The two divine beings were sitting around, discussing the lives of Ranma Saotome, and all of the various onlookers. The male shouted in shock "No kidding? You were the one who decided who would fall into which pool at Jhusenkyou?"

The female, who looked somewhat like a thirty year old Cologne replied, "Oh, yes. There would be no point in having people gain random curses. The curse either has to teach them something, or reveal something about their base nature that they're hiding from others."

"Well, I can understand Ranma turning into a girl to overcome his father's conditioning, and I can see the pig, cat, and duck are based on the personality of their victims, but there are many lazier animals than a panda. How about a sloth?"

The divine female answered "Actually the panda imagery was based on the impressions he left with his wife. Her diary dwells on how his tremendous appetites were only for food. Part of the reason she wanted Ranma to be manly."

"That explains why Ranma kept getting discovered by fiancees and not half-siblings."

"Apparently even when Genma did perform his husbandly duties, he suffered from premature ejaculation, and could rarely, if at all be persuaded to perform a second time. Then he goes and abandons her for ten years."

"But how does that suggest a panda to you?"

"Here." She hands him a dictionary. "Look up panda."

Panda. n. - Ailuropoda melanoleuca. An ursine mammal indigenous to the mountains of China and Tibet, with distinctive black and white markings. Eats[,] shoots[,] and leaves.