There was a time when the teen titans were no more. But now after realizing that their separation had caused so much destruction they came back together.

The first to arrive was beast boy he held a letter in his hand and looked around the empty tower which he used to call home. " I hope I'm doing the right thing, it's been three years" Beast boy was no longer the little green elf that everyone knew he had in fact finally hit his growth spurt his usual uniform now consisted of a black t-shirt and blue jeans.

He walked over to the couch and sat down looking out the window "Home sweet home..." he sighed and closed his eyes.

Starfire clutched the letter close to her heart she was now in the large hallway of the T-tower with her luggage in the other hand she began to walk towards the elevator to reach the main room. " This is wonderful, my friends will all be together once again" In reality Starfire was the one who wanted everyone back together so badly she was the one who wrote the letters sending them to the titans in hope that they will come back together.

The automatic doors opened and in stepped starfire she glanced around and found no one she frowned and looked down to her shoes "Starfire?" her head shot back up and her face brightened "Beast boy!" she dropped her luggage and ran to hug him.

"I've missed you so much" Beast boy smiled and hugged her back " Yeah same here" she let go and looked around " are the others here?" beast boy shook his head " nope I've been waiting for half an hour here" Starfire smiled " I am sure that they will come"

"I hope you're right star" he looked starfire up and down " well you haven't changed much Miss. Beautiful" Starfire blushed a bit the only change in her was a different colour uniform the once purple mini skirt and short shirt was now a dark green bringing out her eyes, but other than that she was still the same starfire.

"Yes but you have grown so much friend beast boy" he smiled and held a fist in the air " Yeah now let's see if Cyborg makes any jokes about me"

"Yo little green dude!" Beast boy cringed and looked towards the door there stood Cyborg if in fact you could call him that, Now he looked entirely normal no machine parts in site " Is that you cyborg?"

"Yup in the flesh" He walked over to his friends, Starfire hugged him tightly " Oh cyborg I am happy to see you!" Cyborg hugged the girl back " Yeah it's been boring without you"

Raven stood outside of the front door not sure of wether to walk in or not, Underneath her cloak she crumpled the letter, She knew it was starfire trying to get the team back together but would it work? She closed her eyes and scanned the tower " I guess it did I can sense them in there.....except for" Just then a motorcycle could be heard approaching then the motor being turned off. She never turned her head because she already knew who it was, his soft footsteps approached the tower stopping right next to her " Raven" he said " Robin" she replied she could see him tense after she called him that. He had changed he no longer wore his multi color suit instead it was a black body suit with a blue bird in the front of it. His hair had grown out passed his shoulders and he was very tall let's just say that next to him she's always going to be short but he still wore that damned mask.

They stood there in a moment of silence neither wanting to speak to each other because in reality they were the cause of the fight. All because she got out of hand, and he had to keep pushing her over the limit in which she finally cracked and told him off, of course Robin being the leader and all wouldn't take that so he began to argue with her blaming her for most of their losses then the others soon joined.

Raven began to walk into the large hallway headed for the elevator she could sense him right behind her but keeping a good distance.

The elevator doors opened and she stepped in Robin following right behind, she leaned against the wall with her head lowered he stood right next to her looking up at the ceiling where a spider web could be seen. His eyes then wondered over to Raven she had changed she had grown inches or so and her hair was long covering her face from him, That's when he noticed the change in uniform it was no longer a dark blue but instead a pure white

"Sine when did you change your uniform?" he asked and almost regretting talking to her, The door opened and Raven began to walk out " Since I've mastered my emotions" her voice sounded different no longer the monotone instead it sounded peaceful calm, with that she left and Robin hesitated for a while but soon followed.

"Raven!!" Starfire ran over to Raven and hugged her tightly everyone looked with wide eyes knowing what was going to come next but to their surprise Raven hugged the alien girl back "My dear friend I have been so lonely without you"Starfire began to cry lightly "Please don't cry Starfire" Raven pulled out of the hug "I very happy to see you Raven, it has been so hard not having my best friend with me, But now you are here" she hugged raven again

"Ahem" They all gave their attention to where the automatic doors were and there with all his glory stood robin, Starfire let go of Raven " Ro..bin?" he flinched "Nightwing" Starfire's eyes were full of tears she began to run towards him " No starfire" She stopped in front of him "I do not understand Robin" He walked pass her " the name is Nightwing"

"Dude we heard you the first time"Nightwing shot a glare over to beast boy who then hid behind Cyborg "So Nightwing I see you decided to return" Cyborg said as he watched Nightwing sit on the couch legs crossed and arms folded in front of his chest

"Friends please let us try and get along I would not permit any more mean talking of one another, I wrote those letters so that we may all come together once again" Starfire looked down to her feet

"Don't worry star we wont fight anymore" Beast boy promised " glorious now we must start all over again Ro....I mean Nightwing what shall we do now?" he didn't even bother to look back at her "I am not your leader so decide what you must on your own" They stared at the back of his head

"But you are our leader you must" she pleaded " Starfire I am not your leader Robin died a long time ago I am no longer that naive kid therefor I am no longer your leader"

"Fine I say we vote" Beast boy stepped up to star " That way we get a say on who we want as a leader" Star looked over at robin " Very well"

They all wrote names on a piece of paper. They were all seated on the couch when Starfire collected the papers one by one " Nightwing" " Nightwing" "Nightwing" Cyborg stood up " I guess that makes you our new leader Nightwing" Nightwing looked over at Raven " She hasn't given her paper in" She looked over at him " It does not matter three people out vote me" she stood up and left the room heading for her own. As she left Nightwing let out a low growl

"Wonderful, but first I must clean this place up for it has been far forgotten, Then I will make a dish from my planet to celebrate this happy occasion" at top speed Starfire began to clean the room, Cyborg and Beast boy looked at her with wide eyes "Uh Star how about we go out since there isn't any food here?" Beast boy walked over to the kitchen and opened the fridge "See Star no food let's go" Starfire stopped cleaning "Yes that sound much better let us all go out for a feast" Nightwing stood up "You can go without me"

Starfire was about to protest when cyborg stopped her "Want us to bring you something back?" he shrugged his shoulder and walked over to the window looking out at the ocean "Let's go" They began to walk out when a shadow appeared through the ceiling landing in front of them " you weren't going to leave without me now were you?" beast boy grinned "never raven let's go"

end of chapter one hoped you liked it yeah I'm coming back with more stories since all of my other stories got deleted...........and I'll fix my old stories new and improved