Title: Four Nights
Author: Willow
Josh has been home from hospital for two weeks and he's not a well as he says he is.
Spoilers/Episode: Up to season 2, Midterms.
Characters: Ensemble
Rating: PG

Part VI

Clara's flight was cancelled and she couldn't get another one until early evening. By the time she'd arrived back at Josh's apartment it was 10pm and he'd gone to bed. Now it was 1.30 and she couldn't sleep. She hadn't liked to disturb him when she got in, but she couldn't settle until she'd seen him. She stood up and went to the kitchen to make a drink. As she closed the fridge door she smiled, "You use to do that when you were a kid."

"Sneak up behind you in the middle of the night?" Josh asked with a smile.

"Yes, you haven't got any better at it." Clara turned and gently hugged her son.

"What time did you get in?"

"About 10. I didn't want to wake you."

"I tried to stay awake," he smiled sheepishly.

"You use to that when you were a kid as well," she smiled, as they walked into the lounge and sat down. Clara had been a very concerned about leaving Josh, although she knew he wasn't alone. She'd also been worried when Donna told her that the work ban had been lifted a little. "How are you?"

"If I said fine would you believe me?" he asked.


"I'm actually feeling better than I have since the shooting. I had a bad night on Tuesday after PT, but other than that I've been okay, honestly."

"So you don't need me?" Clara asked with a slight smile.

"I wouldn't go that far," Josh admitted. "Another few days maybe."

"We'll see," she told him. "Donna tells me that you're working."

"Mom," he whined, "it's half past one in the morning. Please don't nag me."

"I'm not nagging. I'm concerned. I'm your mother, it's what mother's do."

"That's what CJ says," Josh smiled. "I'm bored stupid. I really can't watch much more daytime TV and I've run out of physics books," he grinned. "It's not like I'm doing much, just reading reports and giving my opinion. Anyway, Leo and Donna are checking everything that's sent."

Clara studied Josh while he was talking. His eyes were full of life and when he smiled it lit up his face. He hadn't looked this happy for weeks. Maybe a little work from the office would be good for him. He was far too much like Noah who, even when he was at his illest, couldn't leave work alone. She noticed Josh watching her questioningly and she smiled, "I was just thinking how much you're like your father."

"Thanks. That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a long time."