Okay…here it is…the real ending. B/c of this: I read the epilogue I put up and thought…wow, this is shit. But I decided to leave it up to see your opinions…you were all thinking; wow, this is shit. So…I am putting up the real ending and taking the other one down! Yessss! Here it is… don't shoot me. This is the real epilogue, the rough draft I had written in my school planner.

The Dinner. The Ball. The End. The Epilogue.

"Daddy! KC won't give me my toothpaste!" A small voice yelled from the top of the grand staircase. Draco sighed from the entry hall, grabbing his coat with the daily groan.

"Kelley Liam Malfoy! Give your sister back her toothpaste!"

"Sorry dad!" Kelley yelled back. Draco pulled his long coat on.

"I'm sure you are." He grumbled. Sweeping into the kitchen, he pulled three lunches out of the refrigerator, a muggle device Ginny had insisted on buying. Draco had to admit it was quite useful sometimes.

It was September first, and all three of Draco and Ginny's children were going to Hogwarts. Kelley, the oldest, was fifteen and in his fifth year. Adele Morgan Malfoy was thirteen and in her third year, and the youngest, Ambre Anne Malfoy was only six. Draco was going through what he had with his other two children with her now. Ginny worked at the ministry and couldn't take care of the kids and they were both greatly opposed to hiring a nanny. Draco took Ambre to school with him when she turned five, and she flooed home everyday at five o' clock to meet Ginny as she came home from work. Ginny also took her when she was on her lunch break.

The arrangement was a difficult one, but necessary. It worked quite well and allowed for changes if they were needed. Draco

Draco could hear the kids scrambling about upstairs getting ready. Suddenly, all his thoughts stopped as he saw Ginny at the top of the stairs. She opened her arms wide and dropped them to her sides helplessly. Ambre walked behind her and tugged on her sleeve.

"Mommy?" She asked softly.

"Yes, sweetheart?" Ginny asked as she picked her up with some difficulty.

"KC told me to tell you that Adele is being…a…a…beach!" She finally sputtered out. "But as soon as she gives him his boxer short-pants (a/n: lol) they will be ready."

"Thank you, honey. Now, go see daddy and he'll give you your coat, okay?"

"Sure mommy." She hopped down the stairs in her little pink dress and skipped to Draco, who gave her a hug and a kiss and helped her put her coat on. Upstairs, Ginny was furious.

"Kelley Liam!" She raved. "You called Adele a bitch in front of Ambre!"

"Sorry mom."

"No, you're not. Get in the car."

"Fine." KC grabbed his trunk and went downstairs as Adele smirked. Ginny noticed and frowned.

"Both of you!" She growled. Adele wiped the smirk off her face and stormed downstairs in a huff. When Ginny came down, the three kids were sitting in the back of their very expensive black Lexus, another muggle thing Ginny had talked Draco into. Ginny swept into the passenger seat and Draco pealed out of the driveway to King's Cross. (Draco! Going 85 down our driveway is NOT setting a good example!)

The ride only took about five minutes, and as they approached the barrier, Ginny began to tear up.

"Mom! You do this every year, and we're always okay in the end." KC groaned. Sniffing slightly, Ginny dried her eyes and gave each of her children a hug and a kiss before watching them fall through the barrier. Draco sent Ambre with them to floo to Hogwarts from the platform, leaving him and Ginny alone.

Ginny sighed, like she did every year, and kissed him goodbye. Although the kiss may have turned into a passionate snog, and Draco may have shoved Ginny against the wall to the platform, and they may have fallen through to the other side, Ginny sprawled on top of the Potion's teacher, blushing madly.

They picked themselves up off the stone and Ginny gave Draco another quick kiss before he left for the year. The platform began to clear. Ginny sighed, winked and headed back for the station. Draco sighed and turned toward the train. Time until the weekend when he saw Ginny again would seem like eternity.