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Chapter 1

"Florina? Florina, dear? Florina you must wake up or else we'll miss Farina's introduction into the Pegasus Knight academy. Fiora is already up and washing as we speak."

The little bundle under the covers moved slowly before she poked her head above the covers, blinking quickly so that her eyes would accustom to the bright sunlight shining through the window. The snow was falling gently outside the window and the morning light streamed through the window, clashing with the frost that had formed on the glass pane and casting rainbow coloured fern-like patterns of light around the room. Raising her head and more awake now, she sighted her mother sitting on the edge of her bed and smiling down at her as if she was the most precious thing on the earth.


"Yes dear?"

"Why does Farina want to become a Pegasus knight?"

Her Mother smiled and rested her hand on the young girl's head, "You know how much Farina loves Pegasi? We couldn't keep her away even if we wanted her to."

"But doesn't she know how dangerous it might be?"

"Where did you hear that it would be dangerous Florina?" Her Mother grew a little surprised, "You know Farina wouldn't do anything that wasn't worth the effort… Or the money" She replied grimly as an afterthought.

"But she'll be in the cold a lot; and someone told me that when she does become a knight that she'd have to fight a lot."

Florina's mother grew a little sad, she held the young child close to her, stroking her head, "Florina, there are some things that we can't help… it was Farina's own choice to do this so she could support us. Her family."

"But Mummy…" Florina snuggled closer to her mother, holding onto her arm, "Can't we make our own choices? Be free to make our own decisions?"

Florina's Mother gazed down at her daughter and smiled lovingly, "One day Florina, you will meet someone who will make you feel free no matter where you are or what situation you're in. That person will mean the world to you and you can be together and live on the positive side of things whenever you're together. This is called love Florina; it's how I met your father and the bond that all of us as a family share. When you meet someone you love, you will know within your heart that that is the person you can spend the rest of your life with. Farina will continue to live the way all of the Pegasus knights of Ilia will until she finds that one thing or person that she can be content with. The same may go for both you and your sisters. That's what happened to me."

Florina gazed up at her mother with big eyes, "Really?"

Florina's mother smiled "Really."


It was a few years later that both of Florina's sisters had both managed to attain the title of Pegasus knights of Ilia and had left their small house in the snow covered village. Florina and her mother lived together for a long time before Florina announced that she would too become a Pegasus knight.

So she began training at her youth to become a knight with her sisters. It was around this time that Florina also discovered her unnatural fear of men, having grown up surrounded by girls all her life and without a father; she was unused to their company and was quite unnerved when many boys tried to ask her out because of her undeniable beauty. She quickly joined an all girls regiment that didn't help her fear of males, but instead, trained across the land and it was also around this time she befriended Lyndis of the Saceans. Her fear of men still remained however and practically froze up when she was promoted to a Pegasus Knight in-training by the male head of the academy.

In order for her to become a full-fledged member of the Pegasus Knights of Ilia however, she needed to join a band of freelance soldiers and travel with them to gain experience, firsthand, of what the real world of fighting was like.

Florina had decided to travel to Sacea where she could find a girl named Lyn with who she became close friends with during an expedition to the Sacean plains. Lyn was strong and kind, and Florina felt confident that she would become stronger by accompanying Lyn on the plains. She could already see an image of a stronger more confident version of herself flying through the air and held her head high, confident that she would face this world with all her strength.


Florina stood before the two bandits that had captured her earlier and cried silently as they examined her Pegasus that had been tied down to the floor, they spat at it and pushed it roughly.

"Stupid creature if you ask me" muttered the first bandit that Florina had accidentally landed on earlier that day. He was smoking a makeshift cigarette and smelt strongly of spirits, he slowly averted his gaze to Florina, an evil grin flashed upon his features, "But on the other hand this beauty here would do us a fine trade."

Florina cowered in fear, tears streamed down her face as she backed away.

"Stupid, yeah but could definitely help us somehow." Said the second, thinner bandit ignoring Florinas trembling form.

The first bandit took the cigarette out of his mouth before scrunching it into the Pegasi's side. Florinas Pegasus neighed loudly in pain and small tears dropped from the mystical creatures eyes. Florinas heart shattered at this point as she watched her Pegasus being tortured helplessly, more tears flowed from her innocent eyes and she managed to speak out.

"P...please release her I'm sorry a...about..." She stuttered before she was harshly interrupted.

"Wait right there, little lady! What are you going to do apologize? Huh?" snapped the first bandit smirking at her.

"Uh... I... That is, I..." She tried, choking back tears.

"Hey, she's quite a catch, eh, buddy?" Said the second bandit now averting his attention from the Pegasus. "I bet the boss would give us a pretty penny for her."

"Yeah she roughed me up a bit so fair's fair." Grinned the fist bandit taking out another cigarette and lighting it slowly. "It's no more'n she deserves."

"I... I..." Florina tried again scared beyond belief at what these bandits would do to her.

"What are we going to do with her flying mule?" sneered the second bandit.

"Don't you dare touch her!" cried out Florina before clasping a hand to her mouth amazed at what she had just said and cursed herself silently. The bandits were equally surprised but quickly regained their authority.

"What? You just watch your mouth, girlie!" snapped back the second bandit angrily shoving her to the floor.

Florina got up slowly; tears still flowing from her beautiful green eyes before shakily replying, "Do what you will with me, just... Let her go. Please, I beg of you."

"Ha ha ha! Silly twit! Pegasi can only be found in Ilia. They're rare beasts. Worth more than you by far! We can sell it for a mountain of gold. Let it go? HA!" The first bandit spat at her.

"No, you can't..." she whispered softly before the bandit grabbed her by the hair and started dragging her along.

"C'mon! Let's move!" He growled at her, spitting out his cigarette.

Florina saw through her tears a flicker of movement behind her and a familiar shade of green and blue. She prayed with all her might it would be who she thought it would be and her prayers were answered when she heard her friends voice calling her name.

"Florina?" called Lyns voice from behind her and she felt the grip on her hair loosen slightly as she was spun around.

Florina saw Lyn standing there with two unfamiliar knights on either side of her and a young man shaded by a cloak next to them. To Florina they looked like Gods send.

"Is that you Florina?" Repeated Lyn staring at Florinas tortured body.

Florina quickly pushed the bandit away but in doing so some of her hair was pulled in the process. "Ah!" She cried out in pain as her hair pulled but recovered before she quickly ran over to Lyn, "Lyn?" she whispered standing before the crew.

"Florina!" Lyn said amazed that these bandits were hurting her friend. "What are you doing in a place such as this?"

"Lyn!" cried Florina running in to Lyns arms letting fresh tears run down her cheeks. "Is it really you? I... I..."

"Come now, no crying!" said Lyn firmly but gently, helping Florina into a standing position.

"I'm sorry," said Florina standing shakily and wiping away her tears. Suddenly one of the knights dismounted, he had red hair and armour and had a stern but kindly look, anyway, he looked at Florina who cowered away from him.

"You are acquaintances?" He asked Lyn curiously.

"She's my friend," Lyn said matter-of-factly to the knight, "This is Florina, a pegasus knight in training from Ilia. She's a little uncomfortable around men." Lyn turned back to Florina and the red knight went back to his horse, "Tell me, Florina, what happened here?" inquired Lyn.

" When I heard that you had left... I decided to follow you. Then I saw this village... I flew down to ask if they had news of you. I didn't see these two, and... well..." Florina hesitated, embarrassed.

"Did your Pegasus land on them?" asked Lyn rolling her eyes.

"Well, I... A little..." Admitted Florina embarrassed.

"Aha! You heard her!" Snapped the second bandit, drawing his knife and pointing at Florina. "She admits her fault! She stepped on my friend and now she's got to pay!"

"Did you apologize, Florina?" Asked Lyn to the trembling Florina behind her.

"Yes. I told them I was sorry many times over. They just wouldn't listen..." Said Florina remembering the abuse, her eyes watered again.

"Don't cry. It's all right." Said Lyn soothingly.

"Lyn..." Florina said, smiling up at her best friend.

"Listen, she's obviously sorry. Can't we just let this pass? You don't appear to be injured or anything." Lyn inquired the bandits.

"No chance. The girl goes with us—by force if needs be!" Spat the first bandit he then turned and shouted out, "Hey! C'mon out now, boys! The men are fair game, but don't put a scratch on the girls!" Suddenly over half a dozen bandits emerged from hiding places surrounding Lyns group. Lyn quickly turned to the cloaked man next to her.

"Haru! We've got to fight back!" Lyn said to the man, he nodded and started taking in the situation.

Florina was feeling guilty for getting Lyn into this so she went up to Lyn quickly, "Lyn... I..." She managed but Lyn interrupted her.

"You're a Pegasus knight, aren't you? You can fight, can't you?" She asked Florina quickly drawing out a magnificent sword.

Florina smiled, "...Yes!" She said bravely and started to run to her tethered Pegasus.

"Allow me!" Called the other knight, clad in green and rode up to her Pegasus, slashing through all the bonds with his sword. He did a U-turn but went flying off his horse and smacked into the ground, you could hear a muffled, "Bugger!" coming from the mound that was the gallant knight. Florina stared questioningly at him but regained herself and hopped on her Pegasus, she quickly flew back to Lyn.

She saw Lyn talking to the cloaked man again and her curiosity got the better of her, "Lyn... Who's that?" She asked gesturing at the cloaked man.

"This is Haru. He's still an apprentice, but he's my tactician." Replied Lyn.

"Oh I see..." said Florina turning to the Tactician, "Uh... Haru? I'm pleased to meet you." She replied blushing.

Haru bowed, "Likewise miss Florina."

Florina flew to her position and readied herself for the coming battle. She saw Lyn enter a nearby house and later emerge with a handsome young man with lovely brown eyes, Florina flushed and looked away. He quickly ran off to a nearby wall however and Florina lost site of him.

Once everyone had moved she suddenly spotted a shadow of a man holding a bow. Her eyes widened in fear and she hurriedly flew to Lyn.

"Lyn! What should I do? There's an archer!!!" She whispered, shaking and terrified.

"What? Where!? Oh, that's just Wil." Said Lyn calming down slightly. Hearing the two ladies talking about him caused the young man to come over to them. He was stunned at Florina's beauty and figure but hid it behind a carefree mask of innocence.

"Hi! You're one of Lyn's friends?" Asked Wil gazing into Florina's eyes.

"Um... ... ..." Stuttered Florina, she didn't even notice he had a bow she was too lost in his sparkling brown eyes. He seemed to radiate a gentle strength, and his smile was a rare confident one that seemed to understand everything he looked at. Florina almost panicked for a moment as she thought that maybe he could even tell what she was thinking.

Wil was slightly worried; this beautiful girl in front of him was turning slowly red and was stuttering a lot, "What... What is it? Are you unwell." He reached out to touch her but she recoiled turning redder. Suddenly her eyes went to his bow and all the colour drained from her face. He was starting to get really worried now at the rate this girl's face was changing colour.

"I'm sorry, Wil. Her name is Florina. She's timid around men, and you've... you've got a bow." Replied Lyn.

Wil now understood why she had gone pale when she looked at his bow, "Oh! I see! You must be a Pegasus knight! I apologise for frightening you, but I do understand your fear of bows." Although it didn't explain why she had gone red beforehand.

"I... um... I'm sorry... Even looking... at a... bow... frightens me ever so much..." Stuttered Florina, looking away.

Wil's heart gave a quick jerk for this beautiful, innocent girl. He reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder, upon which she suddenly became as rigid as a stone, this freaked Wil out, but he continued, "Of course, I understand. But you should really only fear the enemy's archers, not your own." He gave her one of his most heart-warming smiles, Florina relaxed and blushed.

"Yes... of course..." She managed but something was troubling her, her fear of men seemed to have disappeared when he gave her that smile but she felt another type of fear she had never felt before. She was snapped back to reality when her Pegasus started nudging her.

"Sorry... guess I was distracted" she whispered to her Pegasus before hopping on to its back and waiting for her commands.

The rest of the battle flowed along with enemies falling here and there with Wil and Florina not seeing each other for the rest of the day. When no bandits were left except the first bandit that had pulled her hair, Haru sent in Florina to deal the finishing blow.

"Miss Florina, I suggest it's time to have a little payback." Haru said, "Please finish the bandit leader off, I'll have someone to assist you momentarily."

Florina thought that she might be able to stop the fighting by talking to the leader so she gave it a try.

"Um... excuse me..." She called to him, he span around and glared at her.

"Huh? It's you!" he spat at her, eyes burning with pure hatred. "So, you changed your mind about coming with us, eh?"

"Well... no..." She said holding her breath from his putrid stench, "But... this really is... my fault..." she continued, "Really... So, can we..."

"What?!" shot the Bandit leader really annoyed by then, "C'mon, lass, out with it!"

"I'm sorry. Can we..." Started Florina, eyes watering from his stench, "Can we just stop fighting now?"

"You've got to be kidding." Said the bandit in disbelief, "After I've been made to look like a fool? No way!" He shouted charging at her, axe at the ready.

"Eeek!" Screamed Florina, dodging the first blow, she quickly span around with her lance poised.

"You're coming with us! I promise you that!!" He screamed, also spinning around to face her, looking quite deranged, "Now, if you don't want to get hurt, give yourself up!"

He charged at her, slashing wildly. She dodged the blows and flew into the air and charged down at him. She plunged her slim lance into his shoulder, Florina pulled at the lance but being a slim lance it snapped in two, one half in her hands the other half still embedded in the bandit leaders shoulder. He didn't seem to notice it was there and ran at Florina again but this time he caught her of guard. His axe shredded through her sleeve and left a deep gash in her arm, she screamed in pain as she fell off her Pegasus and landed heavily on the ground.

The bandit leader walked over to her cringing figure, he spat out some blood before heaving up his axe, "Now you're going to pay for humiliating me!" He hissed.

Florina lay in shock knowing that her life would end now and so soon, and the tears began to well up in her eyes when suddenly...


An arrow flew overhead and ripped through the leaders chest, "Uh... You'll live to regret this... My brothers...The Ganelon bandits will not let this stand..." He managed to croak before he crumpled over, dead.

Wil ran up to the semiconscious Florina and kneeling down next her, tilted her head slightly and poured his spare vulnerary down her throat. Florinas eyes flickered open to see Wil leaning over her smiling, "I thought you were goner," he breathed happily.

"I... Uh... Thank you." She said, embarrassed. She stared into his eyes and smiled at him, he smiled back glad that she was OK. This lasted a while but suddenly Lyn ran over to Florina and seeing she was fine helped her up.

"That's finally taken care of," she said happily to Florina.

"Lyn!" Cried Florina, hugging her for a second or two before she stood up smiling.

"Florina... Why did you follow me? It's so dangerous." Asked Lyn a worried smile on her features.

"Do you remember the knighting ceremony of the Pegasus Knights of Ilia?" asked Florina.

"Yes, you join a band of freelance soldiers to further your training." Said Lyn, "Is that what brought you here, Florina?"

"Uh-huh. I wanted to talk to you before I set out. But when I went to Sacae, I heard that you had left with some strangers, and..." started Florina.

"You were worried for me? Thank you but I'm more worried for you." Said Lyn kindly.

"Me?" Asked Florina confused.

"Listen, most mercenaries are men, right? Bands of men? I can't imagine you being at all comfortable around them." Explained Lyn.

"I know, I know. It's just... I've always dreamt of being a Pegasus knight." Said Florina starry-eyed, "I imagined I would... work it out. Somehow." Florina's head dropped down and tears started to form in her eyes, "After today, I'm not so sure. Maybe I should just... give up..."

"Florina... Don't cry..." Said Lyn seeing her friend's sadness.

"Yes! There's no reason to give up your dream!" Shouted a voice from behind Lyn and once again the green clad knight rode up.

"Hm?" said Lyn turning around.

Suddenly the knight's horse came to an abrupt halt and the knight went flying off and smacked into the ground, "Bugger!" came a muffled shout before the knight jumped up and dusted himself off, "Lovely Florina! I have the most brilliant idea! Puh pah pah stupid mud..."

"Sain!" snapped the second knight glaring at the green knight.

"You should come with us!" Said Sain completely ignoring his comrade, "With the addition of Wil here, we're a fine group of soldiers, and freelance to boot!"

"Wait, did you just include me?" asked the friendly archer who had been listening in the background.

"Of course! We were destined to meet here! It's fate!" Laughed Sain, "Come now, Lyndis's band of mercenaries is as good a training group as you will find anywhere!"

"Sain... This is no joking matter!" Growled the red knight again.

"Lyndis? Um, Lyn? Mercenaries?" Asked Florina extremely confused now.

"I can give you details later. This is all a bit rushed. However, Sain is right. Will you come with us, Florina?" Asked Lyn.

"Travel with you, Lyn? Truly?" Gaped Florina, "I would be so... so happy!" she squealed.

"Fantastic! Beauteous Florina! I am a knight of Caelin. My name is Sain..." said Sain taking an overly dramatic bow.

"Eeek!" Screamed Florina, jumping away from Sain, "Stay back! Don't get so close."

"Ah... Beautiful, and yet so modest!" said Sain edging closer to her.

Wil saw this and a pang of jealousy ran through him, he looked around and seeing as he was standing next to Sain's horse, he smacked its rump lightly, causing it to buck out and smack Sain in the backside and send him smack into the dirt, "Bugger!" came the familiar cry.

Wil burst out laughing but quickly started to talk to Lyn so Sain wouldn't guess it was him, "So... Is it really all right if I travel with you?" managed Wil.

"Oh, yes. Of course! If your wiling, Wil." Replied Lyn smiling.

"Actually, I'm very grateful. Truth be told, all of my money was stolen, and I'm... at a bit of a crossroads." Smiled Wil rubbing the back of his neck, "I would be honoured to count myself one of Lyndis's legion!"

With that Wil walked back over to his new comrades and to start his new life.


Later that day the band of warriors had stopped at a clearing for the night and all were resting after the day's process, Wil was preparing dinner as the others chatted and relaxed, Florina sat a meter away from the rest.

"Miss Florina?" Asked the shady figure of Haru, walking over to where she sat, "Are you alright?"

"Oh... Haru, I'm fine" She answered startled at his sudden appearance.

"I wish to apologise for recklessly sending you into battle... I should have judged better then that, I mean you could have been badly hurt." He smiled unsurely at her.

"It's... alright I'm fine as you can see." She answered, blushing slightly.

"Just tell me if your unsure of the enemy I ask you to attack... alright?" and with that he gave her a quick smile and walked off back to the others. Florina remained sitting as the smell of food wafted over to her.

"Hey? Why are you sitting all alone?" asked a kind voice, Florina looked up to see Wil walking over to her carrying two bowls, he sat next to her and passed a bowl over, "...I brought you some soup." He smiled at her.

Florina could feel her face going red; she quickly averted her gaze to the soup and took a sip, "It's good." She managed squeakily before continuing.

"Thanks." Wil replied and continued to stare at her, he suddenly realized what he was doing and averted his gaze too. "Stop it Wil, she might think you're a pervert." He thought before he started to drink too.

He quickly put down the bowl and ran to his tent and returned in a flash holding a long, thin object wrapped in a rough package, "Florina... I... um got you a gift." He said, blushing immensely.

Florina took it from his hand and unwrapped it nervously. It was the most beautiful lance she had ever seen, it was silver with a smooth, curved yet sharp and beautifully designed spearhead. The Lances body was inscribed with runes and symbols with a long thin rod of silver wrapped around its length which was shaped to look like a vine with many coloured diamonds dotted along it. Florina didn't know what to say and just sat there staring at it.

"They said it was the last lance they had and since yours broke..." Wil trailed off, "Um, Florina?"

"It's beautiful." Stammered Florina, blushing like there was no tomorrow.

"Thanks." Wil smiled, blushing also, "Well... goodnight." With that he walked back to his tent leaving Florina still gazing at the lances beauty.

Florina continued to sit there staring, dumbfounded at the lance, "He did this for me?"


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