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Chapter One: Rumors

Sheba just got off from her shift. She was a sight to see. She was tall, but not too tall. She was slender, but not too skinny. Her legs were long and seductive and her breasts were of perfect size. She was like a living dream girl.

Now that her shift ended, she could leave work, and enjoy the rest of the day. She is only human after all. She walked into the only bar in New Vale.

Bars were the easiest place to get some new information. She had agents posted in bars and taverns all around Weyard. She could easily keep in touch with them. She had a board with jewels embedded in them that blinked when they had a message from the person. She simply had to touch it, and the message would play back to her. She could also touch it and leave a message for the other person. If for some reason the person died, the jewel would burst into a thousand shards to keep New Vale a safe place. Luckily, none of them had to be replaced.

She took a seat at the bar. "What would you like, Sheba?" the bartender asked.

"I'll have a salad and whatever drink you throw together." The bartender frowned a little. He knew that Sheba always ordered in that particular manner. She was his unofficial taste-tester. Sometimes, he came up with great drinks, but other times, he wouldn't be so lucky. So he never charged her for the drink.

That wasn't the real reason as to why she was his taste-tester.

The true reason why Sheba came to this bar wasn't to gain information on things. She had scouts to report to her in other places. Also, there was no reason to station a person in your hometown. No, the real reason why she came was to drink away her sorrows. But they always came back.


Three years ago

They were on the Mars Lighthouse aerie, and the last head of the Doom Dragon had been defeated. So was many of Isaac and company. Only two people were left standing. One of them was Sheba. The other was a man, electricity pulsating throughout his body. He began to walk towards her. Sheba began to cry.

"Aw, poor baby. Do you want your bottle?" the man teased her, and Sheba broke down and cried. "I know what will cheer you up. I'll make you my queen over all of Wayerd! Then nothing can stop us!"

"Ivan," Sheba could barely speak straight through the sobs "how could you do this? You could have killed everyone!"

"Oh, but I didn't, now did I?"

"You've changed Ivan. I asked you not to do that one move. But you did it anyway. And look at you! You're no better than Alex!"

"I will not stand to be compared to that lowly life form! I am more powerful than he will ever dream to be!"

"What happened to the old Ivan that I knew? The one I made love with?"

"You mean I slept with this slut? That's just nasty! But to answer your question, he's gone! But why stay with the old Ivan when there is me?" He grasped Sheba's hand, and she desperately tried to pull away.

"Let go of me, you... you monster!" She slapped him. She slapped him really hard. That was all Ivan needed to be brought back to his senses. He was back.

"That really hurt, Sheba. Couldn't you resort to something less painful?" Sheba was unsure whether the old Ivan had returned or not. But she decided to play it safe.

"Shut up! I don't want to see your face again! Not after what you called me!" Ivan did not understand, as he could remember nothing of the past conversation. But he could see that Sheba was hurt and that she was crying.

"What did I call you?"

"You called me a slut! And look what you did to everyone else!" Ivan could only guess what he had done, and slowly turned around. To his horror, everyone looked dead. He realized that he could not remain with the group. He would put Sheba's and everyone else's life in jeopardy. She turned around, almost in refusal to look at him. Then he remembered something.

"Hey Sheba," She still wasn't looking at him, "I don't remember what had happened, but from what I see, I must have lost control of myself. I can't stay here with you. I'm sorry." Ivan pulled something out of his pocket. "I wish we could have been on better terms when I am giving you this, but here is your birthday present." He put it around her neck. She turned around to look at him, with tears in her eyes.

Ivan decided to lean against the railing. He knew that there was none, and he fell. "Ivan!" Sheba quickly ran to where he was and grabbed hold of his hand.

"I knew that you still loved me. But I can't stay with you. Not until I can control my hunger for power. Traveling with you guys was the most fun I ever had. But I must go now. Goodbye, Sheba. I promise I'll see you again. Happy birthday." He blew her a kiss, and let go.

----------------------------------------------End Flashback------------------------------------------

Just thinking about those moments brought tears to her eyes. She took a long swig of her drink and put her empty glass on the table, it was her fourth drink that night. She knew that he would come back, but she couldn't help but feel guilty for causing him to fall off of the ledge. She broke down and cried in her arms. She never took off the necklace that she received on that day except when she bathed. Even then, it never left her sight.

The bartender watched this scene everyday. He wanted to comfort her, but he knew that he could not. She had to forgive herself. But how she would be able to do that he didn't have a clue. He took a peak at the clock on the wall. It read 7:00 pm. Then a familiar woman walked in.

She was a stunning sight to see. She was perfectly shaped and had blue hair. Her face showed fullness and life and her eyes were of pure kindness. The only thing that kept many from confusing her with an angel was her lack of wings. One could obviously tell that she was looking for someone. Suddenly, there was a whistle, and she felt rage burning inside of her. The bar grew deathly silent.

The man next to the whistler said, "What the hell do you think your doing?"

"I'm just saying that she's a hottie, Carl. Why?"

"You idiot!" Carl gave him a quick bop on the head. "That's Isaac's wife, Mia! And you don't want to mess with her unless you want Isaac to personally beat the crap out of you!" Mia approached them and grabbed the whistler by his collar, lifting him up off of the ground and shoving him against the wall with strength that women normally did not have.

"I walk into a bar and get a whistle from you. Care to explain why?" Mia said this with a strange roughness while somehow maintaining her angelic-like aura. He was about to answer when Mia heard someone crying. She looked in the direction and saw Sheba, her sleeves soaked with tears. She turned back to the man she was holding and said, "I'll let you go for now, but if I hear another whistle from you, you're as good as dead." She still kept that angelic aura around her. She walked over to Sheba and took a seat.

"You know, it's not a good thing to keep drinking like this." Mia said, placing the glass away from Sheba as far as possible. "The problem will keep getting worse if you just keep drinking. You might end up breaking your promise."

"What (hic) promise (sob) are you talking about (sob)?" She was obviously drunk and forgot about her promise.

"You know, where you wouldn't do it with any other man except Ivan, who promised you that he would be back someday."

Sheba simply broke down hearing his name. "But what (hic) if he doesn't come back (sob)? I'll never forgive my(hic)self!"

"Come on, you know that Ivan is perfectly capable of surviving that fall. Now come on, lets get you back to your house." Mia took Sheba by the arm, leading her out the door and walked towards her house.

"Thanks, Mia. I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have a friend like you." Sheba said as she lied down on her bed, with Mia tucking her in.

"Its not a problem." Mia responded and she put a vial with some pills in it. "Take these when you wake up, okay?" Sheba nodded and quickly fell asleep and Mia quietly crept out of the house. She had a meeting with Isaac in bed, and she blushed deeply at the thought of it.

The next day

Sheba awoke to find herself with a headache. She couldn't remember much about last night, but she knew that she did not break her promise. She took the pills that Mia gave her and quickly changed her clothes. She had a quick breakfast and left for her workstation. When she arrived, there were no messages. So she entered a state of some sort of trance, and she stayed like that till almost the end of the day. During her trances, she would see visions of the future. None had come to her today, so she left that state. She took one last look at the board and there was a blinking jewel. Someone from Vault had tried to contact her.

She quickly put her finger on it, and began to listen to the message. It said:

"Hey Sheba, word around Vault is that there is some sort of bounty hunter who seems unnaturally good at his job. He always brings back the target alive within twenty-four hours of receiving the job. He said that he doesn't kill them because he hates to kill people. And get this: The mayor had decided to send him to New Vale to try to join the guards. I'm not sure about his ambition, but keep an eye out for him; he may be after the Golden Sun. I do believe that his name is Scion."

Sheba left a message, telling the person to keep an eye out for this guy. She was amused a little when she left the building, but the thought quickly left her when she entered the only bar in New Vale.

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