Well, this story, the three loving girls are Marron, Bra, and Valese. And you must have figured the loving boy is the one and only Goten. And well...of course the story will explain the whole thing what it's practically about and yeah... So I hope you enjoy this Romance/Comedy fanfic.

One sunny afternoon on Earth, it was just a normal day for the people on Earth. Well, not everyone on Earth really. Outside of the city lived a family. But, not an ordinary family really just to say. Of course you should know what kind of family they are. If you don't....you miss out of a lot of stuff that's going around. The family has a married couple with one of there sons in the house....at the moment. The father's name if Goku and the mother's name is Chi Chi. The son's name is Goten, which is the youngest son of the two sons. The other son, Gohan, will be arriving shortly with his wife and daughter. The wife's name is Videl and the daughter's name is Pan. Well, enough with the intro and introducing the characters and all, so it's best to get to the story right about now.

On one fine Sunday, it was a very busy day for everyone in the house outside of the city....well, not everyone to be exact. Goten wasn't really busy, actually, he's sleeping on his bed at the moment while everyone else in the house are rushing everywhere as they had to go to a wedding. Goten didn't have to rush at all because, well, he was invited, but he's not married, just to say. One of Chi Chi's friends asked her and her family to go to her wedding...that are married of course. So that would mean Chi Chi is with Goku as Gohan would be with Videl. Poor Pan can't go of course so she has to stay with Goten. One good reason why everyone's rushing because they just got the letter that they were invited yesterday. Goten, just laying there until he got a rude awakening by Pan.

"GOTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP," said Pan. Then Goten opened his eyes wide open and saw Pan right in front of his face. Goten then got startled a bit and hopped out of bed.

"Pan, I told you not to do that anymore," said Goten.

"Well, I can't help it," said Pan, putting her arms behind her head. "It's such a nice day for a wedding and we can't go because we're not married!" Goten then frowned a bit and then went out of his room to have some breakfast. Then Pan followed him after noticing he wasn't in the room anymore. Then Pan saw Chi Chi talking to Goten.

"...and make sure that the doors are locked and also don't forget to..."

"...MOM! I got it already. I'm 27 and I can take care of myself...and also look after Pan," said Goten. "J-Just go to the wedding and have a nice time ok? Just don't worry too much."

Chi Chi had a worried look on her face but then grinned. "Fine then...Goku! Come on! We'll be late! Gohan! Videl! Hurry up!!!!!!!!!

"Mom hold on! Videl is still in the bathroom putting her make-up on," said Gohan. Then Videl came out of the bathroom three minuites later and rushed out the door. Everyone was in the air (Goku holding Chi Chi since she can't fly) and waved Goten and Pan good-bye.

"I GOT IT MOM! JUST GO," said Goten. Then Goku, Chi Chi, Gohan, and Videl flew off.

"Well Pan, we got the house to ourselves, but let's go to Capsule Corp. and see Trunks. What do ya say," said Goten. Pan nodded and flew into the air.

"Well, aren't you coming,"said Pan

"Wait hold on! Let me just lock the door or my mom's gonna kill me if she finds out that something's been stolen,"said Goten

"Who would rob us," sai Pan. Goten ignored Pan and locked the door and flew into the air and joined Pan. Then they flew off to Capsule Corp.

When Goten and Pan got to Capsule Corp., they noticed a big truck right next to Trunks. Goten and Pan flew down to see what's going on. Trunks looked up into the air and saw Goten and Pan. Trunks waved at them.

"Hey Goten! Hey Pan," said Trunks. Pan blushed a little at Trunks.

"Hey Trunks, what'cha got in that truck," said Goten, pointing at the truck.

"Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you. We just ordered a dragonball dector. It's not portable, but if we ever need the dragonballs, we could track it down in an instant. It's kind of easier because you don't have to fly around the world in different conditions all time," said Trunks.

"That's pretty smart! Hey, you wanna hang or something," said Goten. Pan looked at Trunks straight away, hoping that he would say yes. But Trunks frowned.

"I'd love to but I have to help my mom connect this in the lab and it would take awhile. Sorry," said Trunks. Then Goten heard a familiar voice and looked over Trunks' shoulder to see who.

"Oh, It's Bra. HEY," said Goten, waving at Bra. Bra was running toward Trunks, Goten, and Pan.

"Hey Pan, Goten. What are you doing here," said Bra, mostly looking at Goten.

"Oh, we came to visit and see if Trunks wants to hang out, but he said he can't," said Pan. Then Bra smiled even more.

"I'm free! I'll hang out with you guys! So where do you want to go," said Bra excitedly.

"Well...I guess we could go to.." said Goten, but stopped because of his cell phone. "Hello? Oh Valece! Sorry, I forgot. I'll meet up with you in a few minuites ok? Bye." Then Goten put his cell phone away. "Sorry Bra, I forgot I had a date with Valese. You could hang out with Pan. See ya," said Goten and then he flew off. Bra wasn't smiling. She wanted to hang out with Goten. But she still went out with Pan. Trunks watched Goten fly away and went back to work with the new dragonball radar.

Up in the sky, Bra and Pan were flying quite slowly to the movies. Yes, Bra decided to go to Pan and hang out with her. They were just talking about the movie they want to see.

"Hmm, I suggest to go and see Killer 3," said Pan.

"Nah, too much violence. I'd rather go and see Lovers At First Sight. It sound really romantic," said Bra.

"Though, I wish Trunks could come with us," said Pan

"Hmm, sounds like someone has a crush," said Bra. Then Pan's face turned red.

"Well, not that I like him that much, it's just that...umm," said Pan. Then Bra's eyes narrowed.

"Knowing Trunks, since he's my older brother, I know that he like you too. It's kinda funny though," said Bra. Now pan was REALLy red. She couldn't help it. Yes, she does have a big crush on him, yet never admits it.

"Though, it would've been really nice if Goten came with us...oops," said Bra, then covering her mouth, then started to glow red like Pan.