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Chapter one-And you are?

Hermione couldn't wait till tomorrow; she was going to the burrow to see her boyfriend Ron Weasley. It was Christmas next Monday and it was only Tuesday. She decided that she would spend it with her two best friends Ron and Harry Potter. After all, they had a big year ahead of them, seeing as it would be there last. She just got her package from school and Hermione was surprised (well not really) to see the head girl badge as soon as she opened it. There was also a letter enclosed from Professor Dumbledore.

Dear Miss Granger,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been given the title of head girl. I'm sure that you as various of the staff here are not startled by this news as you have proved yourself worthy of this designation countless times before not only with your exceptional grades but also with your wit, integrity and strength. Make me proud Miss Granger as I am sure the head boy Draco Malfoy will also do.

Yours Sincerely

Professor Dumbledore

Hermione couldn't understand it. Malfoy? She always thought that he was a bit on the dopey side. But then again he was a 'pureblood' as they called it. She thought it would be best if she told Ron herself. Better it came from her than that ferret Malfoy. She looked up to see the time on her alarm clock next to her bed. 9:30. "Might as well get me some beauty sleep. Crookshanks! Come here you -- there you are. Its bedtime now" She packed all her school gear, picked up Crookshanks and lay him down next to her. She sat up, turned out the light then whispered as she did every night, "goodnight neverland", then chuckled to herself and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning she was up by 6:00 am, she owled Ron the previous week to say she'd be there around 11:00, but he owled back saying he would come get her himself at 12:00 as he had some errands to run or something a rather. Seeing as she had a good 6 hours to burn she headed to Diagon alley to get some school supplies. Better now than never she guessed. She got changed into her denim mini skirt, white polar fleece and green slaps, and then applied some lip gloss and eye make up. She looked in the mirror quite proud of herself. "Perfect." She floo powdered to the three broomsticks to get her a butterbeer to wake her up before shopping.

As she entered she was surprised to see Ron there. "It's a bit early for him to be here, I'll surprise him." She quickly, but quietly snuck up behind him and decided to cover his eyes, but as she got closer she noticed a familiar face talking to him. She chose to eavesdrop a bit. "Oh Ron, you're so funny." When Hermione heard this she realised it was her friend Parvati. Just as she was about to say hi Ron swooped in on Parvati and planted a kiss on her lips. Hermione was quite taken aback and tried to back away without either of them seeing her but her plan failed when she didn't see the chair behind her and fell flat on her behind causing everyone there to turn there attention to the klutz on the floor, including both Ron and Parvati. Her face went bright red with embarrassment. Ron was absolutely gob smacked and couldn't say a word. Hermione swiftly rose and brushed off her skirt. "Sorry, um I'll just be leaving you two to finish what you were doing." With that she turned on her heel. "Hermione! Wait, I didn't mean to I've just been.... While I don't know what I've been. Hermione stop. Come back listen to me. Tell me what's wrong?" Hermione now full of anger decided she would tell Ron exactly how she felt, but instead of saying it she answered him with a smack right across his face leaving her handprint on his left cheek.

Then, now feeling a bit better, stalked out. How could he do this to me, and with one of my friends? I guess he really doesn't love me. But he said- no I can't go back it's too late now. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by none other than Draco Malfoy. "Why Granger, I didn't know you had it in you. And to none other than Weasel himself. If you're wondering, yes I and half of Diagon alley just saw you smack some sense into that idiot. Bravo." Hermione had enough, her blood was boiling and the last person she wanted to see was Draco. "THAT'S IT! Malfoy, what the FUCK makes you think you're better than that bastard inside. If you were in your right mind you would leave right about now, because I have had enough shit from you and every other male on this God forsaken earth. So how about you do me and every other sane person here a favour and sit on my middle finger and rotate. KAY!" With that she spun on her heel and headed straight back inside so she could floo powder back. Draco however didn't know whether to be embarrassed because a mud blood just insulted him in front of a crowd of his admirers, or applaud for her outstanding come back. Instead, he smirked and thought about what had just happened. "So the golden trio are having problems. Next year will be a very interesting year. Two down, one to go." He then continued walking with a million plans to take down his arch enemies in his head.

Upon entering the three broomsticks again, Ron came running over to Hermione. "Hermione, please listen to me. I didn't mean to. I mean you know that I use to like Parvati but it was only one kiss. Please forgive me. You know that I would never do that intentionally. Hermione look at me." He placed his hand under her chin to bring her face to his. "I love you Hermione Emma Granger. Please forgive me" Hermione saw his big puppy dog eyes and couldn't resist. Well it was only a kiss. He seems so sincere. He wouldn't hurt me on - What's he looking at. She noticed that he was looking at something behind her and turned around quite abruptly, causing Ron to tip over a bit as he was leaning on Hermione. And there was her answer. None other than Parvati Padmil. That was it. She spun around to see the shocked look on Ron's face. "Hermione, what's wrong?" Hermione now had enough. "WHAT'S WRONG? I'll tell you what wrong Ron Weasley is you were looking at Parvati, WHILE you were apologising to me for snogging her five minutes ago. So you pretty much lied to my face. Ron, don't you ever speak to me. First you betray me and then you lie to me. How about you and that slut shag right in front of me. Run over my heart. It's alright I'm just a silly little bookworm. I don't have feelings." She then went to the fireplace and floo powdered home leaving behind a surprised and angry ex-boyfriend.