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"Actually, none of this would have been possible without… Draco Malfoy. For his help I think he deserves to torture her first."

Everyone turned to the back of the room where Draco stood totally shocked.

He slowly made his way up to the front, walking with his staunch stature as to not show his fear. As he got closer Hermione came more and more into view. She had cuts all over her beautiful body, probably from Lord Voldemort.

"Ah yes, you're very humble Josh, Draco you can do with her what you like and in front of us all also to show us your dedication."

Draco smirked to his father, who couldn't be prouder at the moment.

Oh God what do I do?

"… and just a little bit more, yes that will do." Harry was putting the final touches on the potion.

He sat down for a moment and contemplated on what was about to take place. The greatest war in wizardry history.

Ron turned to see Harry with a sad look on his face and sat down to comfort him. "Look mate, we can save her we've done it before we can do it again… and yes I know an ogre is totally different to the Dark Lord (refer to Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone) but we can do it, right mate?"

Harry nodded and gave him a little grin. He had to smile at how naïve Ron was but at the same time his courage and love for his friends always displayed his mature side.

"Yeah, we can do it." Harry said patting Ron on the back.

"And I think we are ready everyone." Everyone within the Great Hall turned towards Professor Dumbledore.

"For Hermione." Harry and Ron said to each other, and everyone gathered to get ready to face Lord Voldemort.


"Well Draco, we're waiting." Josh couldn't help but snigger.

Draco eyed his father nervously.

I have to do something, if I don't Daddy Malfoy will kill her and I and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if she died on my behalf. Oh my beautiful Hermione what have I done?

He turned towards Hermione and bit back the tears and suddenly saw a slight movement from her.


"Hermione…. Hermione this way."

She looked up and suddenly she was in the school library again.

She turned her attention to the voice and saw Harry folks ushering her to follow.

Slowly but for some reason painfully she stood up. As she looked down she noticed bruises and cuts all over the place.

"Hermione, be quick, we have no time." She nauseously made her way over to the back of the library following them with a slight limp in her left leg.

Suddenly they came to a halt in front of the large fireplace with a portrait of Professor Dumbledore above it smiling down at all of them.

"Why are we here, and why am I here again?" Memories of why she had encountered them last time came back.

"What happened to me? Am I dead?" Lily looked at her concerned.

"No Darling you are not dead. You are merely unconscious, actually you are starting to come to which is the reason we have to go there now."

Hermione stopped dead in her tracks. "Go where?"

Lily and James looked at eachother. "You'll see, Everyone into the fireplace at once please."

Hermione nervously followed them and stepped in.

"The dungeons." The Potters said in unison.

The dungeons? Why are we going there?

They landed clumsily in what looked like a dark, prison walled chamber. The funny thing Hermione noticed was that it was full of deatheaters yet they didn't even glance at them, even with their rowdy entrance.

"What's going on?" She asked Lily in a low whisper.

"There is no need for you to whisper Hermione they can't hear or see you." Lily and James then headed towards the front but looked back at Hermione waiting for her to follow which she hastily did.

They stopped just as they were reaching the end of the room and turned to address Hermione. "Now before we continue I must warn you that what you are about to see may surprise you."

Hermione pushed past them to see Draco standing over her what looked like mangled body.

She put her hand over her O shaped mouth in total shock. Why isn't he helping me, he's just glaring down at me like I'm a disease.

"Well Draco we're waiting." She turned to that familiar voice to see none other than.

"Josh you moron!" She yelled forgetting he was unable to hear. He merely sniggered and crossed his arms over his chest.

She turned to Draco and saw him smirk whilst turning back to her unconscious form. However she noticed he was straining to close his eyes to stop tears.

"He does love me." Hermione whispered loud enough for the Potters to hear.

They suddenly came rushing up behind her. "Now Hermione do you remember the prophecy we described to you on our previous encounter?"

She nodded dreamily barely listening to them, concentrating on her love.

"Well in order for it to be fulfilled…. You must…" Lily hesitated before finishing off her sentence.

This caught Hermione's attention and she shifted her thoughts back to them. "I must what?"

Lily looked at James for support, at which he then stepped up and continued talking for his spouse both in life and death.

"You must kill Draco Malfoy."

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