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Penname: LiveLoveLaugh

FanFiction Story: Magical Chakra

Summary: NarutoHP Xovr When Team Seven has been sent to Hogwarts School, they meet up with the Boy Who Lived, experience new wild rides in a new place, and go on incredible adventures of a lifetime.

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Chapter One:


"Okay, the old man said they're sending someone to take us to get our school supplies...his name is Rubeus Hagrid, and he said we can't miss him..." Sakura ran her fingers through her long sleek and smooth pink hair, her emerald eyes blinking.

"How do we know who this guy looks like?" Sasuke asked in a monotone. He looked at his female companion who looked back at him, shrugging. The two were close to together as they read the only letter written by a stranger named Dumbledore.

"I can't believe this mission would take up from seven months to a whole year..." Sakura groaned, no sooner would she be very homesick, "I'm going to miss Konoha..."

"Hn...everywhere is the same for me..." the raven-haired boy looked away down at the cobbled street.

Inner Sakura: STIFF! 'Shut up...'

"But anyway, it's nice to see outside of Japan," Sakura smiled lightly. The quick peaceful moment was squashed just after her words.

"AH! I can't believe there's a world outside JAPAN!" Naruto exclaimed, ruffling up his spiky blond hair. Everyone else sweat-dropped.

"Dobe," Sasuke muttered.

It was a week before September the first, the day where they enter their new school life in a prestigious school Hogwarts. Well, that's what the letter says. They knew what was coming since after the long meeting with the Fifth Hokage, the Board of Elders, Kakashi, and a mysterious old man with a long snow-white beard and twinkling blue eyes who claims to be a good friend of Sandaime, the passed Third Hokage. The day that they learned to participate in a long real mission.

The day when they start believing in magic.

Many of the ninjas from the Hidden Villages of Japan didn't know there was a large secret society outside themselves. They thought they had the only powers. They thought there are only such things as a ninja in where they came from. Outside their world, the rest of the world, there was the wizarding world. It was hard to believe, even for them, that entire society different from those.

They wouldn't believe they are such things like wizards or witches but when the man named Albus Dumbledore with the beard and the twinkling blue eyes held out a wand, mutter a small enchantment, they saw with their own eyes a vase that was floating in midair.

So the three sixteen year olds started believing.

"Naruto! Could you please stop being such a baka for five minutes!" Sakura threatened, holding up his collar and brandishing a fist near his ear.

"Sakura-CHAN! Please don't do this! I didn't mean to!" Naruto exclaimed, trying to get away from the 'scary pink-haired devil's' grasp. Even though the two were sixteen years old, matured into young adults, Sakura still scared him.

"Fine...!" she let him go, hands akimbo, staring at the tall blond boy dust himself off.

'Let's just hope our mission doesn't get messed up by those two morons...' Sasuke thought, rolling his onyx eyes and lowering his head so the dark bangs slightly covered his eyes. Uchiha Sasuke hasn't changed much, except for his height and face. His well-toned muscles could be seen through the dark navy long-sleeved shirt, he was still the tallest of the three, and he kept his same hair cut since his childhood: long raven bangs that lined against the sides of his face and the spikiness in the back. His unquestionable good looks and strange secretiveness had kept him to become his hometown's biggest heartthrob.

His dark nature has always been with him for ten years after the Uchiha massacre. His onyx eyes were layered with revenge and determination to kill a certain relation of his. No one, even in the Leaf Village, that he could trust or befriend.

Well for those few years that had passed, he looked up to his two companions who, that he hated to admit, were his first friends he ever had. The three trust each other with the secrets and teamwork to prevail as one of the Legendary Rookie Nine. Just looking at Naruto and Sakura made his eyes soften because he knew how much they care for him...like a friend. Even though he betrayed Konoha by running away with Orochimaru's league, Naruto and the others bought him back.

They never even scream at him for his damn boldness and stupid pride. Never.

When he woke up in the hospital wing, he woke up with a head rush and the first things he see was both Naruto and Sakura sleeping. Naruto was lying down on a small sofa by the window with a jacket covering his shoulders with a snot bubble coming out of his nose and the pink-haired girl was sitting on a chair resting her arms and head on his bed. He smiled grimly on the outside but crying for joy in the inside. Sasuke was happy.

Sasuke looked at Sakura who leaned against the building wall of a closed down peddler shop, closing her eyes and deep into thought, with her large luggage by her side. Her long pink hair that reached to her hips were covering over her shoulders and elbow, her pink lips were slightly open, her fair skin, complexion, and the right curves at the right places had indeed turned her into a woman. She was beautiful and strong from training day and night in the forest, rain or shine. Sakura had changed a lot over the four years.

Her eyes were closed but Sasuke could remember vaguely how her sparkling emerald eyes was always full of happiness and love whenever she looked into his bottomless black pools. Sakura was the perfect name for her reminding him everyday since of a cherry blossom.

He was jealous of her. Jealous that she had two living parents to love her, jealous of the comfy home she lives in, jealous of the bright sun that shines through her window everyday, jealous of all the love and care she gives for her friends and loved ones and yet she still has time to become one of the best female ninja rookies in Konoha. Her laugh was always so pure, her charm, her skill as a Sakura's infamous beauty made her admired by the villagers, especially the male population. Heck! She had her own fan boy clubs!

She was wearing a red turtleneck sweater that made her waist smaller and tight jean bell-bottoms that showed the slender legs she has, a pouch of her kunais, shurikens, and scrolls was strapped around her left thigh. and blue sandals. Even for simple outdoor attire for kounichi, Sasuke could not help but stare out of the corner of his eye.

"Where IS he! Is he another Kakashi!" Naruto exclaimed. Sakura grinned lightly at the simple tease of their Jounin sensei while Sasuke smirked. The blonde sat down cross-legged, huffing and puffing with impatience.

Sasuke looked over to the 'dobe' who was his only best friend. Naruto and he were rivals ever since the first day they were put into the same team with Sakura. They were rivals for the title of the strongest in the team, fighting like there's no tomorrow. But Uzumaki Naruto was still his friend in the end. He was very surprised that the blonde didn't shoot nasty remarks at him for betraying the Hidden Leaf Village like some of the villagers, he was just happy to have him back alive.

Just recently Naruto found out his father was the legendary Fourth Hokage, Yondaime, who sealed the Kyuubi no Youko in his own infant son's navel for eternity but bravely he lost his life in order to create the hallmark. Sakura and he could remember how truly happy Naruto was when he found out that he had a father who loved him dearly to die for him. His blue eyes brimmed with tears and he accepted Sakura's hand to ruffle up his hair. Naruto guaranteed, no...would make his father proud by showing everyone what he's got and make it to become the next Hokage.

Just four years ago, Naruto found out he was the vessel of the Nine Tails Fox Demon, who killed many people, slaughter many villages, creating bloodshed wherever he went, and many of people of the village discriminate the boy for being the real demon. They threatened to kill him, to scream at him, but were banned from the Four Hokage for talking about it at all, they glared at him with those eyes that killed and ate at Naruto's soul little by little.

Sasuke admired the blonde for his determination and ambition to become the next Hokage, an elite title given to the strongest ninja in the Hidden Village. His electric blue eyes and his blood flow the never-giving-up obsession of getting everyone's acknowledgement. By doing so, he used to be a big time troublemaker, getting into everyone's nerves by doing graffiti on the monument, sneaking into the bath houses, and doing so many pranks it was hard to keep track.

Sasuke was also jealous of Naruto because of his ability to show whatever face he wanted to.

Naruto would cry if he wanted to, he would laugh if he wanted to, he would speak from his mind, when he smiles he smiles big, when he frowns and wants show off, he would do all of that and never has the raven-hair young man seen his companion become embarrassed. Sure he blushes but he was never afraid to show his feelings. Sasuke has seen him do amazing things, like Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. In the Water Country, a grand bridge was named after him. He made everyone feel unique and special, made everyone get over their horrible past, made everyone happy and laughs, and gave everyone courage to be better than who they were. Naruto even cured a little of the dark boy's avenging soul by being his best friend.

'Thanks...dobe...' Sasuke smiled to himself and looked up in the clear sky.

To Be Continued