Chapter 5: Seiya's Attack

Seiya sat in the passenger side of Haruka's car, his leg tapping nervously. He stared out the window at the passing scenery.

"Watching intently isn't going to get us there any faster," Haruka told him, rolling her eyes. "It'll take us two days or so to get there and get up the mountain, so chill out."

He sighed and stared down at his lap. "I can't help it."

In the backseat, a small bag held extra garments of clothing, toothbrushes, money, and anything else they might need on a two day trip.

Seiya hopped his leg idly. "So, how far can we drive up the mountain?"

"We're not allowed to drive up the mountain," Haruka said, concentrating completely on the road. "We have to hike, but it's an easy walk. There's a path, plenty of rest stops, and some cabins for sleeping at night if you don't get up to the top in one day. We of course, won't because by the time we get there, the sun will be setting. It's not smart to walk up a mountain at night, no matter how desperate we are to get there."

"I agree… You know, you're really smart when you're not being mean," Seiya smirked.

"You're really cool when your mouth is shut," Haruka responded, though her bitterness was apathetic.

"Can I turn on the radio?"

"Go ahead?"

Seiya switched on the radio and flipped through a few stations. "Man… The Three Lights' songs are still on the radio… It's been awhile."

"You keep forgetting how horrendously popular you guys were," Haruka commented. "Everyone loved your music."

"Even you?" He asked innocently, looking up at her.

"Ah…" She blushed slightly. "It was okay… I guess…"

Seiya switched off the radio, unable to find good stations, and leaned back in his chair. "Kimi ha itsumo," He sang, barely audible over the engine of the car, "kagayai te ta… Egao hitotsu chiisana hoshi… taisetsu ni shite ta yo… ano hiboku ha mamore nakute, kuyashi namida e ta dake… ita mi ga noku ru yo…"

Haruka had to admit, the boy's voice wasn't half bad… yet, this time, his voice sounded so lonely and depressed… She knew he had to be thinking of his homeland, worrying about his princess and missing his singing partners. I wonder how I would feel if I was far from all of my friends and they were sick?… I shouldn't have been so mean to him…Sure, we don't get along but…he needs somebody… She thought.

"Search for your love," He sang. "Sora no suishou… Search for your love, nakanai de kure… Search for your love… Hontou ha, dakeshimetai no sa…"

Haruka eyed him, wondering if he would continue.

He did. "Kimi no kaori zu tsu to…"

"Sagashiteru…" Haruka sang under her breath along with him. His eyes widened with surprise, but he went on.

"Boku no koe yo todoke."


"Ima doko ni iruno."

"Moonlight princess."

"Boku no… princess…"

Seiya sighed. A smile cracked onto his face. "I appreciate that. I felt really alone there for awhile. I never sing by myself."

"Whatever," Haruka replied, cheeks tinted. "Hotaru sometimes asked me to sing it with her when I drove her to school."

Seiya's smile brightened, his eyes glittering.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing… It's just…"

Haruka stared at him from the corner of her eye.

"I never thought someone as mean as you could be sweet to a little girl!"



By the time the sun had set in the sky, the two had arrived at the mountain. Seiya was snoozing in the passenger seat while Haruka paid for their hike and acquired the keys to the cabin halfway up or so.

When she returned to the car, she found Seiya sitting outside of it, staring up at the pink and orange sky.

"I think it'd be best if we stayed in the car for the night and headed upward in the morning," Haruka suggested.

Seiya shook his head. "It won't do. We have no time to lose."

Haruka sighed. "I'll get the bags."

"You're not gonna argue with me?" Seiya questioned, amazed.

"Too tired… no point," Haruka replied, grabbing the meager supplies. "We're hoofing it from this point on so let's go."

"Right," Seiya nodded, grinning.


The sun was slowly dipping in the horizon. Seiya and Haruka continued upward.

"Have you… done this… before?" Seiya panted, lagging behind while Haruka walked without so much as a sweat.

"Yeah," Haruka said, "but that has nothing to do with why I'm good at it."

"Let me guess. You're not pampered like me."

"No, it's because I learned to pace myself when I ran when I was younger."


"You know, just because we don't get along doesn't mean that I'm out to insult you all the time," Haruka said, turning around and walking backwards so that she could face him. "You're not…" She smiled, "all that bad."

Seiya felt his cheeks burning. "Ah- I think my fever's coming back…" He mumbled sheepishly.

"It's only a few more miles to the cabin. We're making great time. Good suggestion, Seiya."

"I'm beginning to regret it myself…" He moaned, wiping the sweat off his brow with his wrist. He peered down at his feet as he walked, and silence passed between them for a short time.

"Huh?" Seiya remarked, watching as his feet blurred in and out of vision. "Uh…oh…" He muttered, a panic settling in his stomach.

"Yeah," Haruka said, not hearing him. "According to this map, it's only a short distance away."

Seiya listened as his hearing drained except for his heart beat, and his vision discolored. Now? No… Not now…He pleaded mentally.

Haruka looked up, realizing her partner had fallen behind. She turned around again and looked back to see him paused on the path, his body tense.

"Uh… coming?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

Then the pain came.

Seiya screamed, dropping to his knees. It had never been this bad before. His hands shook against the ground, white as the moon. It was unsettling to not even be able to hear his own shouts of pain though he was aware that he was making them.

"SEIYA!" Haruka cried, running back to him and dropping down on one knee. "Seiya, what's wrong? What happened?"

He moved a trembling hand up to his mouth as his coughing began. Breathing was impossible. He was soaked with sweat.

"SEIYA! Can you hear me? Answer me!" Haruka shouted, shaking him slightly.

He coughed again… and this time, it was wet.

He forced his eyes open as he moved his hand away from his face. There was some sort of dripping stain in his hand that kept changing from purple to green to black in his vision.

Haruka saw it red.

"Blood?" She questioned, horrified. "What's… going on?"

Seiya fell to the ground, darkness engulfing his eyes.

Finally… silence.


Seiya awakened again to stare at a dark roof above him. He was laying on a soft bed to his knowledge, and it was now dark. It was completely quiet except for the chirp of crickets and the sound of his own breathing.

He moaned, his head swimming, and tried to move.

"Don't," A stern voice scared him still.


Haruka's face became visible in the darkness as his eyes adjusted to it. She looked worn out, covered with dirt and sweat.

"Haruka?" He asked, not recognizing his own voice. It didn't sound beautiful anymore.

"Seiya… I thought you were going to die, you idiot!" She shouted.

"Something is… wrong with me… but… I don't know how to… fix it…" He muttered, lifting his body up despite her telling him not to.

His brain spun, and he lurched forward, falling against her shoulder for support. She had apparently been sitting on the bed, watching him.

"You're sick…" Haruka said, then sighed. "Really sick."

"Really? I had no idea," Seiya replied sarcastically, though the remark had no bite in it. He didn't have the strength.

They were silent. Neither of them knew what to say or do.

"I…" Seiya shuttered. "I'm so cold…"

Haruka couldn't help but notice the way his voice cracked when he spoke. He sounded as if he could break into tears at any moment.

"It must hurt… very badly…" Haruka whispered, maneuvering so that she laid down and he lie against her.

He made a small, barely noticeable nod. "I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused."

"How long has this been going on?" Haruka asked, staring at the ceiling. He fits in my arm the same way Michiru does…or did…

"I'm not entirely… sure… I guess… it's been since I got here… and it's gotten… progressively worse…" He cringed in pain.

She wrapped her arms around him, tugging the blanket over them with her fingers. "Jerk… first I have to carry you here, and now you're laying on me…" She smiled and chuckled slightly. "You just can't take care of yourself."

He was asleep.