This is a little 'thought' piece I wrote about John and Aeryn around the time I was watching the Earth based episodes 'Kansas' and 'Terra Firma'. It is a reconciliation scene without words… well almost. It is set after Aeryn is rescued from the Scarrans. I knew that Aeryn was kidnapped but I did not know that they had got back together first! So this story was born out of my frustration at the lack of action on the John and Aeryn relationship front at the time. Ironically the next episode after the Earth experience 'Twice Shy' gave me exactly what I wanted. Like John and Aeryn's real reconciliation scene mine also occurred in the passageway of Moya. AU

Rating: T

No Drugs, No Dreams, No Denial

She began walking towards him…Slowly. He knew.

Everything else was past. They had waited too long. He had made the worst mistake and it had almost cost him… He would have scoured the universe for her. He had found her. She was his life, his heart. She was his.

His head was down… But his body said it all. She was home.

The pain was gone. They knew without speaking. She would no longer hold back, in anything… Frell, she would show the universe. She returned to him. He was her air, her soul. He was hers.

She stopped… And looked, thought - everything.

All was changed the same. They knew what it would be like. Before, now, fantasies, dreams, illusions, all are swept aside. Reality, trust, feeling, action, a sense…completion.

The moment.

He looked up, his head slightly tilted and gave her that little sexy smile. Just a few more microts…

"Hey Baby".