Author's Note: Yeah I know, I know: Lame. But I'll make up for it some time.

Buffy let her fingers graze across the soft grass in front of her, enjoying the feel of the fresh blades as they brushed between her outstretched fingers. She sighed contentedly and felt almost as if she could purr out of pure pleasure, lying stomach down on the cool ground, her feet swinging lazily back and forth in the air while she allowed her hands to be tickled by the grass.

She yawned happily as she watched Faith just a few feet away, observing the sky on her back. Her hands lay beneath her head and her legs were fully stretched, as if she were basking in the vastness above.

The blonde smiled and stretched her own limbs, tired but happy.

"I think we cleared it." She said as she sat up, hugged her knees and looked around the cemetery.

Faith leaned on her elbows and scanned between the moonlit gravestones and scattered trees.

"I think you're right." She agreed and hopped up swiftly from the ground, glancing at her watch. "Think we're way past curfew too though, B."

The younger girl approached Buffy who was still sitting on the grass and held out her hand.

"Better get back." She told the blonde.

Buffy raised her eyebrows and smirked, allowing Faith to help her up.

"Better get back." She mimicked Faith overly exaggerated. "Since when have you cared about curfews?" She teased.

"Careful there, short stuff," Faith narrowed her eyes and grinned almost wolfishly. "wouldn't wanna start something you can't finish." The brunette challenged.

Buffy rolled her eyes.

"I know all your weak spots, Faith." She reminded her. "It starts with a T and rhymes with 'nicklish'." She stuck her tongue out triumphantly.

Faith's eyes widened in disbelief.

"You wouldn't!"

Buffy raised an eyebrow, asking whether Faith really wanted to take that chance. Faith took a step forward and opened her mouth about to protest but then they both froze. Faith whipped around and Buffy noticed the vampire behind the brunette's shoulder.

"Stray vamp." Buffy grinned.

"Up for dessert?" Faith grinned back in the same predatorlike fashion.

"Always." Buffy answered. "Too bad I saw him first though!" The blonde laughed as she suddenly sped by Faith, rushing towards the vampire in an alarming speed.

Faith only took a moment to gape in shock before she began to race after the sneaky little blonde.

"I thought you'd be over cheating by now, B!" She accused the girl as they both chased after the vampire who by now had noticed them and ran desperately for his life.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again," Buffy called behind her. "You're just a sore loser, Faith!"

She smiled as she heard the girl swear under her breath.

"Meet you at the gates!" The shorter girl called out again, before turning sharply to her left.

Needless to say, the rather panicking, yet surprisingly fast vampire, was easily caught in between two grinning slayers before he even reached the gates. The two girls quickly disposed of the soulless creature and bickered extensively about why Buffy got the kill. They then resumed their way home, still arguing quite vocally, but both feeling quite happy in doing so. The situation needed no further analysis for the moment. But it wouldn't take long any more. It wouldn't take long before one of them had to address the quite inconvenient issue that was nagging at the back of both their minds. To be more precise, it only took 34 hours.

For just two days later, Buffy suddenly felt the need to be pensive.

She sat cross-legged on her bed, her pretty features scrunched up in concentration. The reason for her unusual inactivity stemmed from several issues. But there was one particular issue that stood central in her thoughts.


Her return had filled Buffy with a new-found joy bordering very closely to giddiness. The two girls were nearly inseparable and the petite blonde was adamant in spending as much time as she possibly could with her brunette friend. Buffy usually spent their time together in gales of laughter and girlish giggles, at times it even seemed as though they would both revert to their old ways, so many years ago. There was much to catch up on, after all.

But things had changed.

Even she could not admit the changes staring her –rather rudely, she felt- in the face. The way her eyes seemed to wander, for example. Seemed to wander to places… Places they hadn't wandered before. Or perhaps had wandered, but certainly never lingered. There had never been any lingering going on, she was sure. But now there were lingering glances, involuntary smiles, random touches her body had clumsily forgotten to run by her brain for permission, and those exceptionally pleasant tingles along her back.

Buffy shook her head subconsciously as she sat pondering this on her bed. No, not exceptionally pleasant. Inappropriate, that was it. That's what it was. Inappropriate. She nodded, again without realizing. They certainly weren't that pleasant.

A playful knock on her door awoke her from her musings and replaced her deep frown with an almost hopeful look. She recognized that knock.


The suddenly nervous blonde sat up and bit her lip. Those cursed involuntary smiles were, after all, very much involuntary.

"Are ya decent? Tell me you're not talking to that pig again." Faith's voice suspiciously asked, hesitating from fully opening the door.

Buffy rolled her eyes and shot Mr Gordo an apologetic glance. How could Faith be so blasé about him? She had, after all, given him to Buffy herself, nine years ago after winning him at a carnival.

"No, I wasn't talking to Mr Gordo right now." The offended blonde responded, stretching her legs out from underneath her and standing up from the bed.

"I don't like the fact that you said 'right now', B." The brunette's warm voice commented as she opened the door slowly.

Buffy sighed, not sure if it was a natural reaction to Faith's teasing, or a natural reaction to her beauty. Either way, Buffy was glad she did, because Faith suddenly smiled fondly at the blonde.

Buffy looked away shyly, instantly cursing herself for doing so. She found it completely unfair that she had no control over these simple things anymore. Certainly she could go two seconds without blushing?

"So what's up?" She managed to ask the amused brunette in a relatively normal tone of voice.

Faith shrugged in a way that Buffy's body found entirely too interesting and the inexplicably nervous blonde pretended to be fascinated with the laces on her sneakers to hide what might be glaringly obvious. She wouldn't know, since her body wasn't precisely following instructions at the moment.

"Nothing much, just got bored." Faith shrugged again, and made her way further into the room, lightly grazing the top of Buffy's drawer with her fingers as she did so. She walked in a way that made Buffy, much to the blonde's dismay, think of a lazy feline. Perhaps a leopard of some sort. Buffy tore her eyes away from Faith's hips and looked her friend in the eye.

The madness had to end.

"I think we need to talk." Buffy stated in a serious tone.

Faith's eyebrows raised in surprise and her lips effortlessly formed a by now patented Faith smirk. The brunette lazily leaned against Buffy's drawer and stretched, jutting out her hips slightly and exposing a perfectly toned stomach.

"So whatcha wanna talk about?"

Buffy frowned.

What did she want to talk about?