The clock read 11:51 PM. when he took the drug. He woke up at 11:56 PM, facing the ceiling. There was a tickling sensation. He looked down and saw Sheba tracing circles on his chest.

"My God Ivan, you've changed over these three years. You weren't this muscular."

"Well, last time I checked, you weren't this beautiful either." Sheba slinked up to the point that they were face to face. While she moved up, he could feel her rubbing against him, arousing his manhood. They immediately began to kiss. They deepened it, feeling each other's mouths with their tongues. She straddled him, grinding her nether regions against his.

Slowly, Ivan's right hand drifted to her left breast, and he lightly squeezed it, causing Sheba to moan in pleasure. Now using his free hand, he undid the bra strap, threw away the article of clothing, and resumed groping her now exposed breasts. Now that both of his hands were busy with her breasts, she breath became short.

"Ready… to start?" Sheba said, panting. Ivan nodded and slowly Sheba began to slink her way back down, lightly dragging her fingers down his chest. Seeing that she was about to make the first move, Ivan quickly pulled her back up so that she was facing him.

"What, is something wrong?" Sheba asked.

"You got to go first last time, so it's my turn to make the first move." Sheba nodded and gave a little yelp when she suddenly found herself underneath Ivan's towering body. She was about to say something when Ivan put his finger on her lips, silencing her.

He took his hand away from her mouth and put it on her right breast. He put his mouth on her left, licking and giving an occasional nip, bringing out a small yelp from Sheba and taking her one step closer to heaven. She closed her eyes and moaned. Using the opportunity, he took off her panties with his free hand, leaving her totally naked, for his eyes only. He threw the panties onto the floor.

When Ivan pulled away his mouth, Sheba pouted, but it was immediately replaced with another hand. She looked down to find herself completely naked. With his hands still on her breasts, lightly squeezing, he brought himself closer to her womanhood.

"Ivan what are doing?"

"Just trust me on this." Ivan knelt down so that he was an inch away and started to lick her.

"Oh God!" Sheba let the words escape from her mouth, she was now panting. Her hands were holding the bed sheets, her knuckles white. Ivan still had his hands on her breasts, lightly squeezing them. She then began to buck her hips uncontrollably.

"Oh… oh God! Ivan… that… that f-feels so… s-so good! AAAHHH!" She came and loosened the grip on the blankets. He licked off the juices, crawled up, let go of her breasts, and gave her a messy kiss on the cheek. While Ivan kissed her, she wrapped her legs around him, making sure that he could not get away. Using all of her arm strength, she pushed against the bed and turned Ivan over onto his back, getting a resounding oomph.

"My turn." With renewed vigor, she let go of the vice grip she had on him and slowly slinked down to his boxers. She pulled them off. "My, my, how long is it?"

"Last time I checked, it was about seven inches."

'I'm guessing that it's about two inches longer than last time.' She held it lightly in her hand and began to lick the head of it. Ivan threw his head back and began to breath in a choppy manner. Seeing that he was enjoying it very much, she took the whole head into her mouth and began to move up and down.

Ivan's panting was now clearly audible. Acting on instinct he put his hands onto her head and began to move her up and down to about half the length of his manhood. Feeling his orgasm coming, he moved her faster. He came into her mouth, filling it. She pulled off only to have some land on her face. She swallowed what was in her mouth. Crawling back up to Ivan and she, in turn, gave him a messy kiss on the cheek.

"You'll have to give me a moment to get hard again."

"So what should we do to pass the time?"

"…I have an idea. Turn over." Complying with Ivan, she turned so that she was also facing the ceiling. She felt his hand turn her head to face him, and he captured her lips in a deep kiss. Sheba began to deepen it and she could feel Ivan's hands drift to her breasts. He started to play with them, causing Sheba to moan into his mouth. Slowly, he took his left hand off of her left breast and moved down to her womanhood.

When he reached it, he traced his fingers around it. Sheba pulled her lips off of Ivan and turned her head away, gasping. She felt hot all over. Using the opportunity, Ivan started to trail kisses down her neck, causing her to breath faster. He then licked her neck. "God, you taste good," Sheba could not take it anymore. The sweet, sweet torture had to end now.

"Ivan… p-please… don't t-tease me." Ivan nodded and inserted his index finger into her, wiggling inside of her while he was fondling her breast with his other hand. She mewed. She could feel her orgasm coming. Panting she tried to take in as much air as she could.

"Say my name, Sheba." She barely mumbled his name. "You'll have to speak up, you know."

"Ivan… Oh God!" Upon hearing his name, he inserted another finger in. Sheba began to buck her hips, causing Ivan's fingers to go deeper into her.

"Whom do you belong to?"

"I belong to you, Ivan!" Now smiling, he stuck another finger, wiggling it like those before it. Sheba came hard, screaming his name in ecstasy. Hearing her like this made him hard again. He let her catch her breath, his hands now across her waist.

"Well, do you think you're up to it?" Ivan asked.

"Yeah." Ivan slowly turned Sheba over so that she was straddling him and leaned forward. She took a good look at his manhood, and felt nervous.

"Is something wrong?"

"Well, it's not that I'm really complaining and all, but it's just that… well… I'm a little nervous."

"Do you think that it's a little too big?"


"Then I'll guide you through it then." He put his hands on her hips, lifted her up and brought it so that she was hovering over it. Ivan looked at her, asking for her permission. She answered by giving him a kiss on the cheek. He pushed her halfway down the length. Immediately, Sheba arched back.

She was shining in sweat, and she was panting again. Sheba was once again falling into sweet ecstasy. Seeing this, Ivan brought her down the whole seven inches of his shaft. She couldn't take it anymore and came.

"I… I can't believe… that I… came so f-fast." Sheba said.

"Well, that's what the drug does to you."

"How… does it affect… you, Ivan?"

"Well, I think that it numbs the nerves in my penis a little. I can still feel it, but not as much." Sheba leaned forward and gave him a long kiss on the lips. Ivan took his hands off of her hips and hugged her while pushing into her at the same time. Sheba pulled her lips off of him and leaned into the crook on his neck, having trouble breathing. She mumbled something, but Ivan didn't hear her.

"What did you say?"

"Faster." Ivan began to push faster into her. Slowly, she could feel her orgasm coming again.

"Oh… Oh Ivan… I… I-I'm going to come."

"Me… too." They both released at the same time. Sheba collapsed into Ivan's arms. He lifted her off of his now limp manhood and set it back down again.

"I love you, Sheba." He hugged her while saying this.

"I love you too, Ivan." She hugged him back. She never wanted him to leave her again. "Promise me that you won't ever leave."

"I promise I will never leave you, since I know that even if I do leave, you'll be following me, wherever I go." He kissed her forehead. He then leaned back on the pillow, letting sleep engulf him.

Sheba took a look at him. 'He looks so cute when he sleeps.' Slowly, Ivan's beating heart began to lull her to sleep. 'I'm not letting you go, not ever again.' A smile formed on her lips as she dreamt a nice dream.