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Chapter Fourteen

Elsewhere and Somewhere

Are you ready to read yet, you retard?

Oh, really?

Are you sure? Aren't you scared?

No? Well…

Okay, then…

Go on.


By the time the smoke had risen to the atmosphere, unknown to the people or creatures anywhere, up on a skinny yet strong tree holding up a tough tree branch laid a small homely nest. A mother bird nuzzled against her young while flapping her wings from her daily flights. In her beak was a tasty morsel of a struggling beetle. She made to lean down to her fuzzy children, each three heads bobbed up and down eagerly. Suddenly she poked her head out, her beady eyes glimmering underneath the shaded green and gray sky of cold September the First.

She steadied herself very, very still ignoring the babies' hungry chirping.

There was a fast rustling in the distance, coming closer and closer. The heartbeats of the birds rapidly increased. As if on track, the beetle fell from her mouth and the bug was sent straight down into the thick clearing before the mother, too frightened for her own safety, had flown away leaving the baby birds. The rustle, the flash of four black figures had stampeded across the same tall branch and heartlessly, unknowingly kicked over the nest.

Nobody really wanted to know about what happened to the baby birds.

Two lanky members walked towards the large covering of bushes and trees, pushing away the leaves and twigs. A fairly good-looking man dressed in black turned back to a dark shadow, running his clean fingers through his nice hair with an exaggerated sigh, "The other team is just across from us, over that bridge…I still don't know why they prefer that section, you can be easily caught there…" He rolled his pretty-boy eyes, "I don't understand those wizards still…"

"They use that hocus pocus crap, they can easily disguise themselves," his rather uglier subordinate muttered, folding out a long retractable telescope and fixed the lens, "They need a good range of disarming several of the magic resources around the train tracks."

"Right. True," another long sigh, he looked up into the tallest tree, "Hey, Junior! How's the connection up there…?"

"Terrible." The last shortest figure appeared and seated promptly on the same branch with his legs crossed, the laptop on his thighs while the annoying taps of keys sent straight down into the clearing. The metal plate around his neck gleamed, shining.

"How far are we from the Bridge?" a low, manipulating voice gritted from below.

"We are exactly fifty yards away, a safe distance," a man-boy voice was heard, the boyish face looked up. His pale eyes were magnified by his specs. He nestled on the tree branch while trying to pick good reception. He gritted his teeth in impatience, "Fuck, this keeps slowing down."

"You have to be aware that we're in the mountain forests."

The old teenager hesitated before nodding affirmatively, his slender fingers gliding hastily over the black keys. The lightened monitor screen had transformed his face and clothes in a florescent light blue and gray, the scenes of letters and numbers, with lines and computer windows had played on the double lens of his glasses perched on his nose bridge.

"Sir, I have crossed paths with the Corporation's radars," the consistent tapping of the keyboard had stopped, the smallest youngest man, wearing a black ski cap and a pair of thick oval bifocals, looked up with a smug look, "I had scratched everything off their digital transmitting map. Password codes have been changed and the lower communication the two trainees have is restricted to only one of their private army services."

"Good, just as the Big Bird had wanted," a giant figure appeared from the shadows with his leather gloved hands in his periwinkle gray vest pockets, his mouth chewed on a stick of gum. He dropped the crinkled bright yellow wrapper on the thick mossy clearing from inside his pouches, before he walked over to two other who were leaning against the thick bushes and rock hedges. From the hidden hedges, they had an eye to eye with the faraway long bridge.

It was a magnificent stone bridge, long and trailing with the old tracks. The river was below it, the bridge shadowed the glimmering waters and the clear pebbles. The forests came from their side down the long slopes, right into the waters. The three men looking over the section smiled wickedly. One man with an eye patch looked back at the gum-smacking fellow.

"The Express is coming closer to its destination, sir," he whispered in a slippery voice from his crusty lips, kneeling against the boulder with a small telescope pressed against his good eye, "Carrying the so-called mercenaries the foolish man had hired."

The taller burlier man stood behind the crouched male, with a smirk, "Good, right on schedule. And the Mark-Zounds tykes?"

"Oh, sir, they're still playing around with their fakes," another chuckled, swiping his handsome hair from his face.

"Excellent," the leader whispered gleefully, "Then the Genocide of the Bird Filth begins."

Snickers went all around the four shinobis.

(Inside Hogwarts Express)

"Sasuke! What the hell do you think you're doing?" The blonde cried, when the raven-haired shinobi threw open the window.

Sasuke's head bobbed out of the blowing wind, his long bangs took a full of strong breezes and dust. He narrowed his eyes slightly, seeing the rise of pale smoke in the distance. The train jumped slightly on the tracks, while trees and foggy mist passed by, nearly creating a wintry scene.

Sakura was hurriedly putting on her emergency ninja gear, quickly dispatching her black school cloak and loosening the tie around her collar. Her long pink hair was literally flying to her face, making her stumble over the spilt ramen and push Naruto aside. She reached into the upper cabinets, pulling out a small velvet suitcase and peeling off the thin explosive trigger tag by the pieces, hurriedly picking up several necessities before snapping the luggage shut.

"Naruto! Here! Sasuke! Catch!" She hastily threw the weaponry back pouches to the boys who caught them effortlessly, "We need to get out of here!"

"Wait! Sakura-chan!"

The kunoichi dashed out of the doorway, pulling the blonde with her by the wrist.

"Come on Naruto! We need to inform the coach!" Sakura slid into the narrow hallways, creating a clabber of noise while neighboring compartment sharers looked out of their windows with confused stunned looks. Naruto looked back for the other companion, seeing that the train was coming into a very short tunnel with the smell of steam washing into the open pane. He watched as the upcoming darkness took over his form and Sasuke's, covering the entire insides of the train. The flailing sky lights shook against each other.

Suddenly when the darkness was gone, so was Sasuke.

He flew right out of the window.

"Naruto!" Sakura shouted for him, her skirt twist around her legs like a twirling umbrella when she looked back for him.

"Coming! Coming!" He shook away his thoughts, and uncertainty, running after Sakura when they kept hitting into people and things. His black cloak blew right behind him as he trudged quickly across the carpeted hallway.

"Get back into your compartments now!" Sakura demanded at a group of frightened passing third year girls, "This is absolutely no time for useless gossip! Go! Go! Move it!"

"What is the meaning of this?" an auburn curly-haired girl ordered angrily, soon she was shoved away, "Hey! Don't push a girl!"

"Sorry babe!" Naruto cried back, in his own form of apology, "Shit! What part of 'get the hell out of my way' don't you people understand?" he frustratingly shouted, when concerned school kids walked out of their rooms. More and more people came out, the shinobis cursed their stupidity.

"What's going on?"

"What's the matter here?"

"Hey! Don't push!"

"Sorry!" the pink-haired girl shrieked when she was nearly swallowed by everyone else, "Please, everyone! You have to get back into your compartments now!"


"Yeah! You're not a prefect!"

"What's going on?"

She was frantic, to do anything, something, "Please! Calm down! We need everyone to get back in!"

Some listened, some were jerks and were pestering her.

"Sakura! There're too many in the way!" Naruto cried when a blockage of other years had thrown open their sliding doors, staring at him and the commotion ringing outside, "We can't get to the coach in time, we have to do something!"

"I KNOW!" she shouted, shoving people away.

(Inner Sakura: THINK WOMAN!) 'What would Kakashi do?'

"He's not even here!" she cried to herself, scaring a few. She hastily twisted around, letting all her hair fly into people's faces, "Look! Naruto! I need you to get everyone into their compartments! This is a critical lockdown! I have to stop the train!"

His blue eyes were a distance away, "Stop it? What can you do?"

"I don't know! I'll think of something!"

"You better! I can't hold them off—OW! SON OF A BITCH!" Naruto pushed someone into another compartment, closing the door immediately, "THAT'S MY FOOT!"

Sakura couldn't think twice anymore, and quickly burst through someone's door. She couldn't even see the shocked faces of those inside, when she repeated Sasuke's plan by throwing open another window and stepped onto the ledge, where she disappeared instantly away. In a full velocity, she shot off to grab hold of the metal bars and attaching her chakra against the steel. She skidded against the metal, easing to the safe side. Hesitantly biting her lip, she climbed up heaving herself in one convulsionating thrust of her strong arms and flew up to the top.

The wind and smoke mingled into a choking sensation, having two people wrenched the windows shut. The students screamed and they were running amok.

"What the fuck is going on?"

"Oh My God! She jumped!"

"We're doomed! DOOMED!"

"Oh Goddamn it," Naruto cursed, crossing his fingers into a very familiar sign.


(Knighting Gale Bridge)

"Wait Dommy! Don't pull that yet!"

"I have orders to—"

"Don't! Dominique! Listen to me!"

A roll of his eyes, "What is it now, Beatrice…? You need another hanky?"

"What—no! Don't you hear that…?"

"No. Hear what?"

"That noise…?"

"What noise?"

"That noise coming from that tunnel over there…"

"Bee! There's no noise coming from that t—why is it that you always follow your instincts?"

His gloved fingers inched back to his job.

She shrieked, "No! Don't pull that last one yet!"

He let out an aggravated growl, almost dispatching the trigger, "…Bee, I have direct orders to."

She squealed, slapping a hand over her red lips and using her free arm to bring up a pair of binoculars, "Is that a train coming?"

"What?" Disbelief was etched into his voice, "No, that's impossible! The monitor showed no sense of any incoming transportations!"

(Outside Hogwarts Express)

He connected the foots of his chakra against the smooth cold plates of iron black metal, quickly dashing forward across the tops of the gigantic monster train as he quickly ran over to the coach's engine board, his arms flailing behind him as he skidded through the strong winds of the bull blasting of the train chugging. His beautiful dark hair flew from his face, like a full-blast of air conditioner in his narrowed onyx eyes. His black cloak acted like a heavy cape, while the tied strands held together just long enough for him to nearly collide against the flying kunoichi.

Her body just soared off from the windows, her hair and skirt lifted off with the wind as they slammed into each other. Their molded chakra around their solid feet held tightly. Sasuke clumsily caught her when her forehead smacked against his own.

"Hey!" she squealed, rubbing her injured face.

"WHAT?" He cried very loudly.

"I SAID 'HEY!'" she yelled back.

"Oh. Bah! SAKURA!" He snarled impatiently, his eyes began to water when the smoke from the pipe was gliding against his cheeks and blocking his vision, "What are YOU doing HERE? You're SUPPOSED to be helping NARUTO—"

"I know! I KNOW! Okay!" Sakura coughed drastically into her sleeve, the risky maneuver had nearly knocked the wind out of her, "But I COULDN'T get THROUGH the kids! And I DIDN'T want to HURT any of them! But THEY were ALL over NARUTO AND I—I JUST can't get through FAST enough!"

"Oh yeah! SURE! And this is HOW you WASTE time?" Sasuke barked, shedding his eyes immediately with his clasped hand, "Your HAIR is IN MY FACE! And you're WEARING a SKIRT for CRYING OUT LOUD!"

Her face was bright red from utter embarrassment, as she folded her hands down on the long blowing fabric, "WELL! THIS is what KUNOICHIS have to DEAL with in certain SITUATIONS!"

(Inside Hogwarts Express)

"Don't push me you piece of—"


"Hey! That's—"




"Come on! Move it! Move it! Come ON!" The many multiple Narutos quickly pushed everyone into their places, twisting handles that locked them in. Even shoving the old witch who pushed the lunch trolley on the Express into a room with a couple of seventh years. People from behind glass windows opened their mouths and shouted through the inner sound-proof glass. The shadow clones winked at them before they disappeared into wandering spoofs of smoke.

There were only three left in the hallways. The real Naruto wiped sweat from his brow, "Phew! Got everyone in!"

"Hey! Naruto! Is that you?"

The three Narutos snapped their nervous heads at the upcoming form.

A form with glasses and the hair disaster.

Harry lowered his waving arm when he saw something very, very strange, "Why are there three of you?"

"EKKK!" The Narutos squealed like little girls, clobbering the poor fool in a heap. Two were holding his arms with their hands over his mouth and underneath his askew glasses, the real one frisked through his own sunshine hair, "AH! Sakura-chan's going to kill me! Why does it always have to be you in the way?"

Harry shouted and struggled underneath the heavy strong arms, crushing their twin forms against his own lanky one. His ruffled hair was scuffled and tweaked, while he stubbornly tried his best to breathe and he cringed when they brought him down on the thin hard floor, weakly and hastily tying up his feet and arms. A blindfold crushed over his pupils while he yelled. Something unpleasant tasting stuffed into his spasm mouth.

The two clones disappeared instantly into smoke, Naruto knelt over the struggling wizard with an inner tantrum.

The blonde looked highly exhilarated, "Oh God, what's next?"

"Hey Naruto, we heard some noise and—what are you doing to Harry?"

Ron and Hermione ran over with their wands—

Naruto groaned, slapping his forehead, "Oh man, didn't see that one coming…"


There was a low snicker came behind a bunch of bushes, a wand poked out, "I still can't believe he wants his own fucking kids doing this."

"Yes," the other dark figure looked over into the hedges, walked further into the forest grounds, "Just kill them too."

The bearded smirk widened, "Aite." He waved his wand.

(Knighting Gale Bridge)

"Shit, that wasn't supposed to happen…" He growled, snapping the laptop shut and tapping into the wireless connection around his collar. The young woman, hanging on the tight black ropes under him, stared consciously at him, her ruddy short hair was in the cold air. The taller figure was away contacting someone, anyone.

"Dominique Mark-Zounds to Carver Sonny, hey, we got a problem here, over."

"What's the problem, over?"

"I don't know exactly, but there's a train coming on the tracks in the distance of three hundred yards, over."

"What? You're jesting, right? Over."

The male scoffed, rubbing the speaker with a snarl, "Look, I'm not joking okay? I need the immediate data on the Knighting Gale Property, I can't find a single scratch of evidence of a train coming in my monitor. Over."

"You know what this means, huh? He's going to hate you," Beatrice muttered, the other man frowned slightly then smiled.

The woman, who always acted on her instincts, widened her eyes, "No, you wouldn't…! Dommy!"

"Hey, Carver, I think we would have to abort," he found pleasure in his sister's shocked look, "Over."

There was a rough struggle in his voice, "A-Are you sure about aborting…? Over…"

"Well, yes, of course. Over."

"…Fine. Roger, that then. Transmission over."

"See? Nothing to worry about!" Dominique then laughed carelessly, tilting his glasses.

"I can't believe we're ditching," she whispered, "I thought that wasn't our style."

"You know the consequences," he replied back, his index finger covered over the speaker, "We have to abort if we are endangering any other man on the bridge. Everyone is on the Corporation's ass because of the disappearance of Lady Rose Bodicca-Zounds and her baby. The news these days aren't that great anymore, didn't you hear about that mysterious explosion elsewhere and that murder in Little Hang—"

"What are you talking about?" Beatrice whispered, her eyes were against the lens, "The train's not stopping, we have to—"

A sudden slide of the fractioning ropes dropped down to her level, the man leaned against the hard stone ledge and stared down on the younger figure, "We're at a safe distance. Quit worrying."

"Dommy, we're attaching explosives to a bridge," her dark eyes glanced out of the binoculars, "I have everything to worry about."

Another laugh rung in the cold mist, "Women these days…"

"I am your sister!" Beatrice barked, "The train's coming closer and closer! And I just—"

"Look? We'll just let them pass by and then we'll activate the explosives later…"


"Carver will be able to shut down the triggers, okay? Nothing, absolutely nothing to worry about!"

"…then, that Sonny better hurry," the woman muttered nervously, her binoculars against her yellow-tinted goggles, "The train's coming in one hundred fifty yards. It's either filled with people or not, it would be a massacre if the explosion went on. And I'm not dying like some fucking pagan because of this glitch in the radar, got it?"

"Shhh," his index finger was pressed against his lips, "Don't worry, we will get to blow up something soon enough…"

(Outside Hogwarts Express)

"So this is what I GET for NOT distributing the PLAN first!" He exclaimed tempered.

The sounds of the train was too loud for them to be in a normal conversation as they screamed at each other back and forth.

"WHAT? WHO made you the ALPHA?" Sakura cried, her hands on her hips, "Right now, I have to STOP the train SOMEHOW!"

"WHAT can YOU do?" Sasuke barked.

"WHAT can YOU do?"

Before the raven-haired shinobi could retort, something burst out of a window with a screeching cry. Something with shockingly bright yellow hair and electric blue eyes. That same something flew over to the top of the train and ran as quickly as possible, his heavy black cloak was shooting off at his speed that had almost created a god-like feature as he darted forth to the two ninjas with a huge aspirated expression. That something slide across the cold metal, coughing and wheezing at the smoke from the huge pipe from the front coach section, as the train jittered and chugged on with power.

Sasuke and Sakura caught him with their arms, supporting him while he grinned foxily.

"Guys! I have a plan!" Naruto smiled. He looked positively beat up, since his clothes seemed zinged and dusty.

"NANI?" They cried. His last words were drowned out by the train.

"GUYS!" Naruto cupped his hands around his mouth, sounding like a megaphone, "I HAVE A PLAN!"

"Not that LOUD! We can still HEAR YOU!" Sasuke yelled, smacking him over the head harshly.

"OW! Uh, SORRY!"

"I THOUGHT YOU were SUPPOSED to getting EVERYONE in a LOCKDOWN!" Sakura demanded loudly, jabbing him on the chest.

Naruto stuck his pinky finger in his right ear, wincing, "I WAS! But 'MIONE and RON back tracked ME!"

"Who the HELL is 'MIONE?" Sakura yelled.


The chugging was quicker and rougher than usual, causing them to scream louder, "WHAT?"






Sasuke smacked his flaxen head, his now red eyes were glittering into intimidation, "WE'RE LOSING PRECIOUS TIME! WHAT IS YOUR FUCKING PLAN?"

"WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'CLOSING MY BEDTIME?' MY 'FUCKING' PLAN?" Naruto looked a little in disarray, then he grinned, "STOPPING THE TRAIN OF COURSE!"

"HOW?" His teammates screamed.

(Knighting Gale Bridge)

"This is Carver Sonny to Dominique Mark-Zounds. Are you sure about aborting? Over."

He fluttered his eyes, "Affirmative. It's too dangerous now. We'll just have to let the train pass."

"But…you do know that one of the major bombs had already been activated, right? Over."

"What? That's impossible!" Dominique dropped his jaw, Beatrice's eyes widened, "No I didn't touch anything! Wait hold up Carver!"

The exasperated woman carry a pair of binoculars against her eyes.

"The train is two hundred yards away, going in about—"

There was a tense struggle in the man's voice, "He's not going to like this. Over."

"Right. Transmission over." He shut off the speaker button and glanced down on a head of red golden hair.

To Be Continued

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