when Syaoran deepened the kiss and responded to it instantly. She slid her hands under his shirt and ran her fingers down his spine, giving him shivers at the touch. After a few moments they broke the kiss with a thin trail of saliva connecting them for a second longer.

"Wow..." She breathed, getting her breath back.

"Yeah." He agreed, also taking in a breath.

"I like it."

"Me to."

They kissed again.

~*Syaoran's P.O.V.*~

Darkness enters my vision as I leave the dream I was having. Something didn't feel right to me. The bundle that was Sakura shifts slightly and I free myself from her arms. Something wasn't right. Then I felt it. Clow Card. I hold my hand out in front of me and my sword appears.
I didn't really feel like fighting, but I could sense something that I didn't like. It was in the house. And that meant I would probably have to involve Sakura in this fight. I didn't like doing that unless I had to.

' Better go ahead and wake her.... ' I told myself. I shake her slightly and she stirs. Another shake and she sits up, rubbing her eyes.

"Wha...?" She ask, looking at me weird, then she sees my sword.

"Shh." I hush before walking over to her door and opening it slightly. Its was probably downstairs. "You feel it?" I ask in a hushed whisper.

"Un..." Sakura nodded as she climbed out of her bed and stood. She fingered her necklace and pulled it out. "Oh key which hides the forces of darkness, reveal thy true power unto me... RELEASE!" The key grew before our eyes and became the sealing wand.

"Sakura.... Let me borrow The Shadow, and The Shot Cards."

Sakura nodded and pulled two cards from the air. "Cards, grant my wish and lend thy power unto Syaoran." The name 'Sakura' Vanishes from the cards and Syaoran's name in embedded in its place.

I took the cards and placed the shadow card on my sword. "Shadow, conceal my body and grant me stealth." I could feel my shadow raised up and literly engulfed me, making me invisible. "Sakura, follow me." I open the door all the way and walk out, careful to make as little noise as possible.

I take Sakura's hand so she could tell where I was. We both walk down the stairs and I silently stop her before entering the visible path into the main part of the house.

Almost right in front of the door stood a Wolf looking creature. It came no higher than my knee and it changed from orange to blue to purple to red and many different colors before starting the cycle over again. I sensed the power of it and a name came before me.


I raise the shot card in front of me and toss it lightly into the air, catching it with the tip of my sword. "SHOT!" The wolf creature looks up suddenly, just before being blasted through the door. Literly. The beast flew straight threw it, not hurting the door at all. "Damn." I curse, revealing my form again. "Lets go, Sakura."

She nods and we run to the door, unlock and open it. Soul waits for us in the street, crouched down and jumped onto me right as my feet hit the cold concrete. I slide several yards, followed by a small trail of blood. The snow bites into my skin as the ride eat through my thin shirt. When I could stand again I ripped the remainder of my shirt off and got into a battle position, wearing only sweat pants.

Sakura had already taken the next move, using Dash to make her way to my side, grab me, and pull me away from the next attack. When we stop the sudden movement she instantly pulls a different card. "Watery, make snow and freeze our oponet!"

The water spirit comes from the card and breaths snow onto Soul. The snow around us gathers as well and encircles the beast, freezing and then shattering. The wolf was not effected in the least.

"Fire, head my call and burn my oponet!" I yell, pointing my sword a the wolf. One of my wards burns and fire strikes forth and makes contact, hurting it only a little.

Soul leaps forward at Sakura, who raises her arm to block only to have it bitten into and forcing her to yell out in pain. Once she gets her bearings straight she pulls a card with her free hand and shouts the name "POWER!" Soul's 'eyes' go wide and Sakura punches it with her left hand.

Soul flies toward me and I run to it, neatly slicing a huge gash into its side. "Seal it!"

Sakura nods and holds her staff one handed. Her right hand hangs limp with blood dripping from her delicate fingers. "Return to the guise you were meant to be— Syaoran!"

I turn just in time to be tackled yet again, this time with all four paws with claws on them and a bite to the neck. I feel the scream leave my lips and my eyes glaze over.


I am vaigly aware of the thing leaving its place on top of my body. The card was sealed and it flies around, honoring both of us as its masters. It finally lands on my chest.

"Syaoran!? Syaoran!!!!!!"

I smile at her wryly before passing out. I could feel my body go numb just as Sakura screams my name once more.


"...--oming to now.."

Syaoran blinks a few times before looking around. Tomoyo was to his right and Sakura was to his left. Kero floated above him, looking very tired.


"Shhh.... Don't talk." Tomoyo stated before walking out of the room.

"Syaoran? You okay?"


"How do you feel?"


Sakura smiled lightly. "You almost were... When you passed out I called Tomoyo to come help us. Your in her house now. Some doctors fixed you up and Kero did some healing spell on you to make the pain less..... are you okay?" Tears welled into her eyes, threatening to spill out. "Hurt anywhere?"


Kero sighed and shook his head. "I can't believe I slept through that. By the time I got out there, the battle was already over...."

Syaoran chuckled lightly, and winced at the pain it caused him. "Seems so..." He took a breath. "How long will I be like this?"

Kero thought about it for a second. "Sixteen deep gashes on your chest and stomach, a large one on your neck, bad scratches and cuts to your back..... I'd say a few months if you were a normal human being. With your magic and healing spells from me and Sakura I'd say you'll be bed ridden for about three days, walking around tiredly for two days, being normal for a day, and then perfectly fine."

"Ah... sounds fun...."

Tomoyo walked back in the room, holding a clip board. "Hey, Syaoran. My personal doctors worked on you, so you shouldn't be in much ,if any pain with the help of Kero-chan here. You feel okay?"

"Yeah... I guess.....thanks, Tomoyo. "

"Don't mention it."

Sakura took his hand. " I'll be by myself for three more days, I'll take care of you." She smiled lightly. "And don't you dare try to say no or I'll make it so you have to!"

Syaoran smiled up at her. "All right, how can I refuse such a nice offer?"

"Still, I'm surprised you got that card..." Kero said, thinking aloud. "Soul is a special card that usually doesn't get hurt that easily...."

"So that's why Syaoran still got attacked after wounding it so much?" Sakura ask, looking at him.

"Yeah.... " Kero's face brightened. "But the good news is that Soul is very territorial, so no other Clow cards should be around for a good two weeks!"

"All right, finally some good news."

"Oh hush up." Sakura told Syaoran playfully before kissing his forehead. "When your healed I'll give you some more good news."

Syaoran raised an eyebrow. "That an offer?"

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