Jeff Tracy lent against the balcony as he watched the sun rise over Tracy Island, knowing all to well only he and John would be up. Right on queue the familiar sounds of incoming message alert broke through the peace.

"Hey Johns what's up?"

"Me for a start" laughed John

"Very funny, good to see you've not lost you sense of humour"

"No way, you need it up here. Anyway dad I was just checking in to remind you to remind that pig headed brother of mine to come and get me. Preferably some time this century"

"Don't worry we haven't forgotten about you. I'm coming to get you this time after last time I do not trust your brother. Everyone's looking forward to seeing you. You planning to stay with us while your home or are you planning to disappear to the main land again?" enquired Jeff.

"DAD, what I do in my own time is mine. But I will be staying at home as long as it works out" said John with a smirk.

"What works out?"

"You will see, John Tracy out" said John before Jeff could say anything

"F.A.B John" said Jeff to himself as he settled back into his chair and closed his eyes. Suddenly Alan, Gordon, Tin Tin and Fremant burst in to his office. "Hey what's going on? Shouldn't you lot be in bed?" asked Jeff who was a bit shaken. "Dad you've been a sleep for over two hours it's 9.00 in the morning, Gran say if you don't get your but down stairs you'll miss breakfast" said Alan.

"Crap forget breakfast I'll miss Johns pick up, tell your Gran to set the table for John as well" said Jeff as he took off for Thunderbird 3's hanger.

After how ever long it takes Thunderbird 3 to reach Thunderbird 5 later John was on board and ready to come home.

"Forget about me?"

"Sorry I over slept"

"Its ok dad, I'm just glad to get away from there"

"And back to your young lady friend?"


"Come on son your not the first Tracy or the last that's snuck away to see someone they love, your mother and I did it all the time"

The rest of the journey was in silence as John tried to figure out in his head how to break the news to his family. What would his father think after he finds out his eldest is gay? Suddenly Thunderbird 5 didn't look so bad anymore.