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Summary: After Battle City ended, everyone thought that Malik's dark side, Marik, was gone forever. But he ends up being a transfer student to Domino High School and he is in the same class as Yugi and his friends and Malik. Did he come back for the Millennium Items, or something more valuable?

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Hidden Emotions: Act 1

It was a nice, sunny day in Domino City. Everyone was buzzing around in the streets getting what they needed. People were relaxing, because it was Summer. There was not much else to do since Seto Kaiba's Battle City Tournament ended a while back.

Malik Ishtar was one of the ones relaxing at the beach. His dark side was gone, at least that's what he thought. It was the middle of Summer, so there wasn't much time left before school started again and things were back to the way they were before.

Malik got up and left the beach, but had no idea that someone was watching him from behind the trees.

It was the end of Summer and school had started. Yugi and his friends were sitting at their respective seats, talking to each other.

"Hey, did ya hear?"Joey asked. "There's a new transfer student arriving here today."

"In our class?"Tea asked. "Don't we have enough students?"

"Hey, it's fun getting new students in class, Tea. Unless they aren't pyscho, like someone I know…"Joey said, looking over at Bakura who was talking with Ryou.

"Aw, come on, Joey,"Tea said. "He's changed alot in the past. Ryou and him are a couple now. He's nicer than you think."

"Meh… I guess…"

"Class, attention please!"the teacher yelled, coming into the classroom and standing in front of her desk.

"Today we have a new transfer student coming to our class for the rest of the year. Please give a warm welcome to Marik."

Yugi and the gang looked at each other, eyes wide. Was Marik really back?

Sure enough, when Marik entered the room, he was surely back. His hair was still standing up, but his face wasn't as disoriented as it was during Battle City. He stood beside the teacher, taking glances at Yugi and his friends, and of course, the pharaoh who was sitting next to Yugi.

Malik looked up from the window of the classroom, hardly believing what he was hearing or seeing. But when he saw Marik, he knew his dark side was back again. But the question was why was he back? And why was he a transfer student to the school? Why had he chosen this particular class… well that was kind of obvious: to get his hands on the items.

"You may take a seat in the empty one in the back of the room, Marik,"the teacher said, going up to the chalkboard and writing down a few math problems. The class went on after that.

Malik took several glances at his dark side from the time he came into the classroom until he left when the bell rang. Malik walked over to his locker to get his books for his next class, when he saw Yugi and his friends walking over to him.

"Hello, Yugi,"Malik greeted.

"Hi, Malik,"Yugi greeted. "Did you know Marik was back?"

"No, Yugi,"Malik said. "I swear I had no idea."

"But how did he get back?"Tea asked. "I mean… Yami and Yugi defeated him at Battle City and he ended up in the Shadow Realm, right? How can anyone get out of that place?"

"They would have to have strong Shadow Magic,"Yami explained. "And you've seen Marik's Shadow power."

Everyone nodded.

"So, pharaoh, you are a student here, too, huh?"Malik smirked.

"Not funny, Malik,"Yami scowled.

Just then Marik was at his locker, looking at the group, trying to figure out what they were talking about.

He heard them saying stuff like "why did he come back?" and "what chaos is he gonna cause dis time?"

Marik only had one reason to come back here. He loved Malik. Nothing was going to change that.

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