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"I can't take it, everything is just turning out for the worst" Nightwing stood in the living room by the windows watching the rain pour down. Even the rain reminded him of her....he didn't know why he always managed to screw everything up, why couldn't he just be one of those guys that always know what to say to the woman he.....

"Nightwing?" Nightwing turned around to face a concerned Starfire "I wish to speak with you" He began to slowly walk towards her and with every small step he took the more doubts she was having of speaking with him, when he was in close proximity she took a step back in fear of angering him.

"What do you want to talk about?" Even though he didn't mean it his words came out cold sending shivers down Starfire's spine. But she wouldn't let this get to her she would make him understand how horrible he was being towards his own friends.

"Why are you being how do you say a jerk?" Nightwing fell to the side, here was Starfire calling him a jerk, a JERK. Now he knew everything was wrong, Starfire had never used such a word towards anyone, he knew she had said many profanities to their enemies before but never in his life of living with her had she called him anything insulting.

"Are you alright Nightwing?" Looking up at her face he knew she was right. There was no way he would deny that.

" No Star. No I'm not alright, I don't know what's wrong with me" Starfire sat on the floor in front of him "I feel like everything I do or say hurts everyone around me" he lowered his head and began to think about Raven.

"I wish for you and Raven to finally become friends...it hurts me to see the people I care about in such pain....you two do not deserve such a thing......I see the love that is lies in the both of you, so why can't you two just tell each other that?"

"Star it isn't that easy, Raven hates me she has every right to hate me" he sagged his shoulders and sighed "Plus there's that guy hades, he's making better progress than me with her....Star I can't let him take her away, I wont lose her not now that we have finally come together. I love Raven with all of my heart I just wish that she could know that"

"But if you keep pushing her away you will lose her, you need to talk to Raven and tell her exactly what you told me. Please I do not want to see her go either, but you are the only one that can talk to her right now. I believe in you" He looked up at her smiling face and couldn't help but smile either

"Do you really think she'll listen to me?" she nodded her head " I should go talk to her right now" Starfire stood up nodded and left "I hope she's awake" Nightwing stood up as well "Raven I love you...so please don't leave me" He began to walk away but unbeknownst to him Hades was standing in a dark corner listening to every word.

"I guess I'm going to lose her...." But hades had a plan and what a plan it was

Nightwing stood in front of Raven's door "Please be awake" He knocked gently on the door and waited a while

inside Raven's room....

Hades was perched on her window sill with a pleading look on his face "Come on just this once?"

"I told you no....now go away" Raven stood in front of him with her arms folded in front of her chest and looking away "I need to sleep so go" she heard someone knocking on her door.

"Raven come on let's just get out of here" his words came out rushed and low, Raven turned her head and gave him a cold stare

"Is something wrong? Why do you want me to leave so much?" Hades smiled nervously and began to sweat

"Nothing I just want to spend some time with you that's all" Raven raised an eyebrow and turned to her door. "So are you coming or not?"

"I already told you to go away" Hades frowned and appeared in front of her "Raven listen to me you have to come with me....this is the last time I'll be able to see you, after today I have to return back to my realm....and I want you to come with me"

"Hades listen to me, I want nothing more than to leave but I can't. I abandoned my friends once before but now that we are back together I can't leave them" Raven lowered her head a sad smile playing across her face

"But Raven what have they done for you that you like them so much? You can come with me and rule the demon realm.....I can make you happy"

"Happy? I would love that....but if I leave I know I wouldn't be happy because you see my friends have always been there for me when I was in trouble. They are like a family to me"

"But do they feel the same way? I mean look at how that nightwing character treats you, I mean you wouldn't want to stay around him would you?" There was another knock on the door and Hades jumped "Raven just come with me"

"Who is that?" she looked towards the door pondering on who was knocking at such a late hour "I should really get that"

"No" Raven raised an eyebrow and looked curiously at Hades "I mean it's probably just nightwing coming to scream at you" he laughed nervously and gripped her shoulders "Come on you don't want to have to hear him do you?"

"Let go of me" Hades tightened his hold on her "Hades if you do not release me this instance I will really show you my true power"

"I mean it's just Nightwing, would you rather have him or me?" Raven was confused beyond words "Let's go you don't need him"

"If it is Robin then I will speak with him now let go" her words came out like venom hades flinched and let go of her arms "Now leave" He lowered his head and disappeared.

"What was all of that about?" Raven walked towards her door and opened it only to reveal an empty hallway.....


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