Title: Abandon
Author: Batsutousai
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Pairings: Harry/Tom(Voldemort)
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Chapter 21


"You don't like it down here?"

"You wouldn't either, if your only memories of it were of a giant snake trying to make you into it's next meal."


"Don't bother." Harry rested his head on Tom's shoulder, having given up on complaining about being carried a while before. "Where's this bedroom?"

"Through Salazar's mouth."

"Oh." Harry shuddered.


"That's where the basilisk came from."

"Part of her job was to guard the bedroom." Tom agreed, stopping. "I'm setting you down."


Tom set Harry down, then knelt next to the decaying basilisk. "You really did a number on her, didn't you?"

"I was slightly fond of my life at the time, I'll have you know. And it's not like I got away unharmed."

Tom glanced up at Harry questioningly. "You didn't?"

"No. One of her fangs got lodged in my arm. Fawkes healed it, though."

"That's good."

"Which one?"

Tom smiled sadly and looked back down at the dead basilisk. "I'm not sure."

Harry shrugged and laid a hand on Tom's shoulder, causing the Dark Lord to look up at him again. "Come on."

"Do you know how to open the statue?" Tom inquired, gazing into the depths of Harry's eyes steadily.

"I…think so…"

"Try it."

Harry nervously turned to look at the giant-like statue of Slazar Slytherin and licked his lips. Tom's presence behind him as the man stood boosted his confidence. :S-Speak to me, Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts Four.: He called.

Tom arms encircled his waist and the man's head rested on his shoulder as the statue's mouth started to open. :Very good, Harry.: He hissed, making the teen shiver again.

"Tom, how are we getting up there?" Harry asked, pointing to where the opening was a couple dozen metres above them.

"Are you a wizard or are you not a wizard?"


"You think like a Muggle too much, dear Harry. I shall have to cure you of that one day, you know."

"It's always good to know how to do things the Muggle way, in case you're stuck without a wand." Harry recited.

"Great Merlin, where do you get this stuff!"

Harry smirked. "That, my dear Voldie, is a secret." He whispered, twirling from Tom's grasp.

The Dark Lord scowled. "You're on your way towards a very painful hex, I'll have you know."

"And I probably know the counter, too." Harry agreed.

Tom pulled out his wand and aimed it at Harry. "Wingardium Leviosa."

Harry let out a shout as he rose up into the air. The smirk on Tom's face made him scowl, but he let the Dark Lord float him up to Salazar's mouth without a word.

Once Harry was safely on his feet again, Tom pointed his wand at himself, murmured something, and appeared next to Harry quietly.

"What's that spell?"

"Family secret." Tom replied with a smirk, then he turned and started down the darkened tunnel.

Harry quickly caught up with Tom and caught a hold of the man's right arm, not at all set at ease by the wand posed in Tom's left hand. "Expecting an attack?" He whispered.

"Not really." Tom shrugged. "I don't really know how Salazar will take to you, since you're not an heir, that's all."

"Oh. You're afraid he'll attack me?"

"Can never tell with Salazar Slytherin."

Harry shivered.


"A little."



"There will be blankets in the room."

"How much farther?"

"There." Tom pointed, with his wand, towards a door that was glowing with an eerie green light. Harry grasp on Tom's arm tightened as his own wand slid into his hand.

Tom pushed open the door and they were met with a room done up in greens and silver. The king-sized bed had silk sheets and a large comforter folded at the end. A dresser sat against the far wall, a bookcase next to it. There were two chairs before a fireplace that was dancing with a green fire that reminded Harry of the Floo fires.

A ghostly figure stood in the centre of the room, staring at the two wizards. "What do you want?" He asked.

Harry paled and hid behind Tom. The ghost was Salazar Slytherin.

Tom cocked an eyebrow at the Founder. "Surely you remember me, Slytherin?"

"Tom Marvolo." Salazar agreed. "Who is that with you?"

"Harry Potter." Tom informed the ghost easily.

Harry peeked out from behind Tom and inclined his head politely, trying to pretend he wasn't terrified.

"Why did you bring him here, Marvolo?" Salazar asked Tom.

"We're hiding from Dumbledore." Harry informed the Founder, then disappeared behind Tom again as the ghostly figure turned silvery eyes on him.

Tom smiled slightly. "What Harry said. We're spending the night together."

Salazar glanced back up at his heir with a scrutinizing gaze that Tom returned. "You care for him, Marvolo?"

"Very much." Tom said firmly, eyes hardening.

Salazar nodded. "Then he, too, shall be safe here." The ghost faded and the chill in the air disappeared immediately.

Harry peeked into the room again. "He's gone?"

Tom's eyes were amused. "What are you, three?"

"He's scary! And I'm a Gryffindor! How was I to know he'd let me off easy because he likes me and you care about me!" Harry cried, upset.

Tom turned and grabbed the young man in a tight hug. "I'm sorry, Harry."

Harry relaxed in the embrace. "I must be the only Gryffindor with that damn self-preservation trait."

Tom laughed and swept Harry up again, walking over to the bed and dumping the teen onto it. "When was the last time we spent the night together?"

"The first and last time you got drunk." Harry recited with a smirk. "I managed to kick you out every time but that once."

Tom cocked an eyebrow at the Gryffindor. "Should I get drunk more often?"

"Sure. I like you when you're drunk."

The Dark Lord slid onto the bed and slinked over to Harry, magically ridding both of them of their shoes as he went. "I don't know if that's a good thing, or a bad thing."

"Good for me, bad for you."


"Oh, yes."

"How so?"

"You give away information when you get drunk."

"Planning on finding out where my base is next time?"


"I'll show you where my base is, if you want."

"Why do I think I wouldn't like that?"

"Oh, you'd like it plenty, I can assure you."




Harry snorted and let his head rest on Tom's chest. "I'm tired…"

"Makes two of us." Tom replied with a slight smile.

"Tom…?" Harry whispered as Tom pulled the silk sheets over their entwined bodies.


"What about-"

"Harry." Tom said suddenly, cutting the teen off. "Go to sleep."


"I won't tell you again." Came the slightly annoyed reply as the lights faded to only the fireplace.

Harry sighed, but dropped it. "G'night, snake face."

Tom chuckled. "G'night, scarhead."

Salazar sighed and leaned back against the wall outside the room, shaking his head, prepared for a long night of guarding the two wizards within.



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