A Certain Secret

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Summary: Jou is angry with Yugi and the others. Why…? Let's just say a certain Pharaoh slipped a certain secret to a certain CEO. How will Jou be able to stand the rejection? What happen when somebody else comes along? Implied Shounen-ai.

By: Klyukaizer


"You guys sure you don't want to stay a little longer?" Jou asked, giving Shizuku a hug before smiling at his sister. "I already missed a lot of classes, nii-san. But we promise we'll come back during the holidays to catch up with your birthday!" Shizuku smiled as she hugged her brother one last time. "Sheesh! Go already!" Jou laughed as Shizuku laughed along with him.

"Where's mom?" Jou asked as the two siblings looked at their parents talking from the other side of the airport. "Let them talk for a while... they have a lot of things to catch up." Shizuku said as she looked happily at their parents.

"You really have changed." Sara softly said, feeling her hand intertwining with Kazuya's hand. "I used to think that the man I had fallen in love with would never come back ever again." Sara smiled as Kazuya smiled back at his ex-wife, "A lot of things had happened, Sara. I've changed for the better... I've changed for Katsu. For Shizu."

Sara nodded. "And for you, of course." Kazuya added, bringing a smile up to Sara's face. "See you this winter." With one more kiss on her husband's cheek, Sara walked away to where her daughter was waiting but was instantly pulled back by Kazuya who had instantly pressed his lips on his wife's. Sara had eyes as wide as saucers but kissed back anyway.

Jou and Shizuku gasped happily from the other side as they saw their parents doing the 'kiss'. Running over to them, the Jounouchi's shared their last laughter one last time before they were going to be separated once again.


Jou had a smile on his face the moment he came home from school. Throwing his backpack to the couch, he went to the kitchen only to find a single note being taped on top of the table. "Out for the night. Be back tomorrow morning. Seto wants you to stay at his house for the weekend. Go get 'em, tiger! - Dad" Jou rolled his eyes. What does his father mean by the last sentence?

Scribbling his message, he taped his reply to his father's message, "Left some food in the fridge for breakfast. Be back at Sunday afternoon. Bye and lav 'ya! No, I'm not going to do the 'thing' with him, if that's what you meant! - Katsu" And with that, he packed some stuff and locked the apartment door of the Jounouchi household, heading towards Seto's mansion.


Ding. Dong.

"Jou-niisan!!!" Mokuba latched unto Jou's legs as Jou chuckled, "Hey, Mokie!" Jou smiled as he nuzzled the boy by the hair. "Where's your brother?"

"Up in his room. He's waiting for you there." Mokuba informed as he smiled, "Have fun!" Have fun? What does he mean by that? Proceeding up to Seto's room, his mind was filled with hentai thoughts. As he finally stepped up to Seto's room, he gave a small knock to notify the CEO that he was there.

"Seto?" Jou called, "I-I'm coming in, okay?" The moment he opened the door, his eyes were filled with joy and delight when he witnessed the whole room being filled with white sampaguita flowers, bringing the whole room with a beautiful and modest scent. "Katsuya..." Jou jumped when he heard his name being called as the CEO appeared beside him. "They smell good around the room, don't they?"

"Yeah... what're they called?" Jou asked. "Sampaguita" Seto replied. "These flowers are the national flower of the Philippines." Jou grinned, "They smell good. A scent of purity... not so strong, not so frail."

"What... just like you?" Seto smirked as Jou blushed. "You already made me feel special... why are you still doing these things? Th-they kind of make me blush all the time!"

"Because I love you." Seto answered an answer that Jou always heard from his lover. "I already know that. I mean, I don't need material things from you, Seto. All I want is you. I... I don't want you to think that I'm just after your money or anything." Jou answered.

"So... it would be a wrong time to ask you to come live with me?" Seto asked. "Wh-what?" Jou gasped, feeling Seto's hand touch his face. "I want you close to me, Jou... forever. Mokuba feels the same way. He loves Jounouchi-san like he treated him as a father and I've never seen Mokuba get so attached to someone like Jounouchi-san before!"

"Together... we can be a family." Seto said as Jou blinked, "D-does oyajii know about this?"

Seto nodded, "He didn't want to at first, saying that he doesn't want me to spend for him all the time. He wanted to earn things by himself, that's why he's at work right now." Jou blinked, "Right now?"

"Night shifts. He has work from 5pm until 5am."

"Why do I get the feeling that Dad and you have been keeping secrets from me?" Jou joked, as Seto laughed, "He didn't want you to get worried." Jou sighed, "So that means, otou-san agreed staying here with us?"

"Only if you agree." Seto said. "What'll it be?"

"I don't know... what do you want me to do?" Jou smiled, "I'll do anything you like this time."

"Stay with me... forever." Seto said as he pulled Jou close and kissed the blonde up and down the neck. "Then, it's a 'yes'. I'll stay with you forever." Jou answered, feeling Seto's tongue on his neck, creating a hickey.

"I love you, Seto..."

"And I love you, Jou..."

Plopping down the bed, both lovers made love that night with the scent of the white flowers and with their love that will last for all eternity.


Additional info: Sampaguitas have a modest scent that smells like purity... it's the national flower of my country, Philippines. It blooms during the rainy season and it is small -- really small. So you can just imagine how many of those Sampaguitas Seto had actually placed inside his room! ;)


"A Certain Secret" End.

Soon to come, "Epilogue: A Certain Secret"

Summary: Epilogue to "A Certain Secret" After all the things that had gone horribly wrong in Jou's life, Seto decides to bring his puppy to salvation! What does this mean? Will they actually last a moment alone without being bothered by all the others... especially with a very hyperactive Jounouchi Kazuya?

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