Butterfly: Black Wings

By: Banshee Puppet

Epilogue: Selfeless Love


"I thought you'd complain more about training duty," Sally said as Wufei stood, stretching out his shoulder. Ever since he'd gotten shot, it always ached right before a heavy rain came in.

"Things have been dull," he stated. 'Torturing the newbies is a welcome distraction.'

"You seem to be all out of anger as well. That must be a side effect of this selfless love of yours."

"Drop it."

Sally raised her arms in submission. "Let's get going."

Wufei nodded. He'd never taken this sort of job before. It had seemed too dull, but it would be a good change of pace. He called the roll in perfect militant tones. "Amarant, Ko."

"Sir!" the young man saluted.

"DelMar, Rita."


"Davis, Charles."


"Cunningham, Reginald."

"Ah, it's Drix sir, legally." The young man saluted and Wufei's eyes widened slightly as he recognized him. He gave a curt nod. "Cunningham, Drix," he called.


Wufei smirked, slightly and continued.

"Arashi, Kodomo."


"O'Rourke, Christopher."


"Bloom, Catherine." 'Hey, waitaminute!'


His eyes shot up to lock on a very familiar gray-violet. "CATHERINE! What the hell are you doing here?" He totally lost his cool. Why was Catherine registered as a Preventer trainee? What was the girl thinking? It had to be some sort of mistake.

Sally brought her hand to her mouth and tried not to laugh. "Things are starting to get interesting," she commented.

Wufei shot her a good, solid glare. "You're not helping!!"

Things were getting interesting indeed.

The End

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