"Well it says 'Remus Lupin's wolfs bane potion' but I know for a fact that this is Remus Lupin's special 12 year old wolf bane potion…" Hermione trailed off, mixing it with a cup of coffee.

"Those don't mix Hermione," Remus said knowingly.

Title: Hidden

Author: S.S.Harry

Rating: R to be safe

Genre: Romance/Adventure

Summary: Voldermort's on the rise, and is recruiting rapidly. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, are forced into hiding with Remus and Sirius in Lupin Lodge. What next? This may be slightly clichéd so bear with me. RL/HG

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter™ and related characters. The plot is a figment of my imagination and all original characters belong to S.S.Harry© and/or other fan fiction artist. No plagiarism was made in this story.

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"Well it says 'Remus Lupin's wolfs bane potion' but I know for a fact that this is Remus Lupin's special 12 year old wolf bane potion…" Hermione trailed off, mixing it with a cup of coffee.

"Those don't mix Hermione," Remus said knowingly.


"Very well then," Hermione said.

She discarded her old cup before grabbing two more mugs. She put one cup full of coffee and filled another with the old magical cider. She took a long sip of the coffee but as she made to reach for the cider Sirius' hand intercepted hers and he guzzled it down. Hermione glared at him.

"Now Hermione, What would Dumbledore say if he saw you drinking alcohol under our supervision?" Sirius said sweetly, smiling at her like the Cheshire cat.

"He'd say kids will be kids and take a nip himself," Hermione said.

Remus snorted and Sirius pocketed the bottle of cider.

"We like you best sober," Harry said.

"Also Snape's supposed to pay us a visit every day at noon, meaning we have about an hour," Sirius said soberly, looking at his watch.

"Oh joy," Ginny said sarcastically. "Well I say we all grab a partner and start snogging so when he comes he'll be scarred for life."

Sirius rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"You're not actually considering that are you?" Hermione said incredulously.

"It wouldn't work," Remus said.

"Not unless Harry and Ron are going snog each other," Sirius said with a pointed look.

"Then who am I supposed to snog?" Hermione said mockingly.

"Well, me and Sirius would have to arm wrestle to answer that one, or you'd have two partners," Remus said, a slight suggestive (?) look in his eyes.

"Then who'd snog Ginny?" Harry asked?

"Well, we can always leave her to Snapie," Sirius said laughing.

"Eww… first you suggest snogging, then you flirt with Hermione, now you offer Ginny to Snape, horrible images!" Ron said, shielding his ears with his hands.

They all rolled their eyes.

"Well if there is going to be a guest, even if it is slimy and unbecoming, we best get dressed," Hermione said, addressing the boys, who were still in their boxers.

Sirius whispered something to Remus , who nodded. Hermione got up, putting her dishes in the sink. She made towards the door.

"Nice pyjamas," Remus said smirking at Hermione who went five shades of red before sprinting out the room.

When Hermione's footstep were trailing off, Sirius let out a chuckle.

"I can't believe you really did it!" Sirius said, laughing.

"What better way to start off my birthday?" Remus said.

At that moment an owl flew through the window. It had a small package wrapped neatly in blue paper and a white ribbon. Remus cringed slightly as Ron caught the owl reading who it was from, the owl pecked his finger sharply. Ron let it go and it landed in front of Remus.

"Isn't Amanda Remington that nutter 4th year from Ravenclaw?" Ron asked, his nose wrinkled.

"They get more persistent every year. Close the window for me will you? They'll just keep coming you know," Remus said.

As Ginny went to close the window she shrieked as a cloud of owls flew in, dropping presents all over the floor.

Hermione entered the room , a square package wrapped in red paper with a gold ribbon in her hand.

"Happy birth day-" Hermione trailed off, looking at the presents that littered the floor.

There were different types of presents all over the floor. There were large round ones, small square ones, some were gift baskets full of colognes and such. Each present however was a house colour.

"Well, this is what Pavarti and Lavender never wanted to tell me about," Hermione said laughing.

"Eh?" Sirius said.

"Every year since I left I been showered with presents on my birthday from admiring students," Remus said, blushing.

"Actually, most of these are from those weirdoes who were more focused on you than the class, it's sad, really," Hermione said shaking her head in a disappointed tone.

"I guess I have that affect on people," Remus said shaking his head.

Sirius had already started opening presents. On girl had made a picture of a wolf howling at the moon that really howled ("Turn the bloody thing off!" Sirius bellowed). Another had gave him a homemade jumper and a tin of thick brownies ("They've been around mum too much," Ginny laughed). One person sent him a gift basket which was made of several different red wines and assorted chocolates, including her picture in the middle, with 'Happy Birthday' written on it. After opening several more presents Everyone but Hermione went to get dressed.

There was a knock on the door and Hermione scanned the room for anything that would give a bad report. After making sure that nothing was in it's wrong place she opened the door.

"Hello Professor Snape," she said cheerily.

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