Hey Minna, It's been a long time.

**glances at watch**

"Hmm, stopped ticking."

**Pulls calendar out***

**blows off the dust**

I study the calendar carefully, making absolutely sure of the date.

"Gee, has it been THAT long? Ummmm...."

**starts to back away slowly**

"You guys aren't too mad? Right?"

**Runs away, then halfway through the run I realize something and skid to a halt.

"Guess I forgot the disclaimer." I study my list. "Who haven't we used so far?"

"Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Rei, Venus, Chibi-Usa, Luna, Mamoru, Sailor Moon. Haruka and Michiru are busy babysitting Hotaru."

"Wait," I snap my fingers. "We haven't used Artemis yet."

Artemis appears in a puff of smoke. He takes one look at me and then turns his head away disdainfully.

"Artemis, would you mind reading the disclaimer?"

"No, first you get me thrown out the window and now I'm the leftovers. Go get someone else to read it."

--Ugh---Baka cat. I groan. Can my day get any worse?

"Fine." I snap. "If you don't know how to read, you just should've said so. I'll get Motoki to read it, he'd be happy to."

I get about four feet before Artemis snaps out a rebuttal. "I can so read."

"Prove it." I throw the paper at his feet. "A sentence shouldn't be too hard."

Artemis stalks over to the piece of paper. "Analla doesn't own Sailor Moon."

I pet Artemis and he purrs against his own will. "See that wasn't too hard, was it?"

Analla glances back at the crowd who, for some mysterious reason that seems to happen in all anime, have stopped running towards her so that she could have her little scene with Artemis. (You guys all realize that time is stopped when this needs to happen. That way you can have the longest transformation scene in the world but even though it looks like it takes an hour, only about two seconds have passed)

The crowd is coming out of its stupor and they begin stalking towards Analla en masse.

--YIKES-- I throw the chapter down and run. "You guys enjoy the fic."

Side Author's Note: I'm going to eventually go through and revise this whole thing, but I kept saying that and time kept passing so instead of going in and revising and then posting the epilogue. I'll post the epilogue first and then go back and revise.

Enjoy the fic minna.


Mamoru shifted uncomfortably.

COLD!!! A bitter, iciness greeted his return to awareness. He cracked an eye open, only to find that all of the blankets were gone. He sat up and looked around the room. Sunlight was streaming in through the open balcony door, the sounds of afternoon traffic wafting up from the street.

Blissfully unaware of anything that was going on, Usagi slept peacefully, wrapped up tightly in the blankets that she had managed to reappropriate during the night.

"Usa." Mamoru nudged her gently. He tried to reach for the edge of one of the blankets so he could pull it back over his shivering body. Usagi must have sensed his intentions, because she rolled herself slightly, tucking the edge of the blanket firmly underneath her body.

Mamoru sighed, wondering if he would be able to wrestle part of the blanket away from her, or if he should consider it a futile exercise and get up.

If Usagi was as protective of blankets as she was of her food, then it might not be in his best interests to disturb her. He remembered the one time he had stolen her milkshake from her, only as a joke. He shuddered, it wasn't an experience that he was willing to repeat. Yes, leaving her alone would definitely help him to prove that he did not have a death wish.

He moved to the edge of the bed, careful not to disturb Usagi. First of all he needed a cup of coffee, then he might be able to start the day. He was halfway down the hall, before his hazy mind recognized the fact that he was wearing sweats, the bulkiest pair that he owned. He KNEW he hadn't been wearing them after he detransformed, which meant.....

Just then he heard an unfamiliar voice. "Usagi is the PRINCESS! Great Selene, Usagi is no more the princess then I am a fish. I don't care what you dreamed, it's impossible."

Anger flushed through Mamoru's system. The sigil of Earth flared on his forehead. How DARE one of Serenity's own Senshi deny who she was, especially after experiencing the fall of the Moon Kingdom.

"You'd better believe it." His voice was calm as he entered the front room, but it was backed by the full power of the Prince of Earth. Mamoru glanced at each of the Senshi silently commanding them to let him know who had made the doubting comment.

The Senshi looked guiltily at each other and then their eyes focused on the black cat standing on the coffee table. She had stopped mid-sentence.

"Luna." Mamoru's voice was chiding.

Luna glanced up at Mamoru, her eyes widening when she saw the sigil. She sat down and closed her mouth, then she REALLY looked at Mamoru. Recognition flooded into the feline's eyes as all of her repressed and forgotten memories of the Moon Kingdom came flashing to the forefront of her mind.

"Prince Endymion." She whispered reverently bowing. The other Senshi quickly followed suit, paying their respects to the prince.

Motoki was sitting on the couch, his feet propped up on the coffee table. He watched in confused fascination. Ever since discovering the girl's identities, he'd decided that nothing else could surprise him. After all his best friend was a tuxedo-clad hero who threw roses, one of his best customers was a heroine that saved the world on a daily basis, and his girlfriend was also a super heroine. Even when Luna had first talked, he'd been so numbed by the previous shocks, that he treated her and Artemis as if talking cats were a normal everyday event.

He was deciding whether to get up and bow, when Mamoru's eyes wandered his way.

Mamoru looked at his friend in astonishment. Motoki's socks had been removed and his feet were propped up on the edge of the coffee table. Lying guiltily beside Motoki's freshly painted toenails was a bottle of bright red nail polish.

Mamoru doubled up laughing shattering the quiet calm. "M....M....Motoki, wh...why d...did.....you-" That was as far as he got before he started laughing again.

Glaring at Mamoru, Minako picked up the nail polish and defiantly painted another of Motoki's toes.

"At least he didn't run out in the hall in his birthday suit." She retorted hotly.

"WHAT?!?!?" Luna cried. Her voice raising five hundred decibels with the single word.

The Senshi glanced at Minako, then locked their gaze on Mamoru. Mamoru blushed hotly, he backed up slowly down the hall trying to put as much space between him and Luna as possible. If looks could kill...... {Looks can't but claws can.] His inner voice reminded him. With that thought Mamoru rushed down the hall, escaping to the safety of his bedroom.

Mamoru moved so swiftly that the Senshi didn't realize he had left until they heard the click of his lock.

The group ran as one towards Mamoru's bedroom. Luna was the first to arrive, being more agile and much smaller. She hissed menacingly at the door standing up on her hind legs, pawing the door threateningly.

Mamoru leaned on the other side of the door. Usagi sat up with sleep-bleared eyes. She stretched languidly, yawning. "M...." She yawned again. "Mamo-chan, what's wrong?"

Mamoru threw Usagi a panic-stricken look. "We need to leave." The door vibrated violently. "Now."

Out in the hall, Makoto watched impatiently as the others tried to push the door open. "Get out of the way."

The Senshi, Motoki, and Luna quickly stepped away from the door; not wanting to anger Makoto.

Back in the bedroom Usagi finished stretching and smiled up at Mamoru. "Why?"

Just then, Mamoru toppled to the floor and the door burst open. Makoto looked at the vanquished door. What the other Senshi had been unable to accomplish with all their shoving. She had done with one well-aimed kick.

Usagi struggled to untangle herself from the covers. This was a scene she would be unable to come up with in her worst nightmares. Luna looked ready to massacre Mamoru. Mamoru had managed to scoot his way to the foot of the bed, but shock kept him from pushing himself up. Usagi continued to struggle with the blankets. In exasperation she finally gave up and rolled herself off of the bed.

Luna stopped mid-hiss, resheathing her claws, not wanting to harm Usagi.

"What....." Usagi trailed off burrowing her head into Mamoru's chest. "This is not happening." She whispered quietly.

Mamoru smiled when he heard that. "I'm afraid it is love." He lifted her chin gently and kissed her lightly on the lips.

A smile crossed his face, perhaps the best way to get out of this, was to use his newly discovered authority.

He put on the mantle of the prince of earth, ignoring the fact that he was in a very compromising situation, he looked at each of the Senshi letting his annoyance show. "The Princess and I desire to be alone."

The Senshi looked at Usagi then Mamoru. They stood there, arms folded, their faces getting across the message. Yeah right.

Usagi stole a glance at her friends before blushing furiously and pulling the blanket over her head.

Motoki watched Mamoru for a few more moments, before he decided to help him out of his predicament. After the comment in the front room, Motoki seriously considered just letting Mamoru sit there, while Luna used him for a pincushion.

Finally he crossed the room and held his hand out to help Mamoru up.

Mamoru held Usagi closely to his chest with his right arm, then held out his left hand to Motoki. Moments later they were both standing. Usagi removed the blanket, her face a bright red. It was difficult to tell whether her flushed face was the result of being under the blanket, or because she was embarrassed.

Usagi glared imperiously at everyone as she made her way to the hall, it would have been an excellent way to save face, if she hadn't tripped over the edge of the blanket.

They finally made it to the front room. Mamoru was firmly ensconced on the sofa sitting between Makoto and Rei. Usagi was on the other side of the room, guarded by Luna and Ami. Motoki would've helped, but Minako refused to stand in the way of true love.

Usagi yawned heavily. "Luna, can't you lecture me later?" She yawned again. "I really am tired."

Luna rolled her eyes, Usagi was the only girl that she knew of that could spend the majority of the past five days sleeping and still be tired. She was about to protest when she saw a fleeting look of pain cross Usagi's face. [All of Serenity's memories, they're fresh in Usagi's mind. As if they happened today, not a thousand years ago.]

"Very well." Luna acquiesced. "We'll meet at the temple tomorrow when we can discuss everything that's happened.."

Luna shot a glance at Mamoru letting him know that they would discuss everything, especially any details that she had missed when Usagi made one of her midnight teleportations.

Mamoru gulped heavily, not looking forward to tomorrow.

"What about me?" Motoki asked. He'd begun to feel a little left out, true he was the only non-superhero in the room, but he had helped.

Mamoru groaned. He really didn't need Motoki there to see his humiliation. Before he could say anything, Mina invited Motoki to come to the temple at 3 o'clock.

"If you can get off work off course."

Motoki smiled. "Oh don't worry, I'm NOT going to miss this."

After that had been decided the Senshi marched Usagi to the bathroom and gave her a change of clothes so she wouldn't have to walk home in her nightgown. After Usagi changed, they each took up a corner and became her sentinels as she left Mamoru's apartment and went home.

Mamoru left the temple the next day, relatively unharmed. Luna had cornered him and given him a very VIVID description of what she would do to him if he ever hurt Usagi. Beyond that and the possibility of being ribbed by Motoki for the next few days, Mamoru figured that he had gotten off quite easily.

Usagi's punishment was that there was to be NO more teleporting. Luna had decided that she would be staying at Minako's house for the next week to make sure Usagi wouldn't be able to teleport.


For most of the citizens of Tokyo, watching the thunderstorm roll in was fascinating. Forked tongues of fire lit the sky and accompanied by the timpani roll of thunder. Together they created one of the most fabulous displays of nature's beauty that Japan had ever scene.

Usagi was huddled on her bed, not caring what the rest of Tokyo thought, only knowing that she was scared. The worst thing was that Luna, who normally would've been there to help Usagi survive the storm, had gone off to Minako's house so Usagi wouldn't be able to teleport. Another crash of thunder caused Usagi to leap under her bed in fright.

Usagi clutched her brooch tightly to her breast. Luna was a safeguard to keep her from teleporting needlessly, but when her life was in danger, she was able to step around that. Allowing her fear to engulf her, Usagi wished desperately to be safe.

Mamoru was sleeping peacefully, unaware of the storm that raged outside his room.

A light pop filled the air.

Usagi smiled to herself when she realized that she had teleported successfully. It took her a moment to realize that she was floating midair. It took a fraction of the time for gravity to take affect.

Mamoru awoke swiftly as a heavy object landed on top of him.

He reached his hands up. "Usako?" He asked through sleep-bleared eyes. Confused he shook his head. "What are you doing here?" A more important question stampeded through his mind. "Where's Luna?"

Just then, a bolt of lightning struck the roof of the building next to them. Usagi grabbed Mamoru in a death grip, tears welled up in her eyes. "Mamo-chan, there's lightning."

Mamoru sighed as he sat up, he cradled Usagi against his chest and kissed her hair gently. He pulled away briefly.

"Usagi, we agreed you wouldn't do this." His voice was firm, unforgiving. He knew if he didn't draw the line now, then he could expect to have Usagi dropping in at all hours of the night.

"But Mamo-chan." Usagi protested.

Another flash of lightning lit the sky revealing Mamoru's determined face. "Go home Usagi-chan."

Usagi looked at him in astonishment, her lip curled into a pout. "I thought you loved me."

"I do Usa, but you need to back to your house." Mamoru pulled his arms away from Usagi and turned away.

Usagi cast one last look of astonishment at him, then she stood up and stepped away. She reached up and touched her brooch, willing herself to return home. She ignored the thunder and lightning, but glared at Mamoru, tears in her eyes.

Mamoru steeled himself for the Usagi's last attempt at pleading. He was surprised when it didn't come, the room was silent. He turned his face back to Usagi, she was lit by a silver mist. Her body was beginning to become less defined, more a shadow then anything. It was the look of betrayal on Usagi's face that did him in.

Accepting the uninviteable, and refusing to torture himself any longer, Mamoru cried out softly. "Wait."

Usagi didn't wait for him to renege, she pulled herself out of the teleport and launched herself into Mamoru's arms.

"This is only for tonight Usako." Mamoru warned her.

Usagi reached up and patted Mamoru's cheek in contentment, as she wormed her way under the blankets and fell into a light sleep.

Mamoru smiled when he realized that Usagi was asleep. He kissed her forehead lightly and then settled in next to her.

Usagi woke briefly hours later, long after the thunder and lightning was gone. She smiled, all was right with the world.

Snug as a bug in a rug as her grandmother would say. She grinned impishly. Actually it should be snug as a bug in a Mamo-chan.


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**Analla shrugs**

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