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The Fruitia Interlude Part 3

Vegeta's Fury

Vegeta stood cracking with new power. Fruitia had killed his wife, the fury he felt inside had been what he needed to push himself to the next level. Vegeta, after all these years, had reached Level 3. Now he looked up at Fruitia, ready to finish this battle, to kill Fruitia.

"It is time to die, you wretched excuse for a Saiyajin!" Vegeta bellowed. "But just to show you I am a fair man, go ahead, give me your best!" Vegeta offered extending his arms wide open as he floated up to stand across from Fruitia.

Fruitia backed up, "His power has increased, I can feel it." Fruitia thought as he charged up a ki blast on each hand, glaring at his newly powered foe.

"DIE!" Fruitia screamed, firing not at Vegeta, instead Fruitia spun firing both blasts at Vegeta's children.

"You may have become stronger Vegeta, and might even kill me, but I've taken everything from you," the green clad Saiyajin mocked as he looked over his shoulder, where Vegeta had been moments ago.

"What! where did he..." Fruitia could not understand it, Vegeta had been behind him moments ago.

Then Fruitia received his answer, as both his arms were grabbed in an unbreakable grip. Fruitia snapped his attention back in front of him someone was holding him. That person was Vegeta. Behind Vegeta, Trunks and Bra hung, still alive, to the mountains they were tied to, slipping in and out of consciousness, due to the beatings Fruitia had given them during their capture, and the effects of the sun pounding down on them.

Vegeta's eyes flowed with rage, "you shouldn't have done that, 'brother'. Now, I'll have to punish you." Vegeta squeezed Fruitia's forearms, the sound of bones breaking was like a branch snapping.

Fruitia cried out loudly in pain.

"You know, I was going to kill you quickly, and painlessly Fruitia. But I think you should suffer some, don't you agree?" Vegeta mocked releasing the green clad Saiyajin.

Fruitia slammed his fist into Vegeta's chest with all the fury he could muster. A massive mistake, since his arms were busted. Once again Fruitia screamed in pain. Vegeta laughed, as he slammed Fruitia into the ground, much like Fruitia had done to him.

Vegeta floated down, Fruitia stood shakily. "I must get out of here," Fruitia thought, "I didn't think Vegeta could become this strong!"

"What's the matter Fruitia, you seemed so ready to fight a few minutes ago, did I hurt you too badly?"

Vegeta walked toward his adversary. With a quick downward motion he sent Fruitia back to the ground.

"I've changed my mind, you were no challenge to me. It's time to die." Vegeta held one hand toward Fruitia.

Fruitia panicked. "Please brother, spare me. I beg you, mercy!"

Vegeta sneered, "Mercy! Did you show my wife any mercy. You are no Saiyajin. No Saiyajin would ever beg," that said, Vegeta fired a ki blast at his fallen foe. When the smoke cleared, Fruitia lay where he had, only he was missing his head, and most of his chest cavity.

"Worthless fool." Vegeta told the corpse. "I told you, I would kill you."

Vegeta's mind raced to more important things. Like his new found power. "I've done it! I have ascended once again! Do you hear me Kakarot! I am the most powerful Saiyajin once again!" Then it hit him. Yes, he had ascended, but at what cost. Fruitia had killed the only person he had truly loved, his wife, Bulma. He had also beat his children within an inch of his life. Vegeta no longer felt the joy he had felt at any other time. Usually reaching a new level was the greatest feeling in the world, but without having either Bulma or Kakarot to brag to, it meant nothing.

"Trunks! Bra!" Vegeta flew up, they were both hanging on, but barely.

"They fight off death, like true Saiyajin's." Vegeta thought looking at the two of them. Vegeta's mind raced, he had to find a way to save them.

"Of course, Dende!" Vegeta realized, "that Namek can heal anyone with a touch!" Vegeta quickly freed his children, who had lost consciousness, and flew off toward Kame's Lookout. A short time later, Dende was able to heal the beaten duo, and Vegeta and his children returned home, to plan the funeral, for which they had no body.

On a Distant Peak:

A massive figure stood on a mountain peak, he had witnessed the battle between Fruitia and Vegeta, and was not impressed. "It looks like I picked a bad time to return to Earth. Vegeta is only now reaching level three! This will be no fun, no challenge." Then the figure looked, where Vegeta had fought moments ago, at the fallen Fruitia. "I shall have to come back later, when they will be able to at least stand somewhat of a chance. In the end, they will die, that is certain, but I want to have some fun with Kakarot and Vegeta before I kill them. I didn't come back from Hell to be cheated of my glorious battle verses those two weaklings. I am BROLI, The Legendary Super Saiyajin! I will leave this planet, for now, and let the children have their moment, but I will return, and this world will be mine." Broli touched his forehead, concentrated, and he disappeared..

That night

A figure walked toward Fruitia's body examining it.

"You stupid boy." the figure said, "one would have thought you were smart enough to not make Vegeta angry. It always has it's drawbacks." From the tips of the figure's fingers shot out spikes. Kneeling beside Fruitia's body, the figure planted them inside the open wound created in Fruitia by Vegeta's blast.

"There, that should do it." The figure said rising back up. Fruitia's body trembled like it was electrocuted. Suddenly Fruitia's body exploded, where there had been a gaping hole, now was a his body, completely restored, although his hair was now spiked, like Vegeta's. His arms tingled, they felt restored, as if they had healed themselves.

"What happened?" Fruitia said, sitting up. "The last thing I remember..."

"Vegeta was about to kill you," the figure finished.

"That's right," Fruitia replied as he looked at the figure, "Tell me, who are you?"

"I think you know," Fruitia's reviver stated. "Think about it."

A rush of memories flooded Fruitia's mind, everything became clear to him then. His past, the visions he had seen, it all made sense. "Hello 'Father'..."

The dark figure laughed, "I see you understand now. I..." Fruitia's 'father,' stared skyward, "Damn Blackshire..."

The evil figure returned his gaze to Fruitia, "Well it appears your brother fared as well in his task, as you did in yours. Come Fruitia, we have work to do."

Next Time: The Interlude is over, the next saga, BROLI SSJ4. The story of my namesake! How did Broli escape from Hell? The next Saga, takes place 5 years after this. Please be here, when BROLI RETURNS, and the ultimate battle begins! If you want to know about Fruitia and his 'father' be looking for Vegeta Muyo! 2. Until then!