Author's Note: This is kinda an experiment. All story-teller like. I was trying to go with "deep old british male voice".

Summary: Blah. I have no idea where this is going. I just wanted to explore the cuteness of a kid Faith and Buffy together. But this chapter's just a prologue of sorts so you got screwed. It's boring too. In my opinion anyways.

Feedback: Tell me what ya think cuz I'm seriously doubting continuing this annoying little piece of crap.

It's a peaceful Monday morning in the streets of Sunnydale. The sun is just beginning to peek out in the horizon and the sky is painted a beautiful blush pink, gently pushing away the rich dark purple and blue.

The people of Sunnydale are waking, and not minding it one bit. Life is good in the small California town and its inhabitants look forward to the new day.

But then, a familiar noise starts fluttering at the edge of our awareness.

What's that?

It seems to be a soft rumbling... As we turn our eyes to the outskirts of the waking town, we see it.

It's a car.

Now, although Sunnydale may not be the most modern of towns, rest assured that cars are not all that surprising.

This particular vehicle, however, seems out of place. It leaves a trail of dirty smoke in its path and it doesn't seem to be the safest of automobiles. The speed in which it is approaching seems rather unusual.

Especially in Sunnydale.

Let it be known that the residents of this fine town, are very conscientious about road safety.

And although the quickly approaching car could be called many things, conscientious about road safety, would not be one of them.

As the inhabitants of the cozy homes lining the streets fetch their newspapers, make breakfast and gently awake their children from slumber, the black rickety car jangles along.

Those who enjoy a morning run, look up at the strange new appearance and follow the car with their curious eyes as it drives past them.

Indeed, the good people of Sunnydale are curious by nature and the new arrival to their town is not fascinating as of yet. But surely, strange.

A screeching noise, causes the people of Revello Drive to peek out their windows.

And lo and behold, the mysterious car has stopped.

A shadow can be made out in the dark vehicle. The driver seems to be glancing at the empty seat next to her. The back, however, is filled with boxes.


One could animate this moment with a light bulb appearing above ones head.

This must be the new neighbor!

The new arrival is unmoving. It would even seem as if these seconds of silence were there to peak the curiosity even further.

And then, as the car door opens, the residents of Revello Drive receive a glimpse of the newest addition to their community.

A dark-haired woman, her slight curls cascading around her face, steps out of the car.

Let us pause here for a moment and take a closer look.

The first thing one would notice, is indeed the woman's hair.

Her hair is voluminous and a rich dark brown, it reaches just beneath her shoulders and is pulled back by a head-band.

The second thing the observer would notice, is the extremely tight clothing.

The mysterious woman has a slim body, and her clothing seems to accentuate every curve. What a sight for the good, but rather conservative people of Sunnydale!

The woman wears faded light blue jeans that would comfortably fit a ten-year old. The black high heels on her feet, are planted rather shakily on the ground beneath her.

The worn black leather jacket around her shoulders seems to fit her perfectly.

As we rest our eyes on her face, one would say the leather jacket was even redundant.

Between her dark red painted lips dangles a cigarette, and her eyes are covered by a huge pair of sunglasses.

My, my, perhaps things are about to be shaken up in this quiet little town?

As the woman slams the car door closed, a little head pops up from the other seat.

What's this? The woman's not alone.

Behind the car window, we see the face of a child.

And what a beautiful child it is!

The little girl presses her small palms against the glass and looks at her environment apprehensively.

She rubs in her eyes and slowly opens the door.

The woman, who we can only presume is the little girl's mother, seems to be an impatient character.

While any other person would find it impossible to refrain from hugging the little girl who carefully climbs out of the car, the woman simply opens the trunk.

And then at the same moment, two young children get reprimanded.

"Buffy, honey, get away from the window and get dressed. Mommy's fixed breakfast." A gentle voice.

A loving father and a curious child.

"Faith, quit slacking off and help me get this shit outta the trunk." A not so gentle voice.

An impatient mother and a sleepy child.

As the tiny brunette pads over to her irate mother, she looks up to find a little blonde looking at her from the next door window.

Their eyes lock for barely two seconds and both resume to their given tasks almost immediately.

Neither of them will remember this rather trivial moment in the years to come.

But it was the first time they looked at their soul mate.