Life Worth Living For

Chapter One

A Lost Tale

There was a lost tale told over a hundred years ago. It was about the fellowship of nine that protected a hobbit that bore evil. The only thing they didn't tell was that there were really ten. Maybe they didn't tell because the tenth was a woman. Gwen was her name. She was hotly spoken; unlike the women of that time. She was a beautiful as a rose. Her skin was pale and her lips a dark ruby red. Her eyes were bluer then the sky, and her hair darker than the depths of the ocean, and very long. She was probably more courageous than any man on this living earth. She was the sister of Boromir son of Denothor. Oh! So you want to here the story of this courageous person? Well then come, let me tell you the story of Gwen daughter of Gondor.

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Summary: The tale of the tenth walker is finally told