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The Fruitia Interlude

Part 1: Vegeta's Brother!?

5 Years after GT ended

In an arid desert Vegeta Trained. His goal was simple, to reach level three, and thus to begin catching up to his number one opponent, Goku.

It was all he had left, ever since Kakarot fused with the Dragon Balls. Vegeta could have entered into any tournament and won easily, but why. There was no point in fighting anyone anymore. He was the best of the best, no one could touch him now. He had his life's goal, he was the greatest fighter in the universe. Yet inside he didn't feel joy, as he had always dreamed he would, instead he felt empty, hollow. There was only one person he ever wanted to fight, only one man who's defeat at Vegeta's hands meant anything, and that person was gone.

"Damn you Kakarot," Vegeta cursed as he threw punches at an imaginary foe. "You have stolen from me what would have been my greatest joy. The thrill of killing you."

Vegeta stopped training. Was that all his life was now? Did he exist only to kill a man who was going to be gone for the next hundred years. Was Vegeta merely training for the day he died? He was the prince of all Saiyajin's, there must be more to his life than killing a lowly third class warrior. Then he thought of Bulma, and his children.

Vegeta had never been a typical father. Now that he had no one to fight, no evil that transcended time and space to kill, maybe he could finally settle down. Bulma was getting older, of course that was something Vegeta learned not to tell his wife, and one day she would be gone. It bothered Vegeta that he felt this way, but each time he thought of Bulma being dead, his heart ached.

"Such weakness is for third class warriors like Kakarot!" he had always told himself. Now that saying seemed foolish, the words of a child. No Saiyajin had ever died of old age, if they had, they would have been hundreds of years old. Vegeta knew one day, not to long from now, Bulma would pass away, even his children, Trunks and Bra, would die before him, since they were only half Saiyajins. He intended to make the most of it, the time for training had ended, the time for living had begun. It had been too long since her had seen his wife and children, even if they did annoy him. He had been on this training sabbatical for almost a year now, he would love, yes love, to see them again.

"I've trained enough," Vegeta said looking in the direction of Capsule Corps. It was a phrase he would have called anyone a liar if they told him he had said that. As Vegeta walked back towards his home. After a few moments he felt a familiar ki behind him. Then his keen Saiyajin ears heard someone land behind him.

"Hail Prince Vegeta!" a voice Vegeta had never heard, yet oddly enough it sounded very familiar, proclaimed behind him. Slowly Vegeta turned standing like a grim statue to face the stranger. Before him stood a man in tinted green Saiyajin armor. Parts of the armor were light green, where Vegeta's would have been white, and almost black, where Vegeta's was yellow. Around his shoulder he wore a hunter green cloak, it almost appeared black, except when the sun hit it just right. The man looked almost identical to Vegeta, except his hair was greased back, and tied into a ponytail.

"Who are you? I'm in no mood to be bothered," warned Vegeta.

"Don't you recognize me," the figure asked in shock. Then he continued with a sigh, "I suppose you wouldn't, the last time we were together, we were both babies. Although seeing you now, I must admit I was the one who got all the looks." The mysterious stranger chuckled.

"What are you talking about? Are you claiming to be a Saiyajin, because if you are, you'd better have some good proof!" barked Vegeta.

"I am Fruitia," the figure said bowing in mock respect, "I am not only a Saiyajin, but I am your brother." From around the bowing man's waist, unraveled a tail, a Saiyajin tail.

That was all Vegeta could stand, he laughed deeply. "Is that a fact! I hate to destroy your little dream, after all you worked so hard making that pitiful tail and all, but I have no brother. Besides if you were a Saiyajin you wouldn't have a foolish name like Fruitia!"

Fruitia scowled, "I am a Saiyajin, not only that, but I am stronger than you!" Vegeta stopped laughing, the humor was gone from his face. "Whether or not you are smart enough to realize it, I am your brother!"

Vegeta now scowled in fury, "if you are related to me, then why have I never heard of you?"

"Well, unlike yours, my birth was not a glorious thing. You see King Vegeta had an affair with my mother, it would not have been something the other Saiyajin's in power liked, so father had me and mother banished for a false crime." Fruitia paused intensely staring at the ground in front of Vegeta. "My whole life, everyday, every hour, I have spent waiting this moment, when I would meet you, and kill you. Then I, and I alone would be the prince of all Saiyajins! I would have vengeance for the crimes against me!"

Vegeta was shocked, that story could be true, he had heard rumors once of an affair, but usually when a king had an affair, he had the woman killed if she would be a problem. Fruitia's words sounded so familiar, so much like what Vegeta thought of Kakarot.

"Kill me!" Vegeta replied, "well then, 'brother,' let me show you something!" Vegeta smirked he loved showing off his power, as he cried out, he hit Super Saiyajin level one.

"Impressive," stated Fruitia bored. "But is that all you have?"

"Hardly," replied Vegeta as he blasted up to level two, like the androids had done, Fruitia was mistaking ascension to Super Saiyajin for just another attack.

"Well, now brother, what an odd trick that is, tell you what, let's see how tough you really are!" Fruitia said with a shark like grin. "let's see if that training of your's is helping you any. After all I didn't search the universe to chat with you."

Vegeta powered down. "No."

"You'll what?" Vegeta countered. "Look, I have no reason or desire to fight you, maybe one day I will, but that day is not today. I have more important things to do, than waste my time " Vegeta turned to walk away, "Leave this planet now, 'brother,' and I will spare you."

"How dare you turn your back on me you..."Fruitia leapt, grabbing Vegeta by the shoulder. Vegeta frowned, and as he spun blasted a ki blast into Fruitia's mid section, blasting him into a nearby rock formation.

Vegeta waited, sensing for Fruitia's ki, yet there was none. "Too bad, idiot. You could have lived a good long life, but you messed with Vegeta, the true Prince of all Saiyajin's." Vegeta rose into the air, and flew away, towards home.

A few moments later:

Fruitia clawed his way out of the rubble. "Hmm it seems Vegeta has to be angered to fight me, well then... I think everything is going to work out after all." Fruitia laughed, he was unharmed by Vegeta's attack.

"Time to get ready, my brother should be arriving at my place soon. Oh I do so love family gatherings!" Fruitia declared clasping his hands together as he cackled insanely.


Vegeta arrived home, or rather to what was left of it. There were holed punched through the walls, and most of the labs were destroyed.

"What...Bulma!" Vegeta ran inside looking for his family, but they were no where to be found, the entire house was ransacked. Everything in the house was destroyed. Vegeta scoured it shouting frantically for his beloved wife, Bra, and Trunks, even thought he could not sense there power anywhere. Defeated, Vegeta walked outside, "Where are they?"

Vegeta then noticed, taped to the door he had blasted past, a note. Tearing it free he began reading the note for answers, like he would devour a meal. Slowly he lowered the note.

"No..." Vegeta's power exploded around him as he rocketed into the sky.

The note fell to the ground, signed in what appeared to be red ink, 'Your Brother, Fruitia'

"Damn! He must have met me just after attacking my home! But now that he's dead, I can get my family back." Vegeta thought. Fruitia's note wasn't written in ink, he knew that, it was blood, or more specifically, his keen nose could tell, Bulma's blood.


Bulma was slapped until she woke, "Ow quit it you," then she gasped.

"Well good, now you are all awake!" Fruitia said, "I'm so pleased!" Bulma, Trunks, and Bra each were tied to a peak of a rock formations, about a hundred feet off the ground, where the peak grew narrower. These formations were in a ring, like giant fingers coming out of the ground. Her legs and arms were tied to make an 'X' as the three of them suffered in the hot sun. Bulma's face had dried blood from when Fruitia had knocked her unconscious during his unannounced attack on her home. Bra appeared about the same, but Trunks looked horrible. He had tried to fight the evil monster, but Fruitia proved too strong, as he pounded Trunks relentlessly. Not only had he done that, he laughed the whole time.

"You monster! What do you want with us! Let us go!" Bulma pleaded.

"Oh, I'll release you all soon enough. Once brother dearest gets here." promised Fruitia.

"Who is your brother, I'm sure we don't know him," proclaimed Bra, the hot sun was starting to get to her.

"Liar." declared Fruitia, "You are all related to him, Vegeta, my dear brother. Right about now he's probably on his way here. By the way..." he grabbed Bulma's jaw making her pucker her lips, "remember I want to hear lots of screams."

"You sick monster!" Trunks said barely able to life his head.

"Ah so you're awake, but is that any way to talk to your uncle," Fruitia released Bulma as he floated toward Trunks, "looks like someone needs to be taught respect." Fruitia reared back about to crush the defenseless Trunks' skull when he sensed something. "Oops, looks like that will have to wait..." Then the evil Saiyajin disappeared, or rather appeared to, using his super speed.

Vegeta arrived in the center of the ring of rock, taking in the situation. "Damn you Fruitia..."

"Father! Watch out!" Trunks tried to warn, but he was too late. Fruitia appeared above Vegeta, a monster outlined by the sun, and slammed the mighty prince into the ground.

Vegeta stood up, powering up to level 2, "So Fruitia, you aren't dead, well I'm going to make you wish you were!"

Then Vegeta with terror beheld Fruitia, somehow Fruitia had also learned the secret of the Super Saiyajin, as a matter of fact he was a level 2 Super Saiyajin, just like Vegeta.

"Enough with your speeches, brother. You can't beat me, so come. Come, and bow to the new Prince!"


It's a winner take all battle between these two Super Saiyajin's. Can Vegeta stop the monster in time to get help for his family? Or will the evil Fruitia be too much for him to handle?