Home Truths

John woke up sometime later entwined with his lover.

"Welcome back to the land of the living baby"


"That's all you can say?"

"Sorry baby I've just woken up after having my brains fuck out and you expect me to speak?"

"I wish we could stay like this forever"

"So do I but I have a family to get back to"

"What time are you leaving?"

"What time is it?"


"Shit I gotta go or I'll be late"

John leapt up out of bed and hurried round trying to find his clothes. Suddenly the all to well known ring tone of the Tracy family went off.

"John Tracy"

"Well I hope that's who's answering"

"Hi Penny"

"You are coming home?"

"Yes I kinda lost track of time" said john as his lover laughed

"Ah distracted were we? See you soon"

"F.A.B Penny"

John finally got dressed kissed his lover goodbye and raced out into the rain to find Lady Penelope. Not long later he was back in the limo on the way back to Tracy Island. John's heart pounded as they arrived back home. As he stood on the beach the wind blew by gentle bring with it the sounds of kayos that was the Tracy family. Sighing John turned, smiled at Lady Penelope and headed in to join the kayos.

As the evening drew near and the kayos had now taken over the dinner table John remained quiet and lost in his thoughts. Once the meal was over everyone was sat in the main room chatting, drinking coffee or whisky and catching up. It hadn't escaped Jeff that John had been uneasy since he had come home. "John" yelled Jeff snapping John out of his daydream.

"Yes dad"

"So what's new with you? You've been very quite since you came home"

"I know Dad, guys, Gran and of course everyone else I've always cared for you after all that's what family do. I've listened to you and care about your problems and now I hope you do the same for me. I've always had to be the eldest and the one you could rely on so I put my own feeling behind me. Not anymore 5 years ago I met someone that rocked my world and now I need to come clean.

I'm gay"

You could have heard a pin drop as John excused himself and went to his room.

"Wow that took some guts" said Scott

"Yeah, dad" said Gordon

"I'm going to talk to him. When he comes out don't make him feel bad he's still your brother" said Jeff as he went to John's room.

Jeff found John sat on his bed

"John can we talk?" asked Jeff as he stood in the doorway.

"Lllll listen dad, I'm sorry if you want me to go I will?"

"Whoa whoa son. I don't want you to leave. You're a good boy and if this guy makes you happy then so be, it now go out there and kick your brothers asses" laughed Jeff. John and Jeff walked out and to Johns surprised he was hugged by everyone in the room.

"You're still our brother and we will stand by you always" said Virgil

"Yeah" came the others

"So what's his name?" asked Lady Penelope with a wink.

"Jason Lee Scott" said John as they all sat down to hear about John's love life.